Fate – Bruisin For Cruisin

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Bruisin For Cruisin – Remastered

2007, MTM Records/Zink Music

Rating: 3.0/5

Here is the third album by Danish act Fate, now re-released in the MTM Classix release of out-of-print albums.  Fate’s debut album has also been reviewed, so if you want more info about the band please check out that review as well. BRUISIN FOR CRUISIN was originally released in 1988 and it lacks the presence of founder and guitarist Hank Sherman. He left the band after the second album and was replaced by The Mysterious Mr. Moth. Yes, that’s what he’s called. Keyboard player Flemming Rothaus was also added to the line-up.  < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Musically, the band hasn’t changed much; it’s still the same 80’s melodic hard rock that flows out of your speaker. The only major change is that this time the guitar is heavier and edgier, and a keyboard is taking a bigger part in the production. The musical influences can still be tracked down to Treat, Alien, < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Europe, and Van Halen.

This album feels more solid and in-harmony with the members when compared to the debut. The only thing that needs improvement is the guitar player. The Mysterious Mr. Moth can’t deliver the same heavy and technical riffs that Sherman did, and Sherman is surely missed.

Amongst the 10 tracks there is a new version of the song “Love on the Rox”, which was originally featured on the debut. I have the same problem with this album that I do with the debut: the lyrics are again about love, and that’s not one of my favorite subjects. There is also a ballad included called “Babe, You Got a Friend”, which probably had potential to be a radio hit back in the days.

This album feels more solid compared to the debut and I’m sure that all fans of Fate are gonna love this re-release. If you haven’t discovered Fate yet, this is probably their best album to buy. Killer tracks are “Beneath Da’ Coconuts”, “Knock on Wood”, “Dead Boy, Cold Meat”, and “Lock You Up”.




Jeff Limbo – lead vocals

Bob Lance – drums

The Mysterious Mr. Moth – guitar

Pete Steiner – bass

Flemming Rothaus – keyboards



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1.      Beneath Da’ Coconuts

2.      Love On The Rox

3.      Knock On Wood

4.      Lovers

5.      Dead Boy, Cold Meat

6.      Babe, You Got A Friend

7.      Lock You Up

8.      Cupid Shot Me

9.      Diamond In The Rough

10.  Send A Little Money