Trigger Effect – Dare To Ride Heliocraft

Trigger Effect

Dare To Ride Heliocraft

2007, Signed By Force

Rating: 2/5


The Press sheet says Punk but it sounds more hardcore to this reviewer. To me Punk Rock is Sex Pistols, D.O.A. and the like. There are some elements of Punk if you consider the anger and energy of the music but that is as far as it goes.

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Distorted guitar, vocals and bass fill this fast paced recording to the max. There are many super fast drum fills and beats accompanying the bass. The drums are the only non-distorted part of the recording and are what stands out on the disc. While some distortion is good there is a bit too much on this recording especially on the bass. If they turned it down a notch and slowed it down slightly the album could benefit from it. While fast music is great this recording sounds as though they play fast just for the sake of playing fast and the quality of the material is suffering because of it.