SATAN´S HOST – A Greater Black Magick

Guitarist Patrick “Evil” of SATAN´S HOST
Interview by Luxi Lahtinen


Even if this demonic and notorious incarnation called Satan´s Host – from the majestic mile-high mountains of Colorado, have been around for over 20 years, spreading their satanic message for metal brothers and sisters around the world, only a minority of people have found them. METAL FROM HELL (released on vinyl only in 1986 by now defunct Web Records), being the band´s debut as well as most known album that featured Leviathan Thisires (aka Harry Conklin) from Jag Panzer, was the very album that dragged the band´s name out from the dark catacombs into the daylight for a mass of people. Harry Conklin also sang on the band´s 2nd abum MIDNIGHT WIND, which was unfortunately never released because Web Records went bankrupt. Hence it was no wonder why the album was also bootlegged back in the day. 

The following years, actually the period of 1988-94, Satan´s Host was in a sort of state of self-seclusion where the whole Satan´s Host Grotto was manifesting its magick, having also a new vocalist in the ranks, Eli Elixir replacing Harry Conklin who left the band after the MIDNIGHT WIND (still unreleased) album. The band had already started incorporating from the traditional pre-Power Metal sound they had in the very beginning – toward a much heavier and darker direction at that time, evolving into a Black/Death Metal act that they are nowadays, with very strong satanic themes.

It´s 2007, and I got a chance to talk to Patrick “Evil” (the guitarist in Satan´s Host) nearly about everything between heaven and hell – and especially the band´s latest work, SATANIC GRIMOIRE: A GREATER BLACK MAGICK.


What kind of feedback have you received from your latest output, SATANIC GRIMOIRE, A GREATER BLACK MAGICK thus far?

We have received amazing response from fans and the press. I was rather surprised by the overwhelming demand our work has brought fourth. It makes me very proud to know that so many people who have never heard of Satan’s Host have become fans just for the album SATANIC GRIMOIRE. To all of those fans I send my highest praise for without all of yourselves we would not exist!!

What could you tell about the whole process to get the songs together for this record as well as the recording session itself for SATANIC GRIMOIRE? You worked with this project for a whole year to get it completed? Were there any more painful, or more demanding steps on your way to get this album finalized, and if so what those could have been?

Well, writing the songs for SATANIC GRIMOIRE war a bit more challenging than before because I was not happy with the bass sounds from before and took on the challenge of playing the bass for the album and doing all the guitars and musick. We went through some various frustrations in writing without a bass player. So I had to thicken up my guitar sound to fill in the empty space. Then while recording the album the studio was broken into and our master was stolen so we had to piece together all the songs with the mixes we had just about done we were studying to make the finals. So what you have on the album is live recording without much editing. We would have liked to gone deeper and raised the levels of the lead tracks and bass tracks. But as it turned out the demons behind the band helped keep the final product very raw and real. It does make it easier to play live. Actually it sounds way better to me live and I would have liked to capture more of that on the CD. It is as said when you strive for greatness there are always obstacles you need to overcome such is another chapter in the legacy of Satan’s Host.

What kind of feedback have you received from your latest output, SATANIC GRIMOIRE, A GREATER BLACK MAGICK thus far?

We have received amazing response from fans and the press. I was rather surprised by the overwhelming demand our work has brought fourth. It makes me very proud to know that so many people who have never heard of Satan’s Host have become fans just for the album SATANIC GRIMOIRE. To all of those fans I send my highest praise for without all of yourselves we would not exist!!



What bands or instances could you name as the true inspirations for Satan´s Host both musically and lyrically?

I have been inspired myself by older bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Motörhead. Lyrically we have been inspired more by our studies in the occult that by any bands. Writer such as Lavey, Crowley, Ford and all the great magicians who have walked upon the left hand path as we do.

As for the visual side of the band, it should be clear for anyone that has become aware of you, Satan´s Host´s imago is heavily rooted from the Satanic themes and all things evil – and you guys are very serious about all of this. Could you tell what are those elements in Satanism that you find such appealing and intriguing to yourself personally? No doubts, it´s more than just about music – it´s a way of life style more than anything else for you, correct?

Well, I have been satanic all my life. So when people ask me about the subject it seems rather strange to me anyone would be another way. I hear from people of all types of religion and I know more about there beliefs than they do. I study all religions and know in my heart what I find to be the truth. I think if you choose to be it takes all your blood sweat and tears. Those who want to be shall never be for they walk in the shadows of insecurity and guilt. Walking the left hand path and carrying the torch for others to follow is not a east task or something I have chosen to do. It is something I was born for. I am born of the devil the true dark heart of metal so in my seeds of infamy and hell I do not hold back I do what I know is right and straight from my inner demon from the heart. I do not wish ill harm on others I wish to enlighten them so that one day they may choose to who they are inside.

You have also done a couple of videos, “Burning the Born Again” and “Satanic Magisterium” that both undoubtedly represent very well what Satan´s Host is all about. However, would you tell a bit more detailed way how it was to make those videos and how accurately did the final shooting follow the script that you had planned for these two videos beforehand?

What we tried to do was to capture the dark vibe of the songs in the video. We just came as who we are and then felt the energy together. Within the context of the moment it all started to manifest into reality. The demons came to life and we unleashed the power that Satan’s Host encompass.

There are also some other Death Metal bands that have chosen this more Satanic path for themselves both imago – and music-wise? What´s your sincere and honest thoughts about such bands as Acheron? Equinox? Deicide? Vital Remains? Dark Funeral?

My thoughts of these bands are it is great to know other bands have some of the same thoughts we unveil. Maybe to a different degree than us. But the bottom line is they unleash their energy and feeling like we do. Not everyone studies as hard as ourselves. Yet I know how hard it is to keep the emotions and scrutiny away from the music. It seems that there is more acceptance for the darker styles and that makes myself pleased.



There´s also been a phenomenon called “Christian metal bands” that sing about the power of God and all things related to Christianity. I´m kinda curious to hear what are your thoughts of those type of bands; I mean, bands like Believer, Saint, Saviour Machine, Vengeance Rising and Whitecross?

I think this whole Christian metal movement is pathetic. What is metal about that? For one thing metal stems from rebellion and hatred. Not love and peace. Let´s face it these guys are all weak. I really think it is funny seeing people go to these shows and show the sign of the devil. If those guys want to do that style so be it. But it is hypocrisy. Call it Christian music but not metal. Can you see yourself headbanging to God loves you? That is funny to me. I am sure they say the same about us. Metal is meant to be mean in your face music with a message of strength and power what is powering about Christianity? You fear your god. You blame Satan for everything. These people don’t take responsibility for there own actions. The devil tempts them and they ask god for forgiveness and all is well and field of tulips. It just another way for them to try and take control of weak minds.



Satan´s Host has existed since 1977 – even if with a different line-up and different views what they band should be all about, but for me it´s still quite surprising there seems to be only a handful of people that have really found the band. Could you explain why it is so? Within 30 long years one may wonder you would have built up a relatively bigger following behind the band than you have these days. Have you always wanted to stay more or less as an underground band for what only a small people have got a privilege to sink their teeth into?

To be honest with you it stems from the name Satan’s Host we bring fear to most before they even listen to us. So we don’t care what people think we love to play our music and make true metal regardless. In all the years that have passed we have been the most underground band around not by design. Satan’s Host makes music for the love of metal. We have never tried to be the biggest band in the world. All we try to do is make music we love. Music that can stand the test of time so long after we are gone people will listen and remember and say the guys were the true fathers of metal. So in that we will never change or try to be something were not. We are Satan’s Host a black shadow across the face of the earth with our tails twisted around the throats of the Damned.

Can you tell in which countries do actually you have the best following and can you find any reasons for that what could explain it a little bit?

It seems we have more fans in Europe. I think that in Europe people are more liberated in thought and overall in the way they live their lifes. In America people are force fed all the lies from conservative thinking and religion. People live in fear of god. The American dream is to have you wife your kids your house till the end then Jesus will take you into his house and you will live happily ever after. It sickens me. In our schools they teach lies our government lies. People think we are the greatest country for freedom. It is all lies. They want mindless controllable beings who will do whatever they say here. They blind people with false promises. At least the metal movement is stronger than ever and people are starting to open their eyes more.


METAL FROM HELL, Satan´s Host debut album that was released in 1986 by Web Records (and unfortunately went to bankrupt later on), still remains the band´s most selling album in the entire history of the band, yet it´s the most bootlegged Satan´s Host album to date. Could you name some of the reasons why it has become such a cult metal album amongst the metalheads worldwide? Do you think a great part of it has to do with the fact that album featured Leviathan Disiren (aka Harry Conklin, now in Jag Panzer) who later joined Titan Force as for the vocalist?

Well, at the time no one sounded like METAL FROM HELL and having Harry on vocals helped. The album sold amazingly well and still does. But it is not our biggest selling album so far. SATANIC GRIMOIRE: A GREATER BLACK MAGICK has outsold that album so perhaps in twenty more years what were doing now will do the same. Vinyl has a lot to do with it also.



What has remained a bit unclear to me is that Satan´s Host was supposed to release their 2nd album MIDNIGHT WIND in 1987 through Metal Blade Records, but due to a pocketful of unfortunate circumstances – these being a sum of many things, it was never released. Could you enlighten the readers of what exactly happened during those unfortunate months that eventually led to a temporary split-up of the band?

Well, with Metal Blade they hated the name of the band and wanted us to change the name to just SH. Their owner is a Christian and could never release a band called Satan’s Host at the time. Now if you can sell albums they will release anything. They sign bands like job for a cowboy and others that are safer. I like that band they have a brutal death metal sound but the name give me a break it is ´americanised´ all the way. That is what there is about. I respect them and have no ill feelings for them. They lost out on Satan’s Host. We are on a mission to create the best metal at its purest form and people will know the more exposure we get. In the past we liked being more secluded but now we want to get the music out to as many fans as possible. The metal demands that from us. And that gets me excited and the black flame burning brighter than I can remember!!

Do you have any kind of plans to get MIDNIGHT WIND released officially some day even if it doesn´t represent Satan´s Host either ideologically or musically what the band has become over the years?

Actually that is in the works with all the original artwork and remixed. I don’t have a time frame for that album yet. But it will have a few extra tracks and some videos and live footage. I want the fans to see it as it should have been in the beginning.

As far as I have understood, all your albums are mainly exclusively available through your own webstore, and there´s not that many distributors out there that are carrying your releases on their disto lists. Now feel free to correct me if I´m mistaken…

We did have a deal with Sonicwave Intl and you could get our albums online and some stores. That label never pushed us too hard. But our music is downloadable through Rhapsody and all digital stores. You can even get Satan’s Host ring tones for your cell phones.

You have also done a couple of videos; videos for such songs as “Burning the Born Again” and “Satanic Magisterium”. What could you tell more about those two videos for the readers of Are you happy with the outcome of both of them how they turned out eventually?

Those videos are great because they are so raw. What I want to do next is to do a video in Vatican square. Then you could really see what Satan’s Host is all about.



Talking about your new material a bit, have you guys been able to make any new stuff since you finished the sessions for SATANIC GRIMOIRE and what would you tell about this new material how it can be compared to your previous album, SATANIC GRIMOIRE?

We are currently finishing the new album to be released on Moribund Records worldwide. It is titled THE GREAT AMERICAN SCAPE GOAT 666. It will be out the first quarter of 2008 worldwide. We are very excited about this album and our unholy alliance with Moribund. I think that will get our music into more hands of the fans.

When will Satan´s Host start its unholy crusade on the European soil? Do you have any interest to play for your European fans at all?

Next year we will be playing overseas in 2008.

What kind of connections do you exactly have to some of the European gig organizers, club owners and such things?

With Moribund it makes it very easy to go overseas. And we are pushing for that. Satan’s Host worldwide tour in 2008. Hail Satan!!

I´m also curious to know what´s your take on the Norwegian Black Metal scene, both past and present?

Well, I think it helped Black Metal get the exposure worldwide and has become a legend. To me it is hard to voice an opinion because I don’t know what the truth of all that happened. I am sure the men involved know the truth. It just tells me that the mistakes they made or not will never happen with us we will let our music carry us through! And when I get screwed around by people their death is just a curse away lighting strikes 666.

What are your personal hopes or goals for this year as far as anything related to Satan´s Host is concerned?

This year all we have been doing is writing the new album. We are not doing any shows. All our black hearts are directed at greatness. So in the next few years people won’t wonder about Satan’s Host we will be a household name. We shall not rest. I personally have put everything I have into writing the new album. No cards left on the table. I have experimented a lot on this album going to places we have never been before. It is exciting for us at this time working with Moribund. We have others who believe such as ourselves and they are giving us the freedom to do what we want. That has been what has held us back for many years. Others want to tell us what to do. Satan’s Host shall be as a mighty hammering of a thunderous wrath.

I think time has come to thank you Patrick “Evil” for all of your hard efforts to get this interview done and may your path be successful and rewarding to you in the future. Thanks to you again – and if you have any final words to conclude this interview session, then spit them out as the rest of the space is saved for you for that purpose… ;o)

Look for all of our albums on Moribund Records! They are re-issueing the back catalogue and there are new Satan’s Host shirts available on their website. BURNING THE BORN AGAIN and SATANIC GRIMORE: THE GREATER BLACK MAGICK will be out this year in September and October. THE GREAT AMERICAN SCAPE GOAT 666 will be available within the first part of 2008. After that sometime next year all our other albums should be out at the end of 2008!! In the time being to all the fans, write Moribund Records and show them your excitement and buy shirts from them. You can even pre-order all the albums as they come and get special additions. Check out our web page – or on Myspace


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