< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Daydreamer
2007, Escape Music/Zink Music
Rating: 2.0/5

Daydreamer is a debuting Swiss act that consists of 5 members that play melodic progressive heavier rock with numerous tempo changes and different variations. Even though the album is varied and the music never has dull moments, the album feels a little too long at 60 minutes. The bands major problem is their undecided music style. It sounds like they have a hard time trying to figure out their own music style. They have to figure out whether they want to play heavy guitar based progressive rock or melodic hardrock.

A few tracks that kept up my interest were “I am F…”, “Guardian Angel”, “Paralyzed”, “You Better Run” and “Glass Prison”. Those are of the harder kind and sound pretty OK, the tempo is fast and the guitar play is awesome. Daydreamer has featured three boring ballads where at least one of them could have been excluded from the start. Something that speaks for the band is the production that feels solid and strong.

This self titled album feels a little too shattered for my taste but it may be something that appeals to melodic progressive heavier rock fans. The album has it moments but it is way to far in between them.

Boris de Rocke – drums
Jean-Marc Viller – lead vocals
Peter Berger – guitar
Alain Schwaller – bass
Biagio Aeberhard – keyboards

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I Am F…
Guardian Angel
Secret Desire
Hand In Hand
You Better Run
I Won’t Follow You
Glass Prison
Slaves Of Your Fantasy