Buckcherry – June 28th, Bay Roberts, NL



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June 28th, 2007

Bay Roberts, NL

The day began with a 4 hour drive to the outdoor show. Once I arrived a couple of the openers had already begun. Upon reaching the gate there was a problem with my access which got fixed after about 2 hours. As soon as I got through the gate I was immediately escorted up front to the photo pit. I set up the camera and then within a couple of minutes the show started. There wasn’t a second to spare.

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They immediately ripped into “So Far” from last spring’s 15 album. Josh’s stage presence is great and he really knows how to work a crowd. After this song he proceeded to talk to the ever growing crowd about ‘Home Movies’ and then proceeded into “Porno Star” off of TIME BOMB. It was during their 3rd song that Mother Nature began to rain down on the all day festival. This didn’t deter the fans or the band in the slightest. They performed the songs true to the originals with little variance and Josh’s voice was spot on. The intro to “Crazy Bitch” made the place go nuclear; this was clearly the song everyone knew. The band changed this hit around ever so slightly and added in a few lines from Billy Squier’s “The Stroke” as well as a line or 2 from “Fire” by The Pointer Sisters. This lifted everyone up who were braving the cold and rain to enjoy the show.




















The guitar playing of Stevie and Keith was stellar to say the least. They were just wailing away for most of the performance and really impressed and won over some new fans. Drummer Xavier was not to be outdone by nobody. Being behind the kit he cannot move around BUT he let his presence be known and did some of the best drumming I have ever witnessed. At first when they hit the stage I thought it was Frankie Banalli but upon closer look I realized this was not the case. With hair flying in the wind he just pounded the living crap out of the drums. He was nailing them for all they were worth and the sound was just deep and heavy.



Before the band did their final song of the evening Josh asked the crowd what they wanted to hear. Upon shouts from the audience he proceeds to say “Jack and Diane”??   “Johnny Cougar”??  He then taps his nose and goes “Oh!  You wanna hear the cocaine song?” This got a tremendous response. He then tells a story about a past experience and says he got his motor skills back and then just tears into “Lit Up” off the self titled debut disc. The place went up and people were just loving it.



Their show is one that should definitely not be missed. It was too bad that the weather didn’t cooperate as there would have been a much larger crowd that evening and their 5:10pm slot on the bill that Thursday evening never helped matters. The only negative reaction I heard about their show was that some were not happy with his onstage banter and said it was suitable for the kids in the crowd. To them I say “It’s rock and roll and this is what it is all about.”


Thanks to Dave and Jason at 10th Street and to Dominique at Gillett.