Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind
Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Released 2007
Rating: 2/5

This is another album released by a project and not a band. Frontiers Records sure seems to be keen to release albums by projects. The mainman behind this project is Fred Hendrix from Terra Nova. He started out his search by looking for new talent all around the world and after a lot of searching, he found his project members in Anita and Esther.

Anita has been a member in Night Shade and Fast Forward and Esther has played with various cover acts back in The Netherlands. Hendrix decided to work with them and the music ought to be in the vein of Boston meets Heart style. Hendrix has also produced the album and the focus is set on bringing forward the lead vocals and keyboards. Guitar has been put in second place and the production sounds pretty great I think.

The album is 50 minutes which feels a little too long. The material feels a bit uneven where the first half of the album is much stronger compared to the second half. The album shines the most with songs like “Light In The Dark” and “Give Me A Reason” which are both melodic rock songs with lead vocals and keyboard in the centre. Both Anita and Esther sing lead vocals and both their voices fit great with the music. “The Longest Night”, “Little By Little” and “Heaven Can Wait” are faster songs where guitars have a bigger part in the musical landscape.

Even if the album has its moments, it does not last in the long run. It is too soft and mellow for my taste and is, unfortunately, one of the more standard albums released by this label. I believe that this album is going to drown in a flood of releases because it does not have anything that sticks out.

Esther Bronns – lead vocals
Anita Craenmehr – lead vocals
Ron Hendrix – keyboards
Gesuino Derosas – guitar
Hans in ‘t Zandt – drums
Fred Hendrix – bass

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Light In The Dark
The Longest Night
Little By Little
Give Me A Reason
Heaven Can Wait
Into The Fire
In Your Arms
Whole Again
To The Top
I Die A Little More Everyday