Sean Kelly – The #1 Classical Guitar Album

Sean Kelly

The #1 Classical Guitar Album

2007, Opening Day Entertainment

Rating: 5/5


Sean Kelly makes a solo debut with this classical guitar instrumental album. You may ask yourself “Why is this on a Rock n’ Roll site?”. The answer is quite simple really. Sean is an accomplished singer; songwriter and guitarist with the Glam Rock band he fronts called Crash Kelly. With this band he has 2 critically acclaimed albums under his belt and a 3rd in the works. Also many Rock/Hard Rock and Metal fans are musicians and appreciate classical music. Classical is a genre or style that is complex and although it may not be for some you cannot deny the complexity of it and the musicianship and skill it takes to play it. It is for those reasons (amongst others) that this album is included here on a Rock and Roll webzine.

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When I first heard that this album was in the works I became quite interested in it and wondered myself how this would sound. Would it be full on production with an array of instruments? Would it have vocals? Would there be….. The list went on and on and on. Then I finally heard a sample online and thought this sounds pretty good even for computer speakers. I now anticipated its October release.


As soon as I got my copy of the disc I stuck it on the player and turned it up to a nice level so I could hear every little sound and sat back. I was never a fan of Classical music for the most part as the big production and movements never really moved me; this was different. This sounded so real and clear as though Kelly was in the room sitting there playing. The clarity of the sound is bar none, the best. You can hear his fingers slide on the strings which is a sound I always loved for some reason. I could never figure out why you’d hear it when you watched someone play in your presence but on recordings it was never there. This adds to the live feel of the album tremendously.


Sean covers all bases here; from one of the most popular composer’s of all time (Bach) to John Dowland who was < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />England’s first known songwriter some 400 years ago, right up to the late Randy Rhoads. All of the pieces on this disc are mellow yet complex. They create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for the listener. Some of the compositions may be familiar to many but for the first time listener such as myself only a few are easily recognizable. The most known are “Greensleeves”, “Dee” and “Classical Gas”, which is the song that started Sean’s interest in Classical music. His rendition of “Dee” is true to the original and played flawlessly. The sound is what really drives it home. He makes it sound so fresh and new. Kelly does Rhoads proud.


The 21 tracks on this album are a great introduction to Classical music. It will give you a new appreciation for it and make you realize there is more to it than just the big production with symphony’s and orchestras. This stripped down version is perfect for introducing the genre to new listeners. A perfect album for musician’s and especially guitarists who want to progress and learn more about their instrument. A fantastic disc by an extraordinary musician.