David Readman

David Readman
2007,Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 3/5


David Readman is normally the lead singer in the German act Pink Cream 69, but now he’s releasing his first solo album that he longed to do for several years. The songwriting began last year but was delayed due to the recording of the Pink Cream 69 album IN10SITY. A bunch of musicians and songwriters from acts like Eden’s Curse, Elegy, Silent Fore, Vanden Plas, as well as Pink Cream 69 helped out.

Musically I had wish that Readman had tried something outside the frames of what PC 69 plays because there’s no big difference between his material and PC 69’s. There’re also influences from funk/soul which makes the music very similar to what the band Talisman played. The major difference between PC 69 and Readman’s solo album is that he sounds much stronger, has a broader vocal range, and has more energy on this album then on any of the PC 69 CDs. Besides the lyrics – which once again are about love – there’s nothing to remark upon. The music is well played, the chorus is catchy and easy to remember, and overall this album has a good variation of melodic hard rock.
PC 69 member Dennis Ward produced the album and just as always when Ward is involved in a production the outcome sounds both solid and heavy. This album is no exception to that rule.

It’s easier to point out the songs that don’t make it in my book, and they are few. Five songs are up-tempo ballads that bring down the tempo and energy and to be honest they don’t add anything special to the album at all. Besides the ballads, the rest of the songs are really good and you should focus on them instead of the ballads. If Readman gets his material a little more even I think he’s got great chances of having a solo career in the future, but as it is now there are too many rough edges. This is an album for Pink Cream 69 fans or fans of well-played melodic hard rock and it’s gonna be exciting to hear from David Readman in the future.

David Readman – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Paul Logue – bass
Alex Beyrodt – guitar
Gerald Sänger – guitar
Tommy Denander – guitar
Uwe Reitenauer – guitar
Eric Ragno – keyboards
Gunter Verno – keyboards
Dirk Bruinenberg – drums
Chris Schmidt – drums

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1. Without You
2. Evil Combination
3. Take These Tears
4. Don’t Let It Slip Away
5. No Peace For the Wicked
6. Long Way To Heaven
7. Wild In the City
8. Gentle Touch
9. Prisoner Of Shame
10. New Messiah
11. Over The Ocean
12. Love In Vain