The Joys – 3 Song Sampler Single

The Joys


2007, Indie

Rating: 5/5



One of the most popular upcoming Canadian bands today. Formally known as Popjoy this < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />London, Ontario based band wow’s crowds wherever and whenever they play. Their live show is energetic and fun and it has to be seen.

This 3 song sampler of tracks from the upcoming UNFOLD disc was sent out to those of us who pre-ordered the disc many moons ago. It is a ‘Thank You’ to us for waiting for the finished product. The single “Soul On Your Sleeve” is quite the little rocker. Starting off with some funky guitar and effect coupled with some cymbal crashes and simple drum beat. The funky rhythm works well and is a fantastic live show song. It kicks in with some great drumming and melodic bass lines. A sure chart topper.

“Keep Trying To Try” is a powerful, heartfelt track. Sarah has a slight rasp to her voice here which gives a hint of a Joplin influence. Sort of similar to a Melissa Etheridge song but allot more emotional and not forced. Musically the guitar and bass are toned down for the mostpart and the drum keeps the song marching on. Its great to hear the drums turned up in the mix and basically used as the main instrument on the song. The guitar solo is a classic “Power Ballad” esque piece that is just like the great ones of the 80’s hair bands. CLASSIC!

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“Storm” really drives it home with the heavy guitar and pounding drums. Sarah just lets loose here and just lets it belt out of her. Her voice is wicked, crazy powerful. She just smokes!!!!! Mike just lays down some great distorted riffs and gets a cool groove working. What a great tune. My jaw hit the floor here. Brilliant song, simply the best.


If this sampler is any indication of what the full cd UNFOLD is going to be like then watch out as the rest of the world will be aiming for the Number 2 spot as The Joys will own #1.


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