The Donnas – Bitchin’

The Donnas


2007, Purple Feather Records

Rating: 4/5




Great hard rock riffs from this all girl group. Very 80’s influenced rock with some cool rhythms and beats. The vast majority of this disc is similar in style to early 80’s Joan Jett meets Kiss. A nice sound and a real fun listen.

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This straightforward guitar oriented disc is a collection of songs that is sure to go over in a live setting. They all have a live feel to them and will go from studio to stage with ease. Listening to this album you can’t help but think of Joan Jett from back in the day. The Donnas carry on that flame but add in a little more edge and spark. This is a borderline Pop-Metal release, in same vein as Hysteria-era Def Leppard. Great fun, yet simple tunes with an anthem beat that just stays pretty consistent the whole way through. There are no new surprises here or groundbreaking songs. They appear to be changing slightly from what they were and playing it a little safer. The disc is more consistent than some previous offerings. Hopefully for the next release they stay consistent and add some heaviness and take a few risks. Musically they have gotten better on the instruments just that the songs haven’t evolved.


A good party disc that’s a fun listen.