Tuska Open Air 2007 – Helsinki, Finland

SATURDAY 30.6.2007

Misery Index

Misery Index terrorized the Finnish ground when opening up for Fear Factory last year. They definitely gained a lot of fans on the tour for sure. At least a great deal of people had arrived to check out Misery Index being the first band on the main stage. The four piece unleashed one hell of cacophonic maelstorm and delivered the ass whipping and kicking set. The frontman appears to be thrilled about Finland, trying to speak Finnish between songs and of course the crowd appreciated that. However Misery Index was a real pleasant and suitable band for the Tuska bill to kick the day off. The four piece sounded and was nothing but perseverance in grinding brutally. Come back soon… (Arto)


Before the Dawn

Before The Dawn is one of those bands which should have more attention as their melodic songs are extremely catchy. At Tuska the band delivered a good deal of melancholic metal by giving both the old and new stuff. The vocal duties were equally shared between the guitarist and the bassist who mostly handled all the clean parts. The four piece did a solid gig with the obvious routine grip. Apparently the whole audience were willing to hear their Pantera cover ?Walk? together with the Finnish idol judge, but it didn?t happen after all. (Arto)



The Swedish industrial dance or whatever metal group led by Peter T䧴ren got on the stage next. The line-up had undergone some changes as the previous female members had been moved aside and replaced by Andre Skaugh from ClawFinger and Michael Bohlin from 8th Sin. T䧴ren with the hired guns offered a real hit assault of PAIN from the beginning to the end such as ?End Of The Line?, ?On And On? ?Same Old Song?  and of course the Beatles cover ?Eleanor Rigby?. The 60 minute set was conclude by the biggest PAIN hit tune called ?Shut Your Mouth?. Obviously dance maniacs got what they expected from Pain. (Arto)


The band started alright at the Radio Rock stage, but what the f**k – where was the group’s ladies? Although the fact is that the new line-up played tighter than the last one. Peter T䧴gren’s techno metal just was not exactly my cup of tea but all the souls around me dug it. The air was filled by summer hits like “Same Old Song”, “Shut Your Mout”h and The Beatles cover “Eleanor Rigby”. (Mika)



Woah…!! The national EuroVision song competitors Thunderstone making their second official visit to Tuska.  Well it feels like Thunderstone never manages to get rid of of the curse of the smaller stage. Even though the band got the free media exposure in the media during the last spring, they could have played on the main stage. But on the other hand being on the smaller stage guarantees more intense atmosphere and feeling on the stage.

The band rampaged with the rage and passion as it can seen in the pictures. The Thunderstoners mostly focused on playing the material off the latest fourth effort EVOLUTION 4.0. Of course the so-called Eurovision song contest hit song ?Forevermore? and the radiosong ?Face In The Mirror? were for obvious reasons a part of the 60 minute set.

The band?s leader Nino banged his head with such passionate rage that drops of sweat were flying all around. Bassist Titus molested his bass and spun his hairmop. Vocalist Pasi Rantanen handled the vocal duties professionally without any bigger problems until the guitarist faced some technical problems and bassist was forced to make up something clever to say.

Thunderstone is an asskicking live band for sure, if some of you get a chance to see then, don?t miss? Rick this belongs to you, too!! (Arto)




W.A.S.P. definitely presented the old school traditional metal from the golden 80?s era. As usual Blackie and the company offered a great bunch of classic songs from the 80?s albums such as ?On The Knees?, ?Wild Child?. But the whole show went a little bit downhill when a couple of softer songs got played, like ?The Idol? and the one and only new song titled ?Take Us High? off the latest DOMINATOR album.

Blackie?s voice sounded in good form and the rest of the band handled the festival gig with an almost routine grip. But the set was delayed for about ten minutes and all in all Blackie with the backing band spent about 35 – 40 minutes of 60 minutes on the stage and left. What a bummer indeed. It is hard to say if Blackie has that much motivation left nowadays to getting on the stage nowadays to show his real wild child mood. The band has booked some European dates again, but judging by the Tuska appearance any bigger unexpected changes can be expected to happen for the setlist for sure.

Apparently Blackie hasn?t realized that getting older could happen in a more sophisticated style and way, as wearing the ancient extreme spandex is definitely outdated. A man being at the age of 50 and more could check out how stylish and sophisticated the other legends of his age look and are on the stage. They don?t wear pants which are so tight that the seat is swallowed by the big fat ass. (Arto)


On Your Knees / Inside the Electric Circus / Hate to Love Me
L.O.V.E. Machine
Wild Child
Take Me up
The Idol
I Wanna Be Somebody
Blind in Texas




Legion of the Damned

Getting Holland?s deathrash troopers, Legion of the fucking Damned, booked to Tuska?s bill this year, was obviously one of those reasons for a bunch of metalheads that made them to buy their tickets at least for Saturday (yes, I do know also bands like Emperor and W.A.S.P. amongst others were on the menu at that day, too). The band started out under the Occult moniker, but changed their name to the current band name in 2005. Both of the band?s two albums, MALEVOLENT RAPTURE and their latest one, SONS OF THE JACKAL, have been really well received by the fans all around the world, so it?s no wonder why the organizers of Tuska wanted to get them to play at Tuska 2007, too.


Legion of the Damned kicked off their set with the two songs from their latest offering, SONS OF THE JACKAL. The album?s title track and “Undead Stillborn” hit the audience really well – and the killing was just about to start. The next four songs were catapulted from the band?s totally mind-blowing debut album MALEVOLENT RAPTURE, which is the better album out of the two L.o.D. albums they have made thus far – at least a bit more thrashier and more wicked sounding than the band?s 2nd muscle of vicious deathrashing power, SONS OF THE JACKAL. By the end of half their set, the crowd was already fully on fire – showing their undivided support towards the band enthusiastically; screaming like a bunch of hungry werewolves while headbanging and showing their devil?s horns towards the direction of their heroes as best they could. It was a real pleasure to follow the band raising such a whirlwind of flesh storm amongst the audience, making Tuska?s metallic feast look like as it?s supposed to look: a party of sweaty and furious animals that were going crazy because their masters on the stage tempted them to do so. For some sort of a record, these long-haired brutal Dutch thrashers not only managed to make our hair look messy, but they also managed to incite the whole crowd to move and make strange noises mindlessly, as if a destructive car bomb was about to go off in the vicinity. Luckily nothing like that happened; it was just these Dutch sons of the jackal Legion of the Damned that made their unforgettable debut visit to the Tuska festival, ha! (Luxi) 

Son of the Jackal
Undead Stillborn
Death’s Head March
Into the Eye of the Storm 
Bleed for Me
Werewolf Corpse
Infernal Wrath
Malevolent Rapture
Legion of the Damned




The headliners of the Saturday?s metallic event at Tuska, were the mighty Emperor from Norway. Emperor also had to be one of the most anxiously waited bands at Tuska this year, according to the sea of Emperor shirts that many were proudly wearing at the venue. Tuska?s show was the last one out of the 5 exclusive shows Emperor has done during this year; 3 on the US soil, Hellfest in France and now this – their 2nd appearance in Finland.

Before Emperor appeared on the main stage, thousands of people had already packed themselves in front of the stage – everyone trying to find a free spot from the tightly packed ground for him/herself, just to make sure they could have as clear a view of the stage as possible.


The Emperor show started off with a medley of the first three songs from the band?s probably most classic album, IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE. Slices from “Into the Infinity of Thoughts”, “The Burning Shadows of Silence” and “Cosmic Keys to My Creation & Times” were somewhat cleverly arranged to one song, only introducing and welcoming the first full Emperor song “Thus Spoke the Nightspirit” next. The band was glowing its elegant, satanic charisma – Ihsahn, Samoth and Trym ?dropping bombs? one after another after that (“Curse Ya All Men!”, “Majesty of the Nightsky”, “Loss And Curse of Reverence”, “I Am the Black Wizards”, etc. – you name them!) – somehow expressionlessly, but yet still very convincingly. From every aspect, Emperor clearly proved by their perfectly performed, awe-inspiring show why they are the uncrowned emperors of the whole Black Metal horde. There?s something truly magical in this band?s live presence that you really cannot put your finger on it and explain clearly enough to someone what it is actually. Either way, it could be stated Emperor absolutely did rise to our highest expectations we had of them in advance. I, for one, can sincerely claim that Emperor?s show was one of the most convincing and finest appearances in the entire history of the Tuska festival – Dio, Testament and probably Accept offering strongest challanges for that spot. Emperor may not return ever again, but memories like this will certainly live forever… (Luxi)


Into The Infinity/Burning Shadows/Cosmic Keys medley
Thus Spoke the Nightspirit
An Elegy of Icaros
Curse You All Men!
With Strength I Burn
The Majesty of Nightsky
Loss & Curse of Reverence
In the Wordless Chamber
Inno a Satana
I am the Black Wizards
Ye Entrancemperium


 Virgin Oil Restaurant (After Show gig)

Domination Black

There were many places booked for bands for all these Tuska after-show parties that were held around the city after the last band finished their set on the main venue of Tuska. There?s a relatively big restaurant called Virgin Oil, located in downtown Helsinki that was reserved for only metal acts for the 3 nights duration of the Tuska festival. On Saturday 30th there was also this dark sounding thrashy heavy metal band Domination Black playing, so I made my choice pretty quickly and navigated my way there after the Emperor show, together with my sweet girlfriend.


When we arrived to the place, a 2-man grindcore band, Cause for Effect were luckily already finishing their own set. Even if it seemed the band enjoyed the crowd?s attention the best they could, Cause for Effect sounded absolutely horrendous! I simply couldn?t get into their shit a bit. Sorry guys! Having enough time to drink a couple of beers before Domination Black crawled on the stage from the shadows, it was good to see that so many people had gathered to follow the band?s performance. Right after a somewhat spooky sounding intro, Domination Black started to churn out a cavalcade of nicely collected songs off both the two albums they have recorded thus far (FEARBRINGER, released in 2005, and DARK LEGACY, released in 2006). If I remember correctly, songs like “Ultra-Speed Destructor”, “The Psycho” and “Traitor Within” came from FEARBRINGER, and “Scavenger of Evil”, “Dark Water Dreams” and “Ghost of the Nightfall” were played off the band?s excellent 2nd album DARK LEGACY. Domination Black had also one extra ace in their sleeve. Namely they played a brand-new song, titled “House of 1000 Eyes” that may possibly appear on the band?s forthcoming EP. The song sounded very catchy, melodic and less heavy than most of their standard stuff. It could be even said “House of 1000 Eyes” is their most radio-friendly, a bit ballads-y type of song they have ever composed during their whole career. However, the bottomline is the song sounded damn good – and that?s all that matters really. This time Domination Black only concentrated on playing songs off their own reportaire at Virgin Oil. They have previously covered bands like Kiss, Dio, Priest and W.A.S.P. at least in their earlier gigs they have done, but probably due to a limited time schedule to pull the set through, none of the cover songs were heard from them this time.

Another very convincing and strong live show from these Finnish men in black. Domination Black has not yet failed to impress me. Be sure to check them out if they hit near by your house. (Luxi)  



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