Terry Ilous – Here and Gone

Terry Ilous

Here and Gone

2007, FYCO Records

Rating: 4/5

A compilation of sorts from XYZ frontman Terry Ilous. This disc showcases some of his XYZ work as well as some of his solo years. The vast majority of these are rarities and never heard before tracks. Songs like “Inside Out” from the debut XYZ album is performed here acoustically which is a welcomed treat. Another treat from the XYZ era is the live version of “Maggie” which captures the warmth and essence of the live show. The big surprise on the CD is his rendition of Foreigner’s “Waiting For A Girl Like You”. Being a fan of Foreigner and not one for cover versions this really impressed me. Terry just nailed it and added some more feeling and soul to the already perfect original. Another interesting track is his version of the traditional Xmas tune “Silent Night” which is sure to get many plays the next holiday season.

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A great collection of songs that showcase Terry’s fantastic and unique voice. The past, present and future of his musical endeavors are something that cannot be ignored and should be investigated.