United Enemies – All The Sick Things We Do

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All The Sick Things We Do

2007, Swedmetal Records

Rating: 4.0/5

This album has been ready for a long time but hasn’t been released until now because band leader Andy Pierce has been busy with his main gig, the recently reunited Nasty Idols. The band released an EP back in 2004 called LOVE KILLS and is reviewed on the main page and not in the LGR section if anyone wants to read more about it. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


That EP sure impressed me and so does this album. The music is still the same mix of punk rock mixed with both sleaze hardrock and rock ‘n’ roll. Musical similarities can be find with acts like Hanoi Rocks, Guns N Roses and Nasty Idols. It’s dirty, sweaty, high energy music that flows out of the speakers. All of the members are great at what they do. Singer Pierce may not be the best singer in history and his limited vocal range can sometimes be a little monotonous but that is compensated by the amazing guitar play delivered by the phenomenal Mats Jeppsson.


The main songwriter is Andy Pierce and he has written most of the material, in few tracks he’s gotten help from his bandmate in Nasty Idols Dick Qwarfort and also Rainier Holmgren is involved in a few songs. There’s also a cover, “Hell-a-vision” featured originally made by a Swedish band called Wilmer X. Most of the material feels solid and strong and the only thing that bothers me is that all 4 of the tracks on the EP are featured on the album. It’s more fun to get un-released or exclusive songs on an EP. It would had been ok if the first song from the EP “Love Kills” was featured here but not all of them. The song “The Misfits” has now changed name to “Misfits Of The Year” on the album and the lyrics has also been changed, but it’s still the same song. Singer Pierce has an amazing ability to write songs that are simple but catchy. I think that many song writers would like to have the same ability as he has when it comes to write songs. If you look at the titles you can see that the songs are typical Pierce songs about several of his favorite subjects. Besides the very strong songs from the EP the album includes golden picks like “I Don’t Wanna Change”, “No Hero”, “Son Of The Damned” and “Vicious Thing”. The only weak song is in fact the cover song; it doesn’t impress at all and could have been excluded from the beginning.


United Enemies sure lives up to my expectations with ALL THE SICK THINGS WE DO, the album is a brilliant example of how this music ought to sound and be played. Maybe its simple music but it doesn’t matter when it’s as fun, dirty sweaty and fun like this.



Andy Pierce – lead vocals

Jeppsson – guitar

Ricci Dahl – drums

Skoen – bass


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Dead Boy

I Don’t Wanna Change

No Hero

Love Kills

Misfits Of The Year



Vicious Thing

Son Of The Damned

New Drug

Living Dead