B. Impatient – Intensity

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2006, Locomotive Records/Sound Pollution

Rating: 4/5


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In the beginning, all of the members of B. Impatient had different tastes in music, so it was hard to decide what kind of music the band were going to play. In the end, they decided on sharp melodic rock with heavy riffs and a tinge of goth. You can also sense a kind of darkness and sadness in the music now and then. I was very impressed to hear a female rock vocalist who can actually sing for once. Berg has a varied and broad vocal range and she manages to take on harder and rawer tones as well as softer and calmer ones. She and guitar player Getta work really well together; they complete each other brilliantly.

My favorite tracks on the album are the heavy melodic rock tunes that are delivered with really heavy guitar riffs: “In My Head”, “Loose My Mind”, “Beauty And The Beast”, “Susanna”, “Fortune and Fate”, “Too Much” and “Enemy”, all of which almost border on being Goth music. The weaker songs on the album are saved by Berg’s magical voice.

I do think that both fans of heavy rock and Goth can be attracted to B. Impatient and this debut album is genius. The brightest part of this album is a brilliant nerve in Berg’s voice; it’s been a long time since I’ve heard a female singer with such presence. The music works brilliantly on any kind of day and for any kind of mood. It’s simply a great album.



Brigitte Berg – lead vocals

Markus Getta – guitar

Daniel Hoffmann – keyboards

Tom Muller – bass

Martin Wippich – drums


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1. In My Head

2. Surrender

3. Distance

4. Beauty & Beast

5. Susanna

6. Fortune and Fate

7. Too Much

8. My Religion

9. Enemy

10. Didn’t I

11. Intensity

12. Try & Error

13. Lonely

14. If