Robin Trower – Bridge Of Sighs

Robin Trower

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2007, Capitol/EMI

Rating: 4/5


This reissue of Trower’s 2nd release has never sounded so good. Originally released in ’74 to high praise it peaked on Billboard at #7. Before going solo in ’71 Robin was a part of the influential group Procol Harum.

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Continuing on where Hendrix left off with his emotional and heartfelt blues guitar. They both loved the strat and used it as though it was a part of themselves. You can hear on this highly acclaimed record sounds, techniques and melodies that would later influence many a guitar player. Just the sheer magnitude of Robin’s playing alone makes this release worthwhile. This will hold up against any guitar record today. Everything on this disc is a masterpiece and this reissue will bring it to a new generation.