Mad Max – White Sands

Mad Max
White Sands

2007, AOR Heaven/Border Music
Rating: 2/5

This is Mad Max second album and the members come from acts like Silver, Casanova and Jaded Heart and Mad Max is something as unusual as a Christian band. The music played by Mad Max is soft melodic hardrock that borders close to being melodic rock. The 80’s feeling stays with me the entire album and even though there’s no use of keyboards the guitars are very melodic. Think Bon Jovi during the mid-80 and then you pretty much know how Mad Max sounds.

I haven’t got any lyrics which is pretty bad because this time I really wanted to have read the lyrics in order to see if the Christian message plays a big part. But as it is now with no lyrics in my hand I don’t have any problem with any message what so ever. What I do have a problem with are the performances. Sure the guys know what to do etc with their instruments but hey, they don’t have anything that makes them stick out. They sound as any other act within this genre. It’s not bad in anyway but it’s too damn anonymous, when you take out the album from your stereo you don’t have any idea on what you just heard. I promise you that you are going to forget everything when you push stop. Another major issue and mistake is that every song goes in the same tempo. The only song that I can remember and that with a nice looking video actually could have a chance is the power ballad “Heaven Is…” that sounds really good. 

Sorry, Mad Max, this isn’t anything I’m going to run out and buy but hopefully you will if you’re a fan of either Mad Max or Christian melodic hardrock.

Michael Voss – lead vocals, guitar
Roland Bergmann – bass
Jurgen Breforth – guitar
Axel Kruse – drums

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