Robin Beck – Livin On A Dream

Robin Beck
Livin On A Dream
2007,Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 4/5

It’s time for Robin Beck to follow up her 2004 studio album DO YOU MISS ME with this brand new item. If you want to read more about Robin Beck’s last album check out the main page at Metal-Rules.

Robin Beck usually uses other songwriters and composers for her albums, but since the fans wanted her to write her own material this time she has. Other little helpers she had working for her this time are Jeff Kent, Tommy Denander, Chris Pelcer, and of course her husband James Christian. 

Beck’s seventh solo album is all about faster melodic hard rock with a lot of emotion and feeling that sometimes borders on melodic rock. It’s a minor change of course for Beck if you compare this album to her previous one. This one is much faster and edgier and the guitars have a more definite and heavier part in the production. The use of keyboards has been narrowed down and even if it’s still there it’s not as distinctive as before. Robin Beck still has her amazing voice and she sounds just as good as she did back in the 80’s, if not better. The songs and the sound fit Beck perfectly and it seems like she had a blast recording it. The album includes a perfect mix of both faster and slower songs as well as a mix of melodic hard rock and rock. LIVIN ON A DREAM is an album that leaves nothing to the imagination.

There is one thing that drags down my smile a bit, and that is the love theme that she still insists on writing about. Luckily those songs don’t overpower the faster and stronger songs like “Livin’ on a Dream”, “Nothing’s Gonna Change Your World”, “Runaway”, “Wrapped around Your Finger”, “Magic”, and “Love Lies”. Other great songs are “Show Me the Way”, “Seventeen Forever”, “Always”, and “I Can’t Walk the Line”. “Till The Last Drop Falls” is a duet between Beck and Christian and it sure is an 80’s love-seeking ballad. It could have fit into a Disney movie straight up. Their voices fit together perfectly and it’s probably the strongest ballad on the album.

There’s actually nothing to argue about when it comes to this album. Both older and newer fans are gonna like this and I think that Beck has turned up her ambition a notch. This album is a perfect melodic hard rock/rock album with really strong songs, catchy choruses, and great music. The only negative things are the constant love theme and the cheap cover with Beck looking like a leftover from the backside of the 80’s. Besides that, the album is a smash-hit and it’s gonna be hard for Beck to top this one.

Robin Beck – lead vocals
Jimi Bell – guitar
William Zampa – drums
James Christian – bass, keyboards, b-vox

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Livin On A Dream
Show Me The Way
Love Me Like A Man
Nothing’s Gonna Change Your World
Seventeen Forever
Can’t Get Enough Of Your Heart
Wrapped Around Your Finger
I Can’t Walk The Line
Till The Last Drop Falls
Love Lies