Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers

Reviewed: November 2007
Released: 2007, Armageddon Music/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Rose Tattoo seems to be one of those acts everyone takes for granted. For some strange reason I haven’t heard them at all. This Aussie act stopped making records 1984 but returned 25 years later with the comeback double live album 25 TO LIFE.

BLOOD BROTHERS is a tribute album to the members Pete Wells and Ian Rilen who recently passed away. The album contains blues-based heavy, dirty rock’n’roll like the kind I guess they’ve always played. It’s a simple kind of music based on a few mean guitar riffs and the voice of lead singer Anderson. He sounds like he’s just gotten out of bed and smoked the day’s first pack of cigarettes and drank the first bottle of Whiskey. But I guess that’s the charm with Rose Tattoo – you know what you’re going to get. Rose Tattoo calls their music outlaw rock’n’roll which I totally agree with. The band lies in the same musical genre as AC/DC, Status Quo, Black Label Society, Nashville Pussy or a heavier Credence Clearwater Revival.

I think all of the bands mentioned above are great so you can guess what I think of Rose Tattoo… GREAT. The band’s songs are great, the atmosphere of the album is amazing and most of the songs are really catchy. It’s a party album to say the least even though it’s quite simple. But it’s in its simplicity where the band’s greatness lies. It doesn’t have to be technical and fast to be good, and BLOOD BROTHERS is proof. This is an album that’s good in every kind of way.


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Track Listing:
Black Eyed Bruiser
Slipping Away
Once In A Lifetime
City Blues
Sweet Meat
Man About Town
Stand Over Man
Nothing To Lose

Angry Anderson – lead vocals
Nick Cocks – guitar
Steve King – bass
Paul DeMarco – drums
Dai Pritchard – guitar