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207, Locomotive Records/Intromental

Rating: 2/5


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Maeder is an Aussie band led by the two brothers Nic and Sebastian. Their first EP BUSINESS IN ME went over really well in < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Australia and they entered several charts. They have a new drummer named Travis Dragani and the music the band plays is old-fashioned rock’n’roll. Not particularly mean or aggressive, just solid and not-so-complicated.

The songs are catchy and easy to remember. Even though the music is just simple rock, the guys have put some hard work into the melodies. A great way of describing Maeder’s music is to compare it to AC/DC, as the two bands have a lot in common both musically and lyrically. But Maeder doesn’t have the geniality that AC/DC has; Maeder’s music tends to be a little boring in all its simplicity and where AC/DC puts in some great guitar riffs or hooks Maeder only continues straight ahead. That makes the music feel a little too generic to remember and for some strange reason the songs don’t stick despite their simplicity. The production feels too pale and plain and could have been spiced up with a heavier guitar sound and a little more pressure on the lead vocals.

The songs that save the album are “Never Last”, “Another Thing Coming”, “Business in Me”, “You’re a Freak” and “It’s All Good”. Those are the better songs with a faster tempo and catchier choruses. There’s nothing wrong with the musicians, both Maeder brothers deliver great guitar work and the rest of the band backs them up brilliantly.

This is an average album that falls in between chairs; it’s not a total disgrace but it lacks inspiration and drive. If the guys write stronger material and spice up the music and production then we can definitely see a better rating.


Nic Maeder – lead vocals, guitar

Sebastian Maeder – guitar

Kit Riley – bass

Travis Dragani – drums


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Never Last

Another Thing Coming

Future Story

No Grass is Greener Than Your Own

Business In Me

Night and Day

You’re a Freak

You Make Me Die

It’s All Good

Piece of Me

White Pillow

Give Away