Tokyo Dragons – Hot Nuts

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Hot Nuts

2007, Escapi Music/CMM W. Rott

Rating: 4/5



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Tokyo Dragons’ new album is finally here and I guess that many have waited for this studio album for a long time now. The band’s debut album GIVE ME THE FEAR from 2005 went over really well with both the press and the fans. In between their debut and this new album they released an excellent EP called COME ON BABY which came out last year. The band continues walking their garage/riff party rock’n’roll path and nothing much has happened musically if you compare this album with their last one. The only major change I can sense is that this album is much better than GIVE ME THE FEAR.  The guitar playing feels edgier and more in-your-face and the guitars have also been given more places in the production. They have added even more energy and power to the songs and it also sounds a little dirtier and meaner. They haven’t done any major changes, but it’s the smaller details that count – something the band understands.

All of the 10 songs feel more solid and have an edgier groove; the songs are still just as catchy as ever and the party factor is really high. My personal favorite tracks are “On Your Marks”, “Keeping The Wolf From The Door”, “Rock My Boat”, “On Fuel”, “Slade Alive” and “Ramblin’ Jack”. Those songs are the cockiest and most outstanding songs from this golden pot we call HOT NUTS – what can go wrong with a title like that? There are maybe not any given hits like the lasts album’s “Come On Baby”, but potential hits may be “Keeping the Wolf from the Door” or the mid-tempo track “Killing Everybody You Meet”.

This album knocked the shit out of me and all lovers of Tokyo Dragons are, after hearing this album, gonna worship the band. This is the absolute height of party rock’n’roll – no doubt about it.


Steve Lomax – guitar, vocals

Mal Bruk – guitar, vocals

Mathias Stady – bass

Phil Martini – drums, vocals


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On Your Marks

Keeping the Wolf from the Door

If I Run You Run

Killing Everybody You Meet

Rock My Boat

On Fuel

Slade Alive

Ramblin’ Jack

Couldn’t I Just Tell You

The Ballad of Ballard