Keldian – Heaven’s Gate

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Heaven’s Gate

2007, Perris Records/Border Music

Rating: 2/5

Here is yet another Norwegian debut act. Keldian is a duo that plays keyboard-based melodic hard rock. The focus is on lead vocals and keyboards, so there’s not much edgy guitar playing, which is exactly what this album needs. Musical parallels can be drawn with pre-breakthrough Europe, Giant, or < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Asia. Lead singer Andersen has a great voice that fits perfectly with this kind of music, which is grand and performed by skilled musicians. Andersen makes the songs sound a little better and the 50 minutes of music feels OK.
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The things that I have against the album and the things that disturb me the most are the massive keyboard parts that erase everything else in the mix. I’d really have liked the guitar to be more forward in the mix. The duo also seems to have problems regarding the music; they can’t decide whether they should play melodic rock or hard rock. “Redshift” is probably the most boring track on the album; it’s a slow ballad where Andersen sings for Maja Svisdahl. The same goes for “Sundancer”, where they at least have a better tempo going, but nothing much happens anyway.

HEAVEN’S GATE is a debut album I would hesitate to release if I were a record label. Sure there are a few moments where the band shines a little brighter, but they are too few to be counted. They have the potential, but they don’t know what to do with it. And what about a duo? Have a duo ever gone far in the melodic hard rock genre? Maybe the next album can convince me more, but let’s hope it takes a while.

Killer tracks are “Crusader”, “Heart of the Sun”, “Heaven’s Gate” “Salvation (Release Me)”.


Christer Andersen – lead vocals, guitar, bass

Arild Aardalen – keyboards, vocals

Guest musicians

Jorn Holen – drums

Maja Svisdahl – vocals

Gunhild Mathea Olaussen – violin

Mats Rybo – vocals

H-Man – spoken words


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Heart of the Sun

Requiem for the Light

Heaven’s Gate


Salvation (release me)



Beyond the Stars

Plains of Forever