October 2007



2007, the year of Pink Floyd’s 40th Anniversary, will come to a close with a spectacular flourish, Capitol/EMI’s December 4 release of Oh By The Way, a limited edition box set which contains, for the first time ever, the band’s 14 studio albums.  These classic albums are presented on CD in mini vinyl wallets with all the original extras also miniaturized.  Floyd’s long-time design wizard, Storm Thorgerson, has designed a sumptuous box, as well as miniaturizing the original sleeve artwork. 

This unique box set is the first time in Pink Floyd’s incomparable history that all of the band’s original studio albums have been packaged together and made available as a set.  In addition to the albums and their extras, the set comes with a specially designed 40th Anniversary Storm Thorgerson fabric poster featuring 40 Floyd images.

Many of Pink Floyd’s albums regularly appear in ‘greatest of all time’ lists.  They continue to represent a body of artistic work which has captured the imagination of fans across the globe.

Oh By The Way is sure to be a must-have collection for the legion of Pink Floyd fans worldwide, who will note the careful reproduction of the original classic labels.  The box set will no doubt be high on the Christmas wish list of many of the new generation of Floyd fans, as the band’s musical legacy continues to exert a powerful appeal some 40 years after it played its first notes.

Album         Orig. Release
THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN  (Single wallet)   August 1967 
A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS  (Single wallet)    July 1968
MORE (Single wallet)       June 1969
UMMAGUMMA (Gatefold, 2 discs)     November 1969
ATOM HEART MOTHER (Gatefold)     October 1970
MEDDLE (Gatefold)       November 1971
OBSCURED BY CLOUDS (Single wallet, rounded corners)  June 1972
THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON(Gatefold + 2 posters + 2 stickers)   March 1973
WISH YOU WERE HERE (Single + liner + postcard + black shrinkwrap)    September 1975
ANIMALS (Gatefold)       February 1977
THE WALL (Gatefold, 2 discs)      December 1979
THE FINAL CUT (Single wallet)      April 1983
A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON (Gatefold)   September 1987
DIVISION BELL (Gatefold)      April 1994
Source: www.emicap.com

Dropkick Murphys + Boston Red Sox = 2007 World Series Champions?

The Dropkick Murphys played at Fenway Park Sunday night, right before Game 7 of the American League Championship Series – It was the 6th time in which the band has played at Fenway, before a game and what’s the Red Sox record in those six games you ask? 6-0! The luck of the Irish is clearly on the Red Sox side. The band sang the National Anthem and then launched into fan favorites “Tessie” (the song of their 2004 World Series run) and Departed Theme/Jonathan Papelbon entrance music “Shipping Off To Boston” on a stage setup in center field right before the start of the game. SEE VIDEO CLIPS BELOW FOR FOOTAGE: It’s rare that a sports organization takes to an artist the way the Red Sox have with the DKM’s but the love runs both ways. Dropkicks leader Ken Casey is as big a Sox fan as you can find and is thrilled for his bands involvement with the Red Sox while many of the players are die hard Murphys fans, get pumped up when they play Fenway and routinely go to the bands live shows.
Dropkick Murphys new album The Meanest Of Times is their finest work to date. The critics love it: 4 Stars in Alternative Press, 4 Stars in Spin, 3 1/2 in Rolling Stone + Hot List in issue #1035 and Random Note feature in issue #103, B+ in Entertainment Weekly, Billboard Feature + Vanity Fair writeup. The Meanest Of Times debuted at #20 on the Billboard top 200 a few weeks back and we’ve now scanned almost 65,000 copies to date! Cinemax featured the Dropkick Murphys in two separate segments recently, one being “Max Tour Stories” and another being in spots for “The Departed” where they had DKM’s take viewers on a “Departed” tour through Boston where they visited landmarks featured in the movie.
MTV News is currently running a news story today and tomorrow on the DKM’s involvement with the Red Sox on MTV/MTV2/MTVu and online here:
DKM Widget including “Tessie” Live @ Fenway Park and “The State Of Massachusetts” Video:
ALCS Game 7 Video Clip of SHIPPING OFF TO BOSTON 10/21/07:
Dropkick Murphys celebrate the Red Sox Game 7 ALCS Victory on the field w/Red Sox Closer Jonathan Papelbon (goggles, cigar)
Boston Globe
The Dropkick Murphys performed with step dancers before the Sox’ series-winning game Sunday night. (BARRY CHIN/GLOBE STAFF)
October 23, 2007 – Boston Herald
Sure, Dustin Pedroia was good for a few RBIs in the Sox’ big victory over the Indians Sunday night, but could the Dropkick Murphys deserve some of the credit? The Celtic punk band has an impressive record: The Red Sox have won all six home games at which the Boston-based band has played. Before Sunday’s game, the band – sporting the shirts the team gave them for a 2004 video – performed the national anthem and renditions of “Tessie” and “I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” the song from “The Departed” that has become Sox reliever Jonathan Papelbon’s theme song. “The Sox told us to do whatever it is we did in 2004,” guitarist/singer Ken Casey told us yesterday. If you include the Murphys’ outings at a Patriots game and two Bruins games, the band is 9-0 in helping out Boston’s pros. Yesterday the Sox brass were mum about what might be in store when the Series gets underway at Fenway tomorrow night. But Casey said the band is ready for action anytime from now through Nov. 1, when Game 7 would be played. “We made it so we had a break in our tour until Nov. 2.”
“We saw Dropkick Murphys the other night; listen, they were really good live. Great live band. Wow they had a great show.” Bruce Springsteen on Rolling Stone’s Rock Daily
Source: www.wmg.com


Apple Corps Ltd.’s eagerly anticipated DVD release of The Beatles’ second feature film ‘Help!’ on November 6 (November 5 ROW) will be accompanied by several high-profile television, radio and online promotions. AOL Music, Yahoo! Music, MSN.com, Clear Channel Online, Amazon.com, Sundance Channel, QVC, and public television affiliates are among the DVD’s major promotional partners.

Saturday, October 27: Sundance Channel exclusively premieres ‘Help!’ at 10pm ET/PT, with repeated airings scheduled through November.  

Week of October 29: Amazon.com exclusively premieres The Beatles’ full-length performance of “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” from the film. 
AOL Music exclusively premieres The Beatles’ full-length performance of “Help!” from the film.

Thursday, November 1: MSN.com exclusively premieres The Beatles’ full-length performance of “Another Girl” from the film.

Friday, November 2 through Sunday, November 11: Apple Corps Ltd.’s ‘Help!’ radio special, hosted by Michael Palin with insights from the film’s director Richard Lester and other ‘Help!’ principals, to air on more than 200 radio stations across the U.S.

Monday, November 5: Yahoo! Music exclusively premieres The Beatles’ full-length performance of “I Need You” from the film.
Clear Channel Online presents Apple Corps Ltd.’s ‘Help!’ radio special on more than 400 locally branded Clear Channel Radio Network station websites.

Tuesday, November 6: ‘Help!’ is released in standard 2-DVD and deluxe 2-DVD boxed set packages. 

Monday, November 12: QVC will offer the ‘Help!’ DVD (QVC Item #F04485) during the “Great Gifts” show at 11 PM (ET)/8 PM (PT).

Thanksgiving weekend: select public television stations across the U.S. begin airing ‘Help!’(airdates vary through December, check local listings).

Directed by Richard Lester, who also directed the band’s debut feature film ‘A Hard Days Night’, ‘Help!’ made its theatrical debut in 1965. The story follows The Beatles as they become passive recipients of an outside plot that revolves around Ringo’s possession of a sacrificial ring, which he cannot remove from his finger. As a result, he and his bandmates John, Paul and George are chased from London to the Austrian Alps and the Bahamas by religious cult members, a mad scientist and the London police.

In addition to starring the Beatles, ‘Help!’ has a witty script, a great cast of British character actors and features 7 classic Beatles tracks, including:  “Help!,” “You’re Going To Lose That Girl,” “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” “Ticket To Ride,” “I Need You,” “The Night Before,” and “Another Girl.”

The DVD will be a 2-disc set. Disc 1 will feature the original film digitally restored with a newly created 5.1 soundtrack, while Disc 2 contains an hour of extra features, including:
 •The Beatles in Help! – 30 minute documentary about the making of the film with Richard Lester, the cast and crew.  Includes exclusive behind the scenes footage of The Beatles on set.
•A Missing Scene – Featuring Wendy Richard
•The Restoration of Help! – An in depth look at the restoration process.
•Memories of Help! – The cast and crew reminisce
•Theatrical Trailers – 2 US trailers and 1 Spanish trailer.
•1965 US Radio Spots – Hidden in disc menus.

There will be two editions of the DVD – a standard digipak and a deluxe boxed set that contains a reproduction of Richard Lester’s original annotated script, eight lobby cards and a poster, plus a 60-page book with rarely seen photographs and production notes from the movie. Both the deluxe book and the standard booklet feature an introduction by Richard Lester and an appreciation by Martin Scorsese.
Source: www.emicap.com

Thurston Moore on VBS.tv

Today on VBS.tv we explore a side of Thurston Moore that many Sonic Youth fans may not know about it. Thurston’s insane rare collection of books. Yes books. We got Lance Bangs, best known for his camera work on Jackass, his on-set documentaries of Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry’s films, and his music videos for everyone from Belle & Sebastian to Arcade Fire, to ride up to Thurston’s house in North Hampton, MA to interview him.

In what Thurston refers to as his “office”, he shows us an anti war sign signed and dated by Allen Ginsberg from ’64. Displays magazine covers designed by Andy Warhol. Reads punk poetry from Ian Mackaye. Original poems of Patti Smith. We get incredible back stories such as the one about Tom Verlaine and and Richard Hell writing together under the pen name Theresa Stern who was a supposed prostitute. The photo on the front cover of “Wanna go out?” from ’73 was actually photos of Verlaine and Hell dressed in drag superimposed on each other.

Check a photo of the cover here – www.richardhell.com/Theresa2.html

This “office” is the catalyst for his own literary magazine “Ecstatic Peace Poetry”. Any Sonic Youth fan, or fan of literature and poetry for that matter, get to pick the brain and book shelves of one of this generation’s greatest icons.

Bangs: Ecstatic Peace Archives

Bangs: Ecstatic Peace Archives Part 1 – www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1260669745&bccl=NDUyMzEwMzQ2X19FVEM=

Bangs: Ecstatic Peace Archives Part 2 – www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1264609399&bccl=NDUyMzEwMzQ2X19FVEM=

Bangs: Ecstatic Peace Archives Part 3 – www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1266094834&bccl=MTQ0MTg4N19fVE9EQVk=
Side Note – The second season of Soft Focus starts on Monday October 29th. This season takes place in the UK. Our amazing host Ian Svenious interviews notable figures in the UK music such as Mark E. Smith of The Fall, Graham Coxon of Blur, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, and many others. Check out the trailer below.

Soft Focus UK – www.vbs.tv/player.php?bctid=1243524631&bccl=Mjg0OTUyNzA0X19FVEM=
Source: www.viceland.com

Lana Lane Green Lights Red Planet Boulevard

Symphonic rock icon Lana Lane proudly announces her new studio album “Red Planet Boulevard”. The new album follows Lana’s 2005 art rock masterpiece “Lady Macbeth”, and her highly acclaimed 2006 classic rock covers album “Gemini”. Red Planet Boulevard is a melodic rock album that showcases Lana’s legendary vocals with timeless songwriting all produced in a modern symphonic rock environment. The atmosphere of the album is both spacious and grand, soaring melodies and intimate phrases play against lush arrangements of guitar and keyboards, all intertwining in a compelling tango of orchestration that is pure Lana Lane.

Recorded in The Netherlands and in San Francisco, California, “Red Planet Boulevard” combines the feeling of European precision and old world mystery with the Bay Area’s legendary style and mood that is pure Northern California magic. The melange of locations shows in the album’s production that is both bombastic and moody, clear and heavy, intimate and extroverted. Producer / keyboardist Erik Norlander took on bass guitar duties as well for this release continuing in the role he played on the 2007 Lady Macbeth tour. Long time collaborators, Dutchmen Peer Verschuren (guitar) and Ernst Van Ee (drums), complete the instrumental trio in what Norlander calls “a sort of ‘Led Zeppelin’ instrumentation where we have guitar, drums and a bass playing keyboardist.”

The “Red Planet Boulevard” musician lineup is indeed the most compact to appear on a Lana Lane album, but the trio does not falter in creating the massive symphonic rock sound for which Lana Lane is so well known. Walls of guitars, landscapes of keyboards and tectonic plates of bass and drums drive the arrangements with the energy and exuberance of a band that indeed went straight from the road into the studio. That touring seasoning shows in the subtle complexities of “Red Planet Boulevard”. This is a band that is experienced and skilled in their craft all supporting a legendary vocalist who is at the top of her game.

Twelve all original songs compose “Red Planet Boulevard”. The heavy rockers “Into the Fire”, “Capture the Sun” and “Angels and Magicians” along with the power ballad “Jessica” harken back to Lana’s 1995 debut release, “Love is an Illusion”, while in contrast, the anthemic “Shine”, “The Frozen Sea” and “No Tears Left” have a distinctly 21st century sound that fits perfectly with today’s iPod generation. The uptempo “Stepford, USA” re-tells the story of the quiet rural town with a dark secret, while “The Sheltering Sorrow” is a heart wrenching ballad that is epic in scale with links back to the late 60s majesty of early symphonic rock. The album concludes with the finale and title track, “Red Planet Boulevard”, where themes from each of the album’s songs is reprised in a grand orchestral rock style.

Artwork is once again provided by Polish surrealist Jacek Yerka who has painted the covers for Lana’s many past masterworks. Photos for the album were shot by noted San Francisco photographer Mark Leialoha who brings his own style and vision to the Lana Lane production team. Fans of melodic rock, symphonic style and the amazing female rock voice, your light is green: Make the turn onto “Red Planet Boulevard”!

Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard musicians:
LANA LANE – lead and harmony vocals
ERIK NORLANDER – keyboards, bass guitar
ERNST VAN EE – drums
Produced by Erik Norlander for Think Tank Media, USA

Lana Lane – Red Planet Boulevard track list:
1. Into the Fire   [5:10]
2. The Frozen Sea   [5:05]
3. Capture the Sun   [7:23]
4. Jessica   [6:00]
(Lane / Norlander)
5. Stepford, USA   [4:04]
6. Shine   [4:29]
7. Lazy Summer Day   [5:43]
8. No Tears Left   [5:32]
9. Save the World   [6:20]
(Lane / Norlander)
10. Angels and Magicians   [6:01]
11. The Sheltering Sorrow   [4:48]
(Lane / Norlander)
12. Red Planet Boulevard   [7:56]
(Lane / Norlander)

total running time . . . 68:57

Release dates:
Japan – November 23, 2007 on the Avalon label
Europe – December 12, 2007 on Frontiers Records
North America – January 29, 2008 on Think Tank Media distributed by ProgRock Records with advance sales beginning in December 2007
All versions contain the identical track listing – there are no bonus tracks on any edition.

Source: Serge Ent.

Alabama Thunderpussy Stomping Their Way Across Europe

Richmond, Virginia natives Alabama Thunderpussy have just headed over to Europe after finishing a month stint on the road with Obituary.  Alabama Thunderpussy are excited for the opportunity to bring their southern metal sound to Europe with support from Firebird.  Drummer Bryan Cox has this to say:

 “We couldn’t be more excited to be returning to Europe and the UK for these shows and it’s truly an honor to be doing it with a band as amazing as Firebird. After having been out for a month with Obituary in the states, we’re feeling really good playing every night and we’re ready to stomp our way across the motherland and deafen as many people as is humanly possible! Come out and see us!”

Alabama Thunderpussy will be hitting Europe up from Iceland to Germany and everywhere in between, make sure to catch their powerful live show when it comes to your town!!!

Alabama Thunderpussy with Firebird:
10/24 – Gokur, Reykjavic, Iceland
10/25 – Joiners – Southhampton, UK
10/26 – Sin City, Swansea – UK
10/27 – Underworld – London, UK
10/28 – Civic – Wolverhampton, UK
10/29 – Cathouse – Glasgow, UK
10/30 – Corporation – Sheffield, UK
10/31 – The Woughton Centre – Milton Keynes, UK
11/1 – Porto Rio – Lisboa, Portugal
11/2 – LOTUS CASCAIS – Cascais, Portugal
11/3 – AN club – Athens, Greece
11/5 – La Zone – Liege, Belgium
11/6 – JH LOCHTINK – Eeklo, Belgium
11/7 – Arena – Vienna, Austria
11/8 – Kultiplex – Budapest, Hungary
11/9 – Murska – Slobota, Slovenia
11/10 – Shindy – Bassano del Grappa, Italy
11/11 – Garage – Milano, Italy
11/13 – Le Korigan – Luynes/Marseille, France
11/14 – Lyon’s Hall – Lyon, France
11/15 – La Locomotive, Paris, France
11/16 – Waterfront – Rotterdam, Holland
11/17 – Lintfabriek – Kontich, Belgium
11/18 – 013 – Tilburg, Holland
11/19 – De Bliksem – Den Helder, Holland
11/20 Hafenklang – Hamburg, Germany
11/21 – Wild at Heart – Berlin, Germany
11/22 – Groovestation – Dresden, Germany
11/23 – Rosenkeller – Jena, Germany
Source: www.adrenalinepr.com

Ministry Bassist Paul Raven Dies of Heart Attack in Geneva

Ministry’s bassist Paul Raven was found dead yesterday (Saturday, October 20) in a private home in a small French village on the Swiss border.  Initial reports indicate Raven’s passing was due to a heart attack.  Raven (known also for his work with Killing Joke, Prong) was in Geneva working with French recording artists Treponem Pal on their new release, with Marco Neves, Ted Parsons (Prong) and members of The Young Gods.

Born in Wolverhampton UK on January 16, 1961, Paul Vincent Raven established himself with his work in the seminal post-punk/industrial group  Killing Joke when, in 1982 he replaced the original bassist for the band, recording and touring with the group throughout its most commercially successful period, performing on Fire Dances, Night Time and Brighter than a Thousand Suns.  Throughout his extensive career, Raven participated in other collaborations including Prong, Murder, Inc., Pigface, Godflesh.

Most recently, Raven was nominated for a 2006 Grammy for Best Metal Performance for his work with Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, with whom he had begun working with in late 2005 on the 13th Planet release Rio Grande Blood.  After a 2006 World Tour with Ministry, Raven helped Jourgensen and Prong’s Tommy Victor pen the September 18, 2006 Ministry release The Last Sucker, Ministry’s final studio release.

States Jourgensen: “I am in total shock.  The world of music is a sadder, emptier place.  Not only was Raven an extraordinary talent, but one of my closest dearest friends.  Our condolences and prayers go to his immediate family.  He will be truly missed by artists, musicians and his fans the world over.

The one consolation is knowing Raven’s already hooked up with the right people and started a new project in the After Life.  God’s speed, Raven. Rest In Peace, you fucking pirate.”

Raven’s newest project, Mob Research, featuring members of Warrior Soul and The Mission UK, and scheduled for release on 13th Planet Records in 2008, was in the final mixing and mastering phases at the time of Raven’s sudden and unexpected passing.

A memorial dedicated to the Life and Art of Paul Raven can be found at: www.thirteenthplanet.com/raven.


Al Jourgensen (Ministry)

“I am in total shock.  The world of music is a sadder, emptier place.  Not only was Raven an extraordinary talent, but one of my closest dearest friends.  Our condolences and prayers go to his immediate family.  He will be truly missed by artists, musicians and his fans the world over.

The one consolation is knowing Raven’s already hooked up with the right people and started a new project in the After Life.  God’s speed, Raven. Rest In Peace, you fucking pirate.”

Tommy Victor (Ministry, Prong)

“Paul Raven was a grand-master of our cult, high up in the inner sanctum sanctorum.  His status can never be forgotten, nor his presence replaced.  One of our heroes.  An unbelievable loss, but we are always going to laugh and smile in remembrance…. exactly how he wanted it.”

Sin Quirin (Ministry)

“I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes cos you’re not physically with us anymore. I cant believe you’re not here and it hurts a lot man.. But at the same time I cant help but smile at all the good times we had together. Those are the memories I’ll always carry with me and I know you’ll be smiling down on me as well. Not only were you a badass musician, you were one of my great, genuine friends, I’m gonna miss you Raven, but you’ll never be forgotten and you’ll always be with us.”

Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory, Ascension of the Watchers)

“I will miss my friend dearly, and I will think of him fondly throughout my days until we meet on the other side.”

Jaz Coleman/Geordie Walker (Killing Joke)

“We are all deeply stricken with grief at the unannounced departure of possibly the funniest man on planet Earth and a brother to us all. Paul Vincent Raven unimaginable sadness is felt by all.”
Dan Raven (Paul Raven’s Brother)

”We are in deep shock and we miss him a great deal. We love him.”

Anders (Celtic Frost)
“I just read the news. I cannot believe this news!  I guess you all are in shock too. He was an amazing and positive force to be around.  God damn it!  My best to you and AL and the rest of the band and crew.   This is a sad sad sad day.
Source: www.rebelmusic.ca


Brian Byrne is continuing to tour in support of his sophomore solo album Tailor Made which was released in September on Kindling Music.  Tailor Made takes a more definitive country and southern rock direction than Byrne’s debut so it’s a great match to team up with country roots artist Corb Lund for this eastern Canadian tour.

This time out Byrne turned to influences such as Steve Earle, Gram Parsons, The Allmans, Willie, Waylon, Johnny and Hank with stories of too much drink, late night characters, missing loved ones and trying to find a way back home.  Banjos, pianos, pedal steels, harps and beer-bottle slides all find their rightful place on the new album.


Press quotes:
“Tailor Made opens with the wailing pop-rock number All I Need Is Love, before going into the title track, a classic driving song and guitar rocker with a country-outlaw feel. It’s a smoker, the kind of cut a whole career can be built around.” – Bob Mersereau, Telegraph Journal

“It’s time to party thanks to this rousing rock’n roll gem from a man who may be one of Canada¹s most underrated (and unknown) artist…If ever there was an artist capable of conquering both country and rock genres, Byrne is it. With Tailor Made, he has the potential to take the music world by storm.” – Al Beeber, Lethbridge Herald

“Tailor Made pleases a wide range of listeners with lively songs like Mountain Feelin’ and emotionally-charged tunes such as Beautiful You and Love You More. Chill out to Home at home, or to The One, The Only (King of Late Night) late at night.” – Vincent Lok, YouThink Magazine

 “Tailor Made opens with the lively “All I Need is Love,” but it quickly sheds its pop roots veneer and dives into the kind of music that recalls the outlaw country and gritty southern rock of the Allman Brothers, Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams.— Julio Gomes, The Chronicle-Journal

Tour Dates:
Nov 14, 2007 – Glace Bay, NS, Savoy Theatre
Nov. 16, 2007 – Cornerbrook, NF, Union Station
Nov. 21, 2007 – St. John’s, NF, Club One, opening for Corb Lund
Nov. 22, 2007 – Saint John, NB, Club Monte Carlo, opening for Corb Lund
Nov. 23, 2007 – Fredricton, NB, The Playhouse, opening for Corb Lund
Nov. 24, 2007 – Halifax, NS, The Marquee, opening for Corb Lund
Nov. 25, 2007 – Summerside, PE, The Harbourfront Jubilee Theatre, opening for Corb Lund
Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca

Fair To Midland to tour with Serj Tankian

We’re very excited to announce that Fair To Midland will be playing in LA with Serj Tankian at the Halloween-tastic KROQ Kreep Show at House of Blues on Sunset next Saturday Oct 27. 
Fair To Midland’s full upcoming tour schedule is below, which includes dates on their current tour with Chevelle and other shows with Serj, as well as a handful of headlining dates.
In other awesome news, FTM’s new single, “Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes” just won Dallas radio station KDGE’s Cockfight three nights in a row, beating out Puddle of Mudd “Psycho, “The White Stripes “You Don’t Know What Love Is,” and Linkin Park “Shadow of the Day.”

Oct 20 – Dos Amigos – Odessa, TX   (w/Chevelle)              
Oct 22 – Boulder Theater – Boulder, CO  (w/Chevelle)   
Oct 24 – SOMA – San Diego, CA (w/Chevelle)           
Oct 25 – Marquee Theater –Phoenix, AZ (w/Chevelle)           
Oct 26 – Ventura Theater – Ventura, CA (w/Chevelle)
Oct 27 – House of Blues – Los Angeles (w/ Serj Tankian)
Oct 28 – Slim’s – San Francisco, CA (w/ Serj Tankian)
Nov 15 – King Tut’s – Glasgow, Scotland **
Nov 16 – Academy – Manchester, UK (w/ Serj Tankian)
Nov 18 – Barfly – Liverpool, UK ** 
Nov 19 – Academy – Birmingham, UK **
Nov 20 – Barfly – London, UK **
Nov 21 – Barfly – Brighton, UK **
Nov 22 – Astoria – London, UK (w/ Serj Tankian)
Nov 25 – Melkweg – Amsterdam, Holland (w/ Serj Tankian)
Nov 26 – Elysee Montmartre – Paris, France (w/ Serj Tankian)
Nov 27 – Live Music Hall – Cologne, Germany (w/ Serj Tankian)
** Notes headlining date
Source: www.sneakattackmedia.com


Peter Katz is teaming up with Rob Szabo for the western part of his coast to coast tour that they have dubbed The Lanky Wimps Tour inspired by Kinnie Starr’s Scrappy Bitch Tour.  “We’re basically playing into the stereotype that male singer-songwriters are these brooding, hyper-sensitive wimpy guys,” explains Katz, “which really we are!  But that’s not all we do and there’s much more to be found in the show.  We’re also two tall, lanky guys in a tiny cramped car driving across the country, which for some reason we think is kind of funny.”

Press Reviews of Katz’s latest album More Nights:

“At his best Peter Katz can sound like Billy Bragg.” – James Sandham, Spill Magazine

“He carves his own niche in the industry and delivers a unique blend of folk with a vintage sound reminiscent of Ron Sexsmith, or early Dave Matthews.” – Andrew Seale,  Spill Magazine

“Beautiful and intimate, More Nights is an album from a young Canadian artist that shows true musical brilliance. More Nights deserves to explode onto the indie rock scene and hopefully gets Peter Katz the credit he deserves for creating such enjoyable, personal folk music.” – Gauntlet

“Katz resembles kindred spirit Ron Sexsmith and his subtle acoustic charm, while channeling Hawksley Workman’s grief stricken vocals. The music is reinforced by Katz’s genuinely heartbreaking take on modern day love-tragedies…..More Nights begs the question: why is such a talented songwriter with such well-crafted pop songs still an independent artist?” – Jason Gladu, popjournalism

Peter Katz’s video for the powerful song “Forgiveness” can be seen on the CBC Exposure website www.cbc.ca/exposure/node/7329


The Lanky Wimps Tour Dates: w/Rob Szabo

Oct 20, 2007, Calgary, AB                 The Ironwood (1429 9^th Ave SE, 9pm)
Oct 22, 2007, Lethbridge, AB            The Slice (314 8th Street South, 8 pm)
Oct 23, 2007, Red Deer, AB              The Vat (101 5301 43st, 8:30pm)
Oct 24, 2007, Golden, BC                  Formerly Packers Place (429 9th Ave, 8 pm)
Oct 25, 2007, Kelowna, BC               Doc Willoughby’s (353 Bernard Ave, 9pm)
Oct 26, 2007, Vancouver, BC            Venue tba
Oct 27, 2007, Victoria, BC                 Venue tba
Oct 28, 2007, Enderby, BC                Lorenzo’s
Oct 29, 2007, Prince George, BC       The Artspace (Books and Co) (1685 3rd ave, 7:30pm)
Nov 1, 2007, Fort St John, BC           Egan’s (9404 Alaska Rd N, 9pm)
Nov 2, 2007, Grande Prairie, AB       Better than Fred’s (9903 – 101 St, 9:30pm)
Nov 3, 2007, Edmonton, AB              Metro Billiards (10150-106st, 9pm)
Nov 5, 2007, Saskatoon, SK               Lydia’s (650 Broadway ave)
Nov 7, 2007, Thunder Bay, ON          The Study (Lakehead University)

Peter Katz Tour Dates:

Nov 10, 2007 – Musical Guest on GO! CBC (10:05 am, EST, Broadcast nationally)
Nov 10, 2007, Cambridge, ON          Groove Kitchen & Music Room
w/Pat Robitaille and Mandippal Jandu
Nov 15, 2007, London, ON               Fanshawe College, SOLO @ noon
Nov 16, 2007, London , ON             Fanshawe College, FULL BAND w/Rob Szabo
Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca

SHAW/BLADES: U.S. Headlining Tour Set To Launch November 7

It’s the announcement Shaw/Blades fans have been waiting for.

The duo—Styx/Damn Yankees guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw and Night Ranger/Damn Yankees bassist/vocalist Jack Blades—will hit the road once again starting November 7 in Petaluma, CA and concluding in December 8 in Nashville, TN in support of their critically acclaimed INFLUENCE album.

After the first round of tour dates ended May 31 in Chicago, Tommy and Jack promised their fans that they would be back for another trek after taking time to tour with their respective bands. 

In addition to songs from INFLUENCE—which was released March 6 on VH1 Classic Records–fans will get a dose of some of their favorite Styx, Night Ranger and Damn Yankees songs, all performed acoustically.  It’s an intimate evening of music courtesy of Tommy, Jack and guitarist Will Evankovich (of American Drag).

Speaking about a concert in Alexandria, VA earlier this year, Rick Landers of Modernguitars.com hailed:  “Jack and Tommy have pulled together a winning act out of the ashes of classic rock ballads that is as entertaining as stand up comedy as it is musically.  This is a show not to be missed.”

Before the tour kicks off, Jack and Tommy will make a return visit to the “Howard Stern Show” on Wednesday, October 24 to talk about the upcoming tour and perform songs live.  The duo first appeared on the Sirius Satellite Radio morning show in March.

INFLUENCE is the duo’s first album since their recently re-released 1995 debut, HALLUCINATION.  Like the debut–and unlike their history-carving decades as icons in the more hard-rock minded Styx, Night Ranger and Damn Yankees–the latest release is rooted in acoustic guitar and organic production, harvesting a decade of musical influences into 11 tracks (on which Blades and Shaw played all the music except for drums and the occasional keyboards).  With classics from the ‘60s and ‘70s including the Mamas and the Papas’ “California Dreamin’,” Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” and Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work,” INFLUENCE offers a track-by-track chronology of the musical era that helped define modern rock.

The album has been garnering rave reviews since its release.  Greg Prato of All Music Guide praised, “Impressively consistent from beginning to end, INFLUENCE is certainly one of the better ‘all covers’ albums of recent times.”

One of the most prolific duos in the history of hard rock, Tommy and Jack have sold more than 50 million albums amongst their three bands, scored 12 Top 10 singles on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart, debuted 16 albums in the Billboard “Top 200” albums chart, and share joint songwriting credits for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Cher and Alice Cooper.

Here are the confirmed tour dates:


Wed 11/7  Petaluma, CA   Mystic Theatre Petaluma
Thu 11/8  San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House
Fri 11/9   San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House
Sat 11/10  Agoura Hills, CA  Canyon Club
Sun 11/11  Las Vegas, NV   Canyon Club Las Vegas
Wed 11/14  Indianapolis, IN   Music Mill
Thu 11/15  St. Charles, MO   Ameristar Casino/Bottleneck Blues Bar
Fri 11/16  Chicago, IL   Joe’s
Sat 11/17  Pittsburgh, PA   Rex Theatre
Sun 11/18  Akron, OH   Tangiers
Wed 11/21  Ft. Lauderdale, FL  The Culture Room
Fri 11/23  Duluth, GA   Wild Bills Atlanta
Sat 11/24  Mooresville, NC   Feeling Lucky Tavern
Mon 11/26  Annapolis, MD    Rams Head on Stage
Thu 12/6  Columbus, OH   LC Pavilion
Fri 12/7   South Bend, IN   Club Fever
Sat 12/8  Nashville, TN   Wildhorse Saloon

Source: ABC Public Relations

SBB – The Rock” – artwork and tracklist revealed

Polish progressive rock trio SBB returns with new material! Full length album entitled “The Rock” will be released via Metal Mind Productions on the 5th November 2007 in Europe and on 22nd January 2008 in US (via MVD). As the title suggests, the band’s new music is as powerful as a rock. The follow up to the “New Century” album from 2005 was recorded in early Autumn in a refreshed line-up: Józef Skrzek, Apostolis Anthimos, Gabor Nemethis. Gabor is a very skilled drummer, known from his work with Hungarian bands Scorpió and P. Mobil. The final decision about the line-up change was made during the gig in the Słowianin Club in Szczecin (Poland) earlier this year. It was but their third concert in the new line-up but the warm reception proved it was the right step. Skrzek: “The new line-up means more dynamic and rock sound of SBB. It’s very likely that we will start to play older songs in their original arrangements without improvisations on their themes”. With the new album, the band surely get back to their roots. One can find on “The Rock” perfect catchy melodies, wonderful distorted walking bass, and the whole music draws from the years of SBB’s greatest popularity while, at the same time, bravely reaching into the future. The music featured on this album refers to one of the best periods in the band’s career, crowned with the release of “Memento z banalnym tryptykiem” (considered by many to be SBB’s opus magnum). Particular themes interlace and change and the songs relate to each other, thus constituting a single coherent story. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this is the best prog-rock album of the year 2007!
The Rock” is available in two formats: regular CD and a digipak CD with 2 bonus tracks.
Soon after premiere of “The Rock” album the band will hit the road to play several gigs in Poland. The highlight of the tour will take place at Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, where SBB will record the show for the purposes of their future live DVD release.
“The Rock”
1. Skała
2. Płonące myśli
3. In Heaven And Hell
4. Silence
5. Sunny Day
6. My Paradise
7. Pielgrzym
8. Akri
9. Zug a zene mindenhol
Bonus tracks (available only on the digipak edition (MMP CD 0558 DG):
10. Śpiewanie o imionach
11. Gazela
Source: www.metalmind.com.pl

Punkradiocast.com presents “Devil’s Night Dance Party!” starring The Creepshow!

On Devil’s Night 2007, Punkradiocast.com will be throwing a special Devil’s Night Dance Party starring the gorgeous ghouls in THE CREEPSHOW!

In addition to a live performance at the Punkradiocast Studios in Brampton, Ontario, the band will be answering questions, spinning songs and giving away an autographed 12” of “Sell Your Soul” live on air!

More details coming soon…
Source: www.stereodynamite.com


For fans of Rammstein, Richard Kruspe needs no introduction – as one of the two guitarists in the group, Kruspe is an integral part of everyone’s favorite flame-spewing industrial metal band.  Still at work with Rammstein after more than a decade, Kruspe recently found time to launch a new project, Emigrate.
Long in the planning stages, Emigrate’s self-titled debut will be released on January 28th, 2008 by Pilgrim/Motor Music and distributed by ADA.
The first single, “My World,” and its video are already available via iTunes. The song features in the film Resident Evil: Extinction, the final part of the trilogy, which has recently premiered world-wide.  The video – “My World ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’ Videomix’ – contains a hard-pounding performance by Emigrate combined with original film material highlighting Milla Jovowich.
“My World ‘Resident Evil: Extinction’ Videomix” can be seen here:
The video for the album’s second single, “New York City,” was shot in New York and appears online in preview on the official Emigrate webpage:
For those concerned that Kruspe would take off on a musical detour with Emigrate, rest easy.  Kruspe lined up longtime Rammstein producer/mixer Jacob Hellner and Stefan Glauman, resulting in an album that retains some of the same elements as Rammstein while also coming across as pleasingly its own.  And to answer a question sure to be on the mind of Rammstein fans everywhere – no, Kruspe is not leaving the group.  Rammstein have currently gathered in Berlin to write a new album.
Rounding out the Emigrate line-up is Arnaud Giraux (bass), Henka Johansson (drums), Sascha Moser (Logic programs editor), and Olsen Involtini (guitar & vocal producer), with Kruspe as expected handling guitar duties and unexpectedly supplying lead vocals (his first lead-vocal appearance on record).  Recently speaking with acclaimed UK music critic Dante Bonutto, Kruspe gave his thoughts about the project. “At one point, I was asking myself, ‘Does the world really need my record?’”  But the answer to that question soon became obvious: Richard needed, and needs, this record for the sake of his health.
“I HAD to do it, simple as that!”
The complete tracklisting for “Emigrate”:
Source: www.chipsterpr.com


To support Rizzo’s new masterpiece, he joins Primer 55 on a 3 month jaunt across the United States. THE ULTIMATE DEVOTION is Marc Rizzo’s solo sophomore release on Shrapnel Records. This newly mastered work of shred-art comes on the coat-tails of his critically acclaimed debut album COLASSAL MYOPIA in 2006.

Being part of the new breed of young guitarists in contemporary bands, Rizzo has built a substantial following through his years of touring and recording with Soulfly with Metal Legend Max Cavalera. Rizzo’s raw energy combined with the talent of a new-generation shred-master is a much needed breath of fresh air to the instrumental rock genre.


16   Pittsburg, KS   Foxtown City Limits
17  Wichita, KS   Lizard Lounge
18  Kansas City, MO  The Hurricane
19  Sioux City, IA   Eagles Club
20  Cedar Falls, IA   Reverb
21  Madison, WI   Dry Bean Saloon
23  Milwaukee, WI   The Rave Eagles Club
25  Alsip, IL    O’Malleys
27  Sandusky, OH   The Underground
28  Columbus, OH   Billiard Club

1  Allentown, PA   Crocodile Rock Café
2  Baltimore, MD   The Black Hole
4  Virginia Beach, VA  Gil’s
9  Des Moines, IA   House of Bricks
14  Fort Wayne, IN   Legends
15  Flint, MI    Machine Shop
16  Clinton Township, MI  T.N.T’s Bar & Grill
17  Huntington, WV  Paradox
20  Fayetteville, NC  Jesters Pub
24  Metairie, LA   Keystones
27  Port St. Lucie, FL  The Mojo Room
30  Louisville, KY   Phoenix Hill Tavern

6  Houston, TX   Roc Bar
9  Tempe, AZ   The Sets
12  Malibu, CA   Malibu Inn
14  San Jose, CA   Nova Hall
15  Portland, OR   Hawthorne Theatre
16  Seattle, WA   El Corazon
17  Spokane, WA   Bourbon Street
18  Bozeman, MT   Filling Station/ VFW
19  Billings, MT   F.O.E.

For more information click to www.shrapnelrecords.com or www.myspace.com/marcrizzo
Source: www.vqpr.com

Sevendust Announce “Retrospective 2” CD/DVD * Out December 11th

December 11, 2007 will see Sevendust open the vault on a three year ride beginning in early January 2005 with the making of the album Next, right up to the present with the release of Retrospective 2; a dual disc CD/DVD pack. Retrospective 2 will feature 6 live cuts and 3 brand new studio tracks on the CD and almost 2 hours of video footage on the DVD. The dual disc is the second release on Sevendust’s own 7 Bros. Records in conjunction with Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group.  The collection includes videos from the hits, “Ugly” and “Driven,” the fury of one of rocks premier live performers captured on the tracks “Hero,” “Silence,” “Clueless” and “Alpha.”  But that’s not all, embodied here are rare clips forever on display such as the unique Orlando question and answer event on the eve of the release of the record Alpha, the New Years Eve video of “The Rim,” and as a special bonus, a comical episode of “Pete the A&R Guy” and what he has to say about the state of the Dust.  This DVD and companion CD pack includes new audio tracks, “Losing You” and “Sleeper,” making this keepsake packaging a must for every Sevendust fan.

Sevendust, in conjunction with Ticketmaster, is offering a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME additional purchase option to the typical concert experience for their upcoming “Ladies Get Out Of Jail Free Tour.” Purchasers can obtain a ‘Premium Package’ containing a concert ticket to the event, DVD & Compact Disc or digital download of Sevendust’s new album Retrospective 2 delivered to their home on or just after the official retail release date of Tuesday, December 11, 2007.  In addition, the package will contain a commemorative autographed poster, plus gain entrance to the Retrospective 2 Audio/Visual Event held an hour and a half prior to the scheduled door time.  The Retrospective 2 Audio/Visual Event includes exclusive listening session of THREE brand new studio tracks, exclusive live concert footage, the video for the new single “Beg to Differ,” video outtakes from a day in the life of Sevendust spanning the last four years, plus a question and answer session with the members of Sevendust themselves!

The March 2007 release of Alpha, the bands sixth studio album and first on 7Bros. Records, saw Sevendust equal their highest Billboard album ranking of their career with a first week debut at #14 on The Top 200 selling 42,398 copies. The press heralded Alpha as a return to form for the band as the Associated Press raved “Sevendust has been reborn on Alpha” and Guitar World gloated that “Sevendust go for the jugular, creating vicious thrash-based songs that surge and sway as they pummel.” Revolver ran a 5 page retrospective feature on the band, saying “With the punishing Alpha, Sevendust hope to recapture the fury- and flavor- of their prime.” Alpha also saw Sevendust re-appear on the Active Rock radio charts as “Driven” was a top 10 smash.

In celebration of the success of Alpha, Sevendust announces the official release of Alpha outside of the US and Canada, Monday November 12, 2007. The offering will contain the original 12 tracks plus the bonus track “The Rim” along with a brand new studio track entitled, “Abuse Me.”

“Ladies Get Out Of Jail Free” …TOUR DATES
Fri Oct 19  Minneapolis, MN The Myth
Sat Oct 20  Waterloo, IA  McElroy Auditorium
Sun Oct 21  Appleton, WI  The Checkered Flag
Tue Oct 23  Fargo, ND  Playmaker’s Pavilion
Wed Oct 24  Madison, WI  The Orpheum Theater
Fri Oct 26  Superior, WI  University of Superior
Sat Oct 27  Merrill, WI  The Smith Center
Sun Oct 28  Chicago, IL  House of Blues
Tue Oct 30  Providence, RI  Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
Thu Nov 1  New York, NY The Roseland Ballroom
Fri Nov 2  Rochester, NY  Water Street Music Hall
Sat Nov 3  Baltimore, MD Ram’s Head Live
Sun Nov 4  Worcester, MA The Palladium
Wed Nov 7  New Orleans, LA The House Of Blues
Thu Nov 8  Jackson, MS  Mainstage
Fri Nov 9  Little Rock, AR The Metroplex
Sat Nov 10  Atlanta, GA  The Tabernacle
Sat Dec. 29 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Revolution
Sun Dec. 30 Tampa, FL  Jannus Landing
Mon Dec. 31 Orlando, FL  House of Blues
Source: www.wmg.com

SAGA Drummer suffers Heart Attack

< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Brian Doerner issued the following statement this past weekend;
“To the Fans of Saga, I am lucky to be alive and recovering at home with my family today, October 8, 2007 after suffering a heart attack on Friday, October 5, 2007 and I anticipate a full recovery and look forward to playing drums again in the future.  Regrettably, I will not be drumming for the 10,000 Days tour under medical advice.  I wish the band the BEST OF LUCK with this great new CD and I would like to say that working with SAGA has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career and I will miss them greatly as friends and as talented musicians”.
Source: Brian Doerner



Capitol/EMI is proud to announce the October 9 digital release of George Harrison’s solo catalog.  Nine albums have initially been made available and the remainder will follow online in 2008. The release of these albums makes all four Beatles’ solo catalogs digitally available.


< ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Harrison’s EMI catalog will be available in digital form for the first time on a global basis. Fans will be able to purchase Harrison’s catalog works from all of EMI’s digital distribution partners, and the titles will also be part of EMI’s premium download offering (free of digital rights management and in a higher-quality bit rate) from participating retailers.


The following albums are now digitally available:


All Things Must Pass (2001 remaster)


Harrison‘s first release following the break-up of The Beatles in 1970, this multimillion selling set included the worldwide hits “My Sweet Lord,” “What Is Life” and Bob Dylan’s “If Not For You.”  This album was remastered in 2001 and now includes five additional tracks not present on the original release.


Thirty Three & 1/3 (2004 remaster)


This was Harrison‘s first album for his own Dark Horse label and was released in 1976.  Includes the hits “This Song” and “Crackerbox Palace.” The 2004 remaster includes “Tears Of The World” as an extra track.


George Harrison (2004 remaster)


From 1979, this release contains the hits “Blow Away” and “Faster.”  It also contains “Not Guilty,” a song that Harrison wrote during the 1968 Beatles “White Album” sessions. A demo version of “Here Comes The Moon” is also included in the 2004 remaster.


Somewhere In England (2004 remaster)


Harrison‘s third album for Dark Horse included the hit “All Those Years Ago,” a tribute to John Lennon. The 2004 remaster includes a demo version of “Save The World” as an additional track.



Gone Troppo (2004 remaster)


Released in 1982, this album includes “That’s The Way It Goes” and a remake of a song that Harrison first demoed in 1968, “Circles.”  The 2004 remaster includes, as an extra track, a demo version of “Mystical One.”



Cloud Nine (2004 remaster)


Cloud Nine from 1987 saw Harrison team up with Jeff Lynne, and the resulting album put George back in the charts.  “Got My Mind Set On You” became a smash and with two other successful singles, “When We Was Fab” and “This Is Love,” the album became a best seller.  The 2004 remaster also includes the additional tracks “Shanghai Surprise” and “Zig Zag.”



Live In Japan (2004 remaster)


Recorded during dates in Tokyo and Osaka in 1991, this double set features Harrison playing some of his finest Beatles and solo works. With a band including Steve Ferrone, Ray Cooper and Eric Clapton, George rocks through “Taxman,” “Something,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Here Comes The Sun,” “Isn’t It A Pity,” “My Sweet Lord” and “Roll Over Beethoven,” among a total of 19 great songs.





Brainwashed was Harrison‘s final album of new material and was released in 2002, one year after his passing.  A wonderful album that features “Stuck Inside A Cloud,” “Any Road,” “Rising Sun” and the Grammy winning “Marwa Blues.”



Living In The Material World (2006 remaster, previously available but now added to iTunes).


Originally released in 1973, this album spent five weeks at #1 on the U.S. album charts.  Includes the single “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth),” also a U.S. # 1.  The 2006 remaster includes two additional tracks previous released as single B sides.



Olivia Harrison said of the releases, “It is exciting that George’s catalog is finally available for downloading. He had begun the digital remastering of his albums but had no idea how the digital world would change the way we access and listen to music.”


For more information, visit George Harrison’s official Website: www.georgeharrison.com

Source: www.emicap.com



Dave Navarro Makes Cameo in PUNKD UR ASS


Have you ever wondered why guys in those shows like Jackass and Wild boyz are partaking in such mindless stunts for no reason? So do we! Now here is a stunt/prank show that makes sense. Matt Zane shows his twisted sense of humor by offering studs in the adult business to “work” with some of the hottest talent. What’s the catch you ask? First they must complete a stunt of Zane’s choosing. Watch as Matt and his brother Mark embark on crazy adventures throughout LA and get into some serious sex and serious trouble.


Scene 1 – Matt Zane directs Tera Wray in all his movies but never gets any action because he is always behind the camera. Now he has made a bet with Tera that if he pierces himself with 4 hooks in his back for the Dave Navarro show and is able to pick her up she will blow him. Mark get’s the last laugh as he brings Tera in the bathroom and bangs her while she trys to wash up for the reward blow job. When Matt finds them chaos ensues that results in a 3 way wrestling match and Matt chasing Mark down the hall naked. Special appearance by Dave Navarro.


Scene 2 – Jenner wants some hot pussy action but first he must go dance in a g-string. Doesn’t sound bad? Did we mention that he has to do it in broad daylight on Hollywood Blvd?


Scene 3- Chris has been out of the business for awhile and is dying to get back in and fuck some hot pussy but first he will have to oil wrestle with a 200 pound girl and win. Making this more difficult the wrestling match will take place in a kiddie pool filled with oil!


Scene 4- Mark Zane has been trying to get booked with an “A list” girl and will get his chance as long as he fights one round with 7 time world kick boxing champion Hector Pena. Watch him get his ass kicked for pussy!!!


The cast for PUNKD UR ASS is Please Productions contract girl, Tera Wray, Brandon X, Holly West, Jessica Valentino, Kyla Synz, Mark Zane, and Rick Masters.


PUNKD UR ASS will be available later this year. Matt Zane just released “Radium”, his all new metal sex show starring host Tera Wray.

Source: www.roguepr.com



Grammy Nominated Mudvayne Launch Friendster Fan Profile


Hard rock radio pioneers Mudvayne are launching a Friendster Fan Profile to create a fan-generated biography and to promote their album release entitled By The People, For The People which is set to hit stores November 27th. The highly anticipated new album consists of several live recordings, rarities, demos, as well as two new recordings including the first single, “Dull Boy” – which will be available at iTunes starting October 16th.


Mudvayne is making history by offering their die hard fans the opportunity to participate in writing their biography on Friendster. Starting on October 5th, fans will be able to visit www.friendster.com/Mudvayne to submit their “official biography” incorporating relevant information such as general band information, career history, discography, and anything else that fans think the rest of the world should know about Mudvayne. The band will select their favorite submission and it will be included in the liner notes of By The People, For The People. This promotion is part of a series of initiatives whereby fans have been afforded the opportunity to help produce content surrounding Mudvayne’s new album. The band is also working with Sodahead.com where fans can select the track listing, submit fan-generated album artwork, and participate in creating the video for first single, “Dull Boy” which makes its radio debut in early October.


“We are excited to work with Mudvayne to help them produce content for the new album, and to grow their fan base online,” said Jeff Roberto, marketing director at Friendster. “Mudvayne is demonstrating how powerful the Friendster network can be in promoting an artist and building buzz before an album is even released.”  “It’s cool to go to other places besides myspace,” said Mudvayne lead singer Chad Gray.  By The People, For The People affords Mudvayne a chance to give back to their loyal fans that have stood by them throughout their entire career, one that exploded in 2000 with the release of the MTV2-award winning video, “Dig.” This album spotlights the disruption of traditional media and the band’s desire to further connect with their fans.  “We’re not ignoring our myspace fan-base, however, this is an opportunity for us to lay deeper roots into the Friendster community and engage new and current Mudvayne fans.”


Every Mudvayne studio album has received gold certification including Mudvayne’s last release, 2005’s “Lost And Found,” which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and generated the hit single, “Happy?” which skyrocketed to take the #1 spot at radio and remained there for an incredible 10 weeks.  Mudvayne has sold over 4.5 million units worldwide, resulting in an incredible 6 gold-certified releases. In addition, the band was also nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 2005 Grammy’s.

Source: www.adrenalinepr.com



Foreigner Hits Double Platinum with “The Very Best… And Beyond” Collection


Legendary rock group Foreigner recently had their iconic hits collection The Very Best… And Beyond certified double platinum by the RIAA. The album features nine Top 10 hits and is a fixture on the Billboard Top Catalog chart, where it has spent the last month in the Top 25. Rhino Entertainment recently presented a platinum plaque to commemorate the achievement to Foreigner founder and heralded producer Mick Jones at the Chateau Marmont when the band was in town for a tour stop.


Pictured in the attached photo are (L to R): Foreigner manager Phil Carson, Foreigner vocalist Kelly Hansen, Jones, Rhino Executive Vice President and General Manager Kevin Gore, and Rhino Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Custom Product and Sync Licensing Mark Pinkus.


“There seems to be a little magic in the air and a lot of fresh excitement being generated by our live performances,” says Jones. “I think we are back in the running and gaining great support from our fans. 2008 will be a big year for us.”


“Foreigner is a perennial best seller for Rhino,” says Gore. “The fact that The Very Best Of remains near the top of the catalog charts in 2007 demonstrates how the band’s music continues to connect with a new generation of fans.”


Foreigner is one of the most successful artists in the history of Atlantic Records and is second only to Led Zeppelin in worldwide sales for artists currently distributed by Atlantic. On November 26, Foreigner will perform at London’s O2 Arena for a tribute concert honoring the late Ahmet Ertegun, the visionary founder of Atlantic. Foreigner drummer Jason Bonham will play drums with the reunited Led Zeppelin at this historic event, filling the role his father, the late John Bonham, held in the band’s original lineup.

Source: Albright Entertainment



Classic Rock Legends Wishbone Ash Celebrate Release of New CD/DVD With World Tour


When the lights go up, the hum of the endless road is lost to the unmistakable strains of those twin-lead guitars and the cheers of the crowd, symbiotic exchanges between band and audience that spark each and every night and make everything worthwhile. Life on the road has seduced Andy Powell and Wishbone Ash for 38 years. During the next six months, the band will tour intensely to promote two new releases: The Power of Eternity, a studio recording featuring the current lineup; and a DVD and double-live CD soundtrack, Wishbone Ash Live in Hamburg, recorded this year at Germany’s famed club, The Fabrik.


Dubbed the “Eternity Tour,” it will bring the band to many familiar stomping grounds in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. More than 100 dates are scheduled, providing plenty of opportunities to catch the latest incarnation of Wishbone Ash, which adds drummer Joe Crabtree to the established lineup of twin axemen Andy Powell and Muddy Manninen and bassist Bob Skeat.


Beginning in October, the Eternity Tour will deliver performances chock-full of current and future classics, including tracks from The Power of Eternity, to be released on Talking Elephant Records on October 4 and worldwide through Sanctuary Records on November 13.


Wishbone Ash Live in Hamburg is the band’s ultimate video performance to date. The DVD clocks in at more than two hours of concert performance, plus an extensive interview with founding member Andy Powell joined by Muddy Manninen. Come November 3, the annual Wishbone Ash U.K. fan convention will be held in Chesterfield, once again giving fans a unique chance to interact with the band and each other while enjoying great live music.


Formed in October 1969, Wishbone Ash was gigging by 1970. The band garnered notice in the early days for a unique blend of blues, jazz and English folk. But it was the way the guitars played melodic leads together that would become Wishbone Ash’s trademark, inspiring such bands as Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden. Throughout the years, many notable musicians have contributed their talents to the band, including Asia’s John Wetton, Trevor Bolder from David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars and Uriah Heep, and Laurie Wisefield, who would later play guitar for Joe Cocker and Tina Turner.


Wishbone Ash has released nearly 40 albums and six DVDs, performed on five continents, and received worldwide acclaim. The band regularly plays more than 150 shows a year, delivering the goods to an ever-growing number of appreciative fans of all ages.


Explore the band’s web site, www.wishboneash.com, for up-to-date tour information, sound and video samples, complete discography and much more.

Source: Glass Onyon PR








30 years since they became one of the ‘70s leading hard rock bands on the strength of such classics as “Fool for the City” and “Slow Ride,” Foghat is still rocking, rolling, and touring hard, as evidenced by their recent release, ‘Live II’ (the long-awaited follow-up to 1977’s double platinum-certified ‘Live’). And now, the group is inviting fans to use their creativity and imagination, as part of the ‘I’m A Fool For Foghat Live II’ contest, presented by Classic Rock Revisited.


Keeping in step with modern technology, the contest is interactive – you get to be the star of your own video! Just do your best to sing, play, dance or make an MTV style video of a song  from Foghat’s “Live II,” and once you are done making your video send the URL to the band in the form located at www.classicrockrevisited.com/giveaways/Foghat2.htm

Then wait and see if you make the Top 5 and win one of the following prizes:


Grand Prize:

A Winner & Guest will get to hang out with Foghat and the crew for a day at a Foghat gig. Transportation (from a US City), hotel and meals are all included. A parent or guardian must accompany winners under 18.

See rules for details.


First Runner Up:

The Second Place Video will receive an electric guitar autographed by Foghat, an autographed Foghat ‘Live II’ poster and an autographed CD of Foghat ‘Live II’


3 Runners Up:

Just for coming in 3rd, 4th or 5th you will get an autographed copy of Foghat “Live II”  and an autographed Foghat “Live II” poster.


If you don’t already own Foghat ‘Live II’  then boogie on down to amazon.com,  FYE.com, www.foghat.net or your favorite retailer to purchase the CD. You can also download individual tracks from Groove Junction One, or your favorite download site. Upload your video to YouTube, Google Video or even your own Website – just be sure to email the URL in the form at the URL listed above.


Remember ONLY versions of these Foghat classics from the new Foghat ‘Live II’ will be accepted. Be creative, be silly or be serious – just don’t be X-Rated! Foghat will view your video themselves.  The Top 20 videos selected by the band will be presented at ClassicRockRevisited.com and Foghat.net. 


Foghat fans from around the world will  pick the 5 winners out of the top 20, So what are you waiting for? Get rocking and filming! Deadline for submissions is January 3rd, 2008.


For more information, visit the following sites:






Source: www.chipsterpr.com


Preview the entire Cult album at AOL













Source: www.roadrunnerrecords.ca