Shade – One Way Line

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One Way Line

2007, Rockcliffe Records/Artist Workxx/Music Buy Mail

Rating: 1.5/5

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Simon Gardner (Dare) and Andrew Moore (Dare) formed Shade in 2004 when they both wanted to do something new and fresh. < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Gardner knew singer Emma from when he had written lyrics for and produced her and thought that she would fit perfectly to the band’s image. All three are full-time musicians so Shade was set to be handled when the members had some spare time. They wanted to do music that had rock roots with a pop/country flavor which should fit Emma’s voice brilliantly.

The band consists only of the three members; the remaining places are filled with hired musicians. Even though the bio and the members state that this is a melodic rock album, the only thing that flows out of my speakers are pure pop music. Emma’s voice fits this kind of music and she is the biggest star on the album.

The trio wrote all of the material together and most of the songs sound alike; if it’s not mid-tempo it’s a ballad and so on and so forth through the entire album. The few songs that actually make it are “It’s Alright”, “Lean on Me”, “All I Am” and “One Way Line”. Those tracks are at least a little faster where Emma Shade shows off her vocal range. Unfortunately, most of the songs are about love, which isn’t to their advantage. 

ONE WAY LINE is produced by the two Dare members and leaves a lot more to wish for. The production feels incredibly thin the only thing that works is Emma’s lead vocals. This is a poor album done by, what I thought, reasonable people. I hope Shade sinks into oblivion and is forgotten after this fiasco.


Emma Shade – lead vocals

Simon Gardner  – keyboards, b-vox

Andrew Moore – guitar, b-vox

Additional Musicians

Tony Parisella- bass

Julian Gardner – drums

Sue Quinn – backing vocals


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It’s Alright

Lean on Me

Shouldn’t Have Let You Go

Save Me

In My Dreams

All I Am

I’ll Hold On

One Way Line

Now It’s For Real

Waiting For You

Maybe This Time

You’re Not The One