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2007, Metal Heaven/Border Music

Rating: 2.5/5


Mat Sinner and Armin Sabol are maybe more known for being members in Sinner, Primal Fear, and Rage than Goddess Shiva. It all began during the mid-seventies when they had the band Shiva together and were the support act to Whitesnake, amongst others. They never managed to release an album though and the band was put to rest. Shiva got an offer to do a show in 2004 which relit the spark to the band. Along with drummer Martin Schmidt, the band was back in the limelight again. But to avoid any mishaps with any other band, the guys changed the band name to Goddess Shiva. The best musical description of Goddess Shiva’s music would be melodic 80’s hard rock influenced by 70’s retro rock. Both Sinner and Sabol share the lead vocals, though it can be difficult to tell distinguish which one is singing on a given song.
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Whenever Sinner is involved in anything you can count on having strong songs and catchy hooks, and this album is no exception to that rule. The album’s strongest moments are when Sinner sings, like the songs “Walking on Thorns”, “Mind of a Killer”, “This Ain’t Love”, “Down on Luck”, “Heat of the Night”, “Hold On”, and “Red”. Those songs are solid 80’s hard rock with heavy references to Thin Lizzy. Songs that the band could have left out are the blues-based mid-tempo tracks “Gone with the Dough”, “Ali Baba”, and “Barefoot and Naked”.

I really like the album when Sinner is in charge of the mic. When Sabol sings, it really tanks. On the next album I hope Sinner sings throughout and writes more of the material. It could then become a great album; as it is now, I can unfortunately only give Goddess Shiva a mid-rating.



Mat Sinner- lead vocals, bass

Armin Sabol – vocals, guitar

Martin Schmidt – drums


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Heritage of Shiva (intro)

Walking on Thorns

Mind of a Killer

This Ain’t Love

Gone with the Dough

Barefoot and Naked

Down on Luck

Heat of the Night

Ali Baba

Same < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Old City

Hold On


Heritage of Shiva (outro)