Marco Mendoza – Live For Tomorrow

Reviewed: August 2007
Released: 2007, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

What have artists like Ted Nugent, The Cranberries, Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder, Steve Lukather and Whitesnake have in common? Well, Marco Mendoza. He has played with all of the above mentioned acts and names as well as with many many others. However this is Mendoza’s first solo album. It was written during 2006 and Mendoza is helped by Ritchie Kotzen in both the vocal, guitar and producer area. Other well known names that guests on the album are Doug Aldrich, Tommy Aldridge, Steve Lukather, Ted Nugent and Brian Tichy.

It’s a known fact that Mendoza is a bass genius but here he manages to surprises me even more than before. With this well played melodic hardrock album he dazzles even more. Kotzen on guitar and Mendoza accomplish each other perfect and there’s no doubt about that the guys had real fun when they recorded this album.

The big question is why hasn’t Mendoza released solo albums before this one? It is almost impossible to pick any particular favorite track because each and every one of the songs is a minor masterpieces. The production is brilliant and tops with Mendoza’s and Kotzen’s vocals and play.

This album is a great way of discover the great talent of Mendoza’s bass play, now it’s his time to shine and you can believe he do shine. It’s also an album for every fan of melodic hardrock influenced by a little bit of blues/soul. It’s a really strong debut with a lot of small but important details that you’ll discover the more you listen to it. This is a brilliant and strong release from Frontiers Records again.


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Track Listing:
Not For Me
Live For Tomorrow
Lettin’ Go
Look Out For The Boys
I Want You
Your Touch
Let The Sun Shine
You Got Me
In My Face
Still In Me
Dance With Me

Marco Mendoza – bass, lead vocals
Ritchie Kotzen – guitar, lead vocals

Special Guests
Steve Lukather – lead guitar on Live For Tomorrow
Ted Nugent – lead guitar on You Got Me
Doug Aldrich – lead guitar on Your Touch
Tommy Aldridge – drums on In My Face and Broken
Brian Tichy – drums on Lettin’ Go, I Want You, Still In Me
Steve Wiengart – keyboards on Still In Me, Dance With Me