Jaded Heart – Sinister Mind

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Sinister Mind

2007, Frontiers Records

Rating: 4/5


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The German melodic hardrock institution Jaded Heart is back with a new studio album. They’re about to follow up their latest disc HELLUVA TIME from 2005. In between the albums the band has been out on the road supporting Helloween.  Peter Östros from < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Sweden has taken over guitar duties and the band has signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers Records.

Musically, the band has gone through a slight change of course; they still play melodic hardrock but they have added a meaner and edgier twist to the music. Luckily, they’ve also skipped ballads this time around and focused on the heavier songs. 

The album is a 12-track ride of great songs and excellent music. My killer tracks are “Hero”, “Justice Is Deserved”, “Sinister Mind”, “Open Your Eyes”, “To Please and Give In” and “Hellucinate”. All of those songs are faster and meaner melodic hardrock with heavy riffs and tempo changes. Singer Fahlberg sounds meaner and rawer in his lead vocals which is an improvement. There are a few songs that don’t make it to the final round because the album feels too long to be honest. They could have erased one or two songs in order to keep the album interesting and fresh the entire way. It also sounds like Fahlberg has a bit of a problem with his English at times.

Overall it’s a great album and it feels like the band has developed musically. SINISTER MIND is a fresh and forward-thinking album; hopefully this is the path they are gonna continue on. I think Jaded Heart are gonna gain a lot of new fans wit this album.


Johan Fahlberg – lead vocals

Peter Östros – guitar

Michael Muller – bass

Henning Wanner – keyboards

Axel Kruse – drums


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Justice is Deserved

Sinister Mind

Going Under

See The Light

Open Your Eyes

My Eager’s Red

Always On my Mind

To Please And Give In


Crush That Fear