Aerosmith: Live in Helsinki, Finland.


07.07 2007

Hartwall Arena, Helsinki

The Boston based Aerosmith was one of the biggest rock bands of the ’70s. Even then the band had a unique ability to pull off both ballads and rockers which brought them a string of gold and platinum albums. “Toys in the Attic”, “Rocks” and “Draw the Line” amongst others are undeniable classics. After a while though, things started to change. In the early ’80s, the group lost their original lineup and soon after their audiences started to dissipate while some of the members suffered from serious intoxicant problems. As a result they were nearly destroyed, but somehow managed to pull their act together and in the late ’80s accomplish one of the most successful comebacks in history. Returning to the top of the charts with a series of albums like “Pump” and “Get a Grip”, with the help of MTV, they even managed to top the sales of their ’70s albums. To this day Aerosmith remains one of the biggest live acts in the rock world.



Now, in the summer of 2007, it was a pleasant to see that Hartwall Arena was almost sold out with over 12 000 tickets sold. Actually they now did a way better what they did on their last tour here in 1997 and that’s simply amazing because band haven’t released a solid studio album since 2001 “Just Push Play”. 

At tonights show the bands set started with the 80’s classic “Love in An Elevator” from the “Pump” album. Right from the beginning it was relieving to discover that these guys had still “got it”. It was amazing to see how Tyler and Perry, who once were known as the “toxic twins” because of their drug and drinking habits, are still in top shape both artistically as well as physically. Old 70’s gem “Same Old Song and Dance” followed next and, as it often goes, it was amusing to notice how “MTV generation” didn’t recognize that song at all. But things did change when band next did a string of their most popular hits like; “Cryin'”, “Eat the Rich”, “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” and “Jaded. Perhaps those twenty minutes were the highlight of the show for many but the best part was yet to come.

After a couple of more songs Perry and Tyler did a great set of acoustic songs including “Seasons Of Winter” from bands 2004 blues cover album “Honkin’ On Bobo”,  a part of “Hangman Jury” from “Permanent Vacation” and rarely played “Seasons of Winter” from “Get Your Wings”. The whole acoustic part was really emotional moment not just for the audience but for the artists themselves too. A massive power ballad “Dream On”, which was bands first major hit in the early 70’s, was a perfect bridge to come back from acoustic into electric set. S.O.S (Too Bad) continued to series of old 70’s classics while “Livin’ on the Edge” bewitched younger people.

It has to be said that Steven Tyler is really strange guy in a positive way. Although his vocals were superb he has still a capability to run and stretch all over the stage like a man in his mid twenties, enormous! Joe Perry might not be as active as Steven, he’s behaving more like a classy gentleman on stage and looked cool. He did some great solos every then and now and also some good  job on vocals on his solo number “Stop Messin’ Around”. Tom Hamilton did a brief bass solo before “Sweet Emotion” but otherwise him, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford stayed in the background. They all did a good solid performance but all time it was clear who the real stars were on stage.


All in all show was really good with a hell of a start, great middle section and even better “grande finale”. The guys were in top shape, the whole band was playing tightly and there was no sight of tiredness or apathetic there. Stage was quite simple but was it looking really cool, band got a long ramp in the middle of stage and there was a huge screen on back of stage. No pyros or bombs, it was more like “let the music do the talking” and it did it very well. The set list comprised equally of hits from the 80/90’s and old 70’s stuff. This time band did some rarely played gems like “Think about It” and S.O.S (Too Bad) which was more than welcome surprise but there are always two sides of the coin. For sure those fans of “hit music only” were a bit of a disappointment. Where were songs like “Dude (Looks like a Lady), “Pink”, and “Janie’s got A Gun “and” Falling in Love (Is Hard on Your Knees) ? You can’t always please everyone, can’t you?



Love In An Elevator
Same Old Song And Dance
Eat The Rich
I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
What It Takes
Back In The Saddle
Baby Please Don’t Go
Hangman Jury / Seasons Of Wither
Dream On
S.O.S. (Too Bad)
Livin’ On The Edge
Think About It
Stop Messin’ Around
Sweet Emotion
Draw The Line
Walk This Way (encore)













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