The Poodles – Seven Seas CDS

The Poodles
Seven Seas – CDS

2007, Lionheart International
Rating: 2.5/5

This CDS contains the song “Seven Seas” in two different versions, one ordinary version and ones singback version. And as a guest have the band has no other than the very well known Swedish actor Peter Stormare who contributes with a few lines on the song.

When I reviewed the bands debut album I searched for a little less pop-influences which is what the debut have quite a lot of. And yes, SEVEN SEAS leans a lot more towards the melodic hardrock scene which only benefits the band a great deal. The tempo is higher and the band has also gained a little meaner soundpicture where guitarist Norgren plays a lot sharper and edgier guitar play.  The song is written by singer Jacob Samuel and his partner in crime from his old band Jonas Reingold (The Flower kings, The Tangent, Midnight sun etc) together with Peter Stormare and the song reminds me instantly about their previous single “Metal Will Stand Tall”.

I don’t think that this song is a good single, it takes a while before the song sticks and it’s not as strong as I had hoped for. And why release a singback version of the same song as second track; it’s much funnier to have a new song or an older unreleased track. I have listened to the song a number of times now and I still cannot remember the lyrics even though the song has quite a lot of it. It is going to be very interesting to hear The Poodles new album. I know they can do a lot better than this and hopefully that will show on album.

Jacob Samuel – lead vocals
Pontus Norgren – guitar, b-vox
Kicken – drums
Pontus Egberg – bass, b-vox

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Seven Seas
Seven Seas (singback)