July 2007


They just played two crazy, sold-out shows supporting the Smashing Pumpkins, did a bunch of shows with Evans Blue, and next week they set out to tour the UK and Europe to tour with Dir En Gray, play festivals like Wacken, M’era Luna and Metal Hammer, and headline the Kerrang! Awards Week show in London on August 18th.

As if that weren’t enough, below is the first batch of confirmed dates for the Chevelle U.S. tour!

Here’s another tidbit for you—a video montage of sorts from Fair to Midland’s slammin’ performance at Coachella (featuring an appearance by System of a Down’s Serj Tankian.)  If you haven’t seen it yet, check this out for a taste of FTM’s intense live show:

And if you haven’t caught FTM live yet, here are a bunch of opportunities.  More to come, so stay tuned!

August 1 – Carling Academy – London, UK (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 2 – Carling Academy – London, UK (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 3 – Helling Club – Utrecht, Holland (w/ Bury Your Dead)
August 4 – Wacken Festival – Wacken, Germany
August 5 – Magnet Club – Berlin, Germany (w/ Bury Your Dead)
August 7 – Arenan – Stockholm, Sweden (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 8 – Vega – Copenhagen, Denmark (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 10 – Alter Schlachthof – Dresden, Germany (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 11 – M’Era Luna Festival – Hildesheim, Germany
August 12 – Metal Hammer Festival – Katowice, Poland
August 13 – Chelsea Club – Vienna, Austria (w/ Bury Your Dead)
August 15 – Muffathalle – Munich, Germany (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 25 – The Machine Shop – Flint, MI
August 28 – Granada – Lawrence, KS (w/ Chevelle)
August 29 – Blue Note – Columbia, MO (w/ Chevelle)
August 31 – Rocketown – Nashville, TN (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 4 – Magic City Music Hall – Johnson City, NY (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 5 – Webster Theatre – Hartford, CT (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 7 – House of Blues – Atlantic City, NY (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 8 – Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 10 – The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza – New York, NY (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 11 – Avalon Ballroom – Boston, MA (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 12 – The Fillmore at Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 14 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC (w/ Chevelle)
Sept 16 – X Fest @ Montgomery County Fairgrounds – Dayton, OH
Sept 22 – Street Scene @ Del Mar Fairgrounds – Del Mar, CA 
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The Chris Duarte Group releases their fifth blues/rock masterpiece on Blues Bureau Records  The band emerged on the scene out of Austin, Texas in the early 90’s and gained notoriety after wowing a packed room of industry insiders at the South X Southwest convention. In the wake of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s passing, Duarte quickly gained a national reputation as a young man imbued with a playing style comparable at times to the late guitarist.

After fielding interest from a number of labels, Duarte signed to Silvertone Records and his debut album “Texas Sugar/Strat Magik” reportedly sold in excess of 100,000 units in the United States, no small feet for a blues/rock guitarist. This, coupled with Duarte’s strong commitment to touring, was the impetus for his winning the “Best New Talent Award” in Guitar Player’s 1995 Reader’s Poll. He also finished fourth in the magazine’s “Best Blues Guitarist” category that year behind legends Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and B.B. King.

Throughout the last decade, Duarte honed his chops as a guitarist, songwriter and singer as he recorded three more critically acclaimed records, “Tailspin Headwhack” in 1997, “Love Is Greater Than Me” in 2000 and “Romp” in 2003, the latter two of which were on the Zoe/Rounder label. Not one to rest on his laurels, Duarte has constantly worked on his growth as a musician and the years of recording and touring have culminated purposefully in “Blue Velocity”, a record which aptly showcases many sides of this brilliant artist in the context of high energy blues rock with moments that bring to mind legendary artists as diverse as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Johnson.

Along the way if this amazing career, the Chris Duarte Group has hammered out the groove on countless stages, logging a good half a million miles in Bluta, their reliable touring van  since 1996. Catch them on tour this summer.


8/10 – GOLDEN WEST SALOON –   Albuquerque, New Mexico
8/11 – WILLEE’S BLUES CLUB –    Santa Fe, New Mexico
8/14 – THE RHYTHM ROOM –    Phoenix, Arizona
8/15 – SANTA FE STATION HOTEL & CASINO –  Las Vegas, Nevada
8/16 – BOULDER STATION HOTEL & CASINO –  Las Vegas, Nevada
8/17 – HARVELLE’S –     Redondo Beach, California
8/18 – HUMPHREY’S –     San Diego, California
8/20 – BAR DELUXE –     Salt Lake City, Utah
8/22 – MANGY MOOSE –    Jackson, Wyoming
8/23 – ZIGGIE’S –     Denver, Colorado
8/24 – PAOLA ROOTS FESTIVAL –   Paola, Kansas
8/25 – MAX’S GARAGE –    Muskogee, Oklahoma
8/26 – STIX –      Wichita, Kansas

8/31 – 202 MARKET –     Roanoke, Virginia
9/1 – JEWISH MOTHER –    Virginia Beach, Virginia
9/3 – STEPHEN TALKHOUSE –    Amagansett, New York
9/5 – CHAN’S –      Woonsocket, Rhode Island
9/7 – THE WINCHESTER –    Cleveland, Ohio
9/8 – WHISKEY DICK’S –     Columbus, Ohio
9/9 – SEAGATE CENTER –    Toledo, Ohio (with ZZ TOP!!!)
9/12 – ROUTE 33 RHYTHM & BLUES –   Wapakoneta, Ohio
9/13 – SHANK HALL –     Milwaukee, Wisconsin
9/14 – STATE LINE RALLY –    Keosauqua, Iowa
9/15 – TREE FROG MUSIC FESTIVAL –   Faribault, Minnesota
9/16 – THE LONGSHOT –    Woodruff, Wisconsin
9/19 – WHISKEY BONES –    Rochester, Minnesota
9/21 – KNUCKLEHEAD SALOON –   Kansas City, Missouri
9/22 – HANGAR 9 –     Carbondale, Illinois
9/25 – BB’s JAZZ, BLUES & SOUPS –   St. Louis, Missouri
9/28 – THE SHED –     Maryville, Tennessee
9/30 – BIG SPRING JAM MUSIC FESTIVAL –  Huntsville, Alabama
10/4 – SMITH’S OLDE BAR –    Atlanta, Georgia
10/5 – BAMBOO ROOM –    Lake Worth, Florida
10/6 – SKIPPER’S –     Tampa, Florida
For more information on The Chris Duarte Group go to www.shrapnelrecords.com
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Acclaimed Prog Rock Band Rocket Scientists Tempts Fans With Video Teaser on YouTube

Acclaimed American progressive rock legends Rocket Scientists have posted the video Earthbound from their 2007 recording sessions on YouTube as a precurser to their forthcoming box set release Rocket Scientists – Looking Backward. The highly anticipated release is scheduled for mid-October on the Think Tank Media label, distributed in North America by ProgRock Records. The video was recorded in the same Los Angeles area studio where Rocket Scientists recorded their earlier albums. The band reunited to record updated versions of some of their previously released material specifically for the box set.

In 2006, Rocket Scientists’ epic double CD release, Revolution Road, exceeded sales expectations prior to its November 7th street date when pre-sales orders catapulted the CD into a second pressing, even after the band’s eight year hiatus. Enthusiastic reviews appeared worldwide in publications such as ProgressiveWorld, The Doorway, Burrn!, Euro Rock Press, Empire, Strange Days, Sea of Tranquility, and Music Street Journal. The Sea of Tranquility readers even voted Revolution Road as the Best CD of 2006.

ROCKET SCIENTISTS was formed in the late 1980s by keyboardist Erik Norlander and vocalist / guitarist Mark McCrite. The two released their first CD Earthbound in 1993 joined by then – session bassist Don Schiff. Schiff quickly became a part of the band for their second release in 1995 Brutal Architecture, and the three toured in the US and Europe in 1997 along with drummer Tommy Amato culminating in the live CD Earth Below and Sky Above: Live in Europe and America. In 1999, Rocket Scientists released Oblivion Days, raising the bar on already high expectations. At the turn of the century, Norlander, Schiff and McCrite all worked on solo projects in addition to backing symphonic rock vocal icon Lana Lane on several tours around the world. The latest release is the band’s fourth studio album Revolution Road, a double CD released in the fall of 2006, their strongest and most successful title to date. In October the band will release Looking Backward, a 5-disc retrospective box set containing remastered versions of the band’s first three studio albums along with a full-length CD of new recordings and remixes plus a DVD filmed during the recording sessions containing in-studio performance footage along with extensive interviews and archival session video dating back to 1993.

See the video at www.youtube.com/rocketscientists

For more information about Rocket Scientists, please visit www.thetank.com/rocketscientists.htm or www.myspace.com/rocketscientistsband
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Release Date: October 2, 2007

Released in 1993, The Buddha of Suburbia was David Bowie’s 19th full studio album. Created to complement the debut of a BBC-produced mini-series based on Hanif Kureishi’s bestselling novel of the same title, Bowie’s The Buddha of Suburbia was classified as a soundtrack upon its release, although only the album’s title track was featured in the program.  An extremely rare and highly sought-after collector title, The Buddha of Suburbia will be reissued by Capitol/EMI on CD and digitally on October 2. 

“This album may well have been one of the most enjoyable projects that I’ve been involved with,” explains David Bowie. “My personal memory stock for this album was made up from an almighty plethora of influences and reminiscences from the 1970s.”

The Buddha of Suburbia is a semi-autobiographical tale featuring Karim, a South London teenager desperate to escape the suburbs which confine him. When the novel was published, author Kureishi was already well-known for his screenplay for My Beautiful Launderette, the 1985 film which centered on issues of sexuality, race and class in volatile 1980s Britain.

1. Buddha Of Suburbia (4:28)
2. Sex And The Church (6:25)
3. South Horizon (5:26)
4. The Mysteries (7:12)
5. Bleed Like A Craze, Dad (5:22)
6. Strangers When We Meet (4:58)
7. Dead Against It (5:48)
8. Untitled No. 1 (5:01)
9. Ian Fish, U.K. Heir (6:27)
10. Buddha Of Suburbia (4:19) (featuring Lenny Kravitz on guitar)

All songs written by David Bowie


“This album may well have been one of the most enjoyable projects that I’ve been involved with. Although this collection of music bears little resemblance to the motif driven small pieces that became the actual transmitted soundtrack for the BBC play of “Buddha,” director Roger Mitchell’s request that I supply some stuff for Hanif Kureishi’s fabulous play got me on a real roll.

Weeks later however, left to my own devices, these same pieces just took on a life of their own in the studio, with lots of narrative provocation from Hanif’s play and dozens of personal ’70s memories providing a textural backdrop in my imagination that laid the groundwork for a truly exciting work situation.

I took the TV play motifs and discarded them completely except that is for the theme song.  The pace of work was unbelievably frenetic taking only six days to write and record though a full fifteen days to mix, owing in part to some technical breakdowns – nothing too serious but enough to put our team out by five or six days.

My personal memory stock for this album was made up from an almighty plethora of influences and reminiscences from the 1970s. Here, below, is just a tiny selection of what went through my mind while writing: 

Free association lyrics
Pink Floyd
Harry Partch
Blues clubs Soho
Prostitutes & Soho
Unter de Linden
Ronnie Scott`s club
Brücke Museum in Berlin
Travels thru Russia
Pet Sounds
Friends of the Krays I had known
Mark Bolan
Philip Glass in New York clubs
Richard Strauss
Philip Glass playing in London 1970/1
Die Mauer, Berlin
The Casserole
Roxy Music

The list is actually endless but the above initially springs to mind. Fifty percent of the lyrical content is used just because I like the sound of the word. Some of it is reasonably narrative driven. Many of my working forms are taken in whole or in part from my collaborations with Brian Eno (who in my humble opinion occupies a parallel position in late 20th century popular music that Clement Greenberg in the ‘40s or Richard Hamilton in the ‘60s had to visual art). The cut-up style that is obviously used on such tracks as Bleed Like A Craze, Dad (yes, it is a play on Krays) and Dead Against it springs from the Brion Gyson/William Burroughs school of Fucking with the Fabric of Time. The very magical multi-instrumentalist Erdal Kizilcay was so pivotal in interpreting my musical desires, foibles and arrangements that it’s just not funny.”
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The Ultimate 1960s Venue, with Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead & Santana, Gets DVD Treatment Complete with Upgraded Sound On August 7 Eagle Release

Put a flower in your hair, we’re all hippies again! The generation that changed the world will get to do it all over again on August 7 when Eagle Vision releases Ralph J. Gleason Presents A Night At The Family Dog on DVD. The concert, held on February 4, 1970, featured the brightest three lights of the Bay Area, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Santana. These three bands would define a scene that had the whole world wondering what exactly was going on in the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco.

It was a time of wild experimentation. Poetry, music, film, journalism and political activism shared the spotlight as American Culture itself began to shapeshift into forms heretofore unknown. The internationally renowned Ralph J. Gleason—the world’s first syndicated jazz critic and one of the founding fathers of modern rock journalism—instinctively knew the new music would grow and become a world-changer. Besides co-founding Rolling Stone to seriously cover for the first time this new sound and lifestyle, he also produced several television specials to tell and show Middle America what the Bay Area youth were up to. Night At The Family Dog first aired on December 13, 1970 on The National Educational Television Network.

Carlos Santana and his band were riding high on the wave of their classic 1969 self-titled debut. Their second album had yet to be released. Grateful Dead was already four albums strong. Their fifth, Working Man’s Dead would be released in May. The band was at the height of its power, with keyboardist Ron “Pigpen” McKernan still alive. Jefferson Airplane was the headliner, at that time the biggest band in the land. Volunteers, their politically-charged sixth album, had yet to be released. 

The 60-minute show (SLP $17.98) features “Incident At Neshabur” and “Soul Sacrifice” by Santana, “Hard To Handle,” “China Cat Sunflower” and “I Know You Rider” by The Dead, “The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil” and “Eskimo Blue Day” by Jefferson Airplane before a psychedelic jam with all three bands plus members of Quicksilver Messenger Service and The Steve Miller Band! The event itself was a private party, not open to the public, and only because of Ralph J. Gleason’s sterling reputation was the event allowed to be videotaped for posterity. The original mono sound has been amply upgraded into Extrapolated 5.1 Surround-Sound.
Source: www.rebelmusic.ca

GYPSY PISTOLEROS invited back to play Rocklahoma 2008

GYPSY PISTOLEROS the fastest rising U.K rock group were stunned by the amazing reaction from the American people to their U.S debut at Rocklahoma !! The band would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that took them to heart, the feeling is mutual  !
The group have been invited back to play the bigger & better Rocklahoma 2008 next  year, and cant wait to see you all again .
Gypsy Pistoleros  enter Mighty Atom studios ( Wales ) in September with their legendary producer Joe Gibb ( Catatonia, Funeral for a friend, Jaynes Addiction, The Cure, Travis, Madonna ) to record their crazed rockin version of the Ricky Martin classic ‘Livin la vida loca’.
The double A side single ‘Livin la vida loca / Pistolero’ will be released on Evil Boy Records November 5th !
Source: www.evilboyrecords.com

Silverchair “Young Modern” OUT NOW

SILVERCHAIR’s critically acclaimed new record YOUNG MODERN comes out today by way of their own label, eleven music in association w/Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group. The band is currently on tour w/We Are The Fury including stops in DC, NJ and NYC this week and Detroit, Chicago for Lollapalooza and Minneapolis the following week. Their Lollapalooza set time is 2:30-3:30pm Sat August 4th on the At&t Main Stage in between Tokyo Police Club and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. If you’d like to attend any of the shows, please let me know ASAP and I’ll do my best to work it out. Space is limited. For a taste of what to expect, check out this Seattle Weekly live review from this past weekend: www.seattleweekly.com/music/blogs/reverb/2007/07/last_night_silverchair_at_the_1.php
“Straight Lines” is currently the hottest track at alternative radio as we were up to #29 on BDS in the singles’ third week on the chart and was the #3 spin gainer for the second week in a row as we went up over 100 spins last week. We’re receiving airplay on 5 different formats; Alt, Triple A, Hot Ac, Active and Mainstream Rock. BTW, this is their biggest song EVER in Australia, even bigger than ’95’s “Tomorrow” and considering the fact that Silverchair own more #1 records than any other band in Aussie music history, that’s a telling stat!
VH1 has added the video for “Straight Lines” into LARGE rotation. Tune into MTV tomorrow night (Weds 7/25 – Times TBD) for an MTV News piece on Silverchair as John Norris sits down with Daniel Johns to discuss the new record. Also, look for Silverchair on FUSE tomorrow afternoon (Weds 7/25) as they’ll be live on “The Sauce” at 6pm EST.
“Modern is a polished glam-rock suite, boasting more ecstatic melodies and colorful riffs than their four previous efforts combined. Frontman Daniel Johns’ voice… soars from campy snarl to sensitive falsetto in mere moments. Here’s hoping Silverchair’s second act is just getting started.” Grade: A- (EW PICK) Entertainment Weekly
“Young Modern has reestablished Daniel Johns and crew as a commercial force, exhibiting a lush, mature sound that has done nothing to diminish their fans’ loyalty.” LA Times
“Oh my how the boys from Silverchair have grown…Silverchair have again taken a huge leap in artistry and sophistication with their fifth longplayer, Young Modern…With soft piano that builds into a baroque pop delight, the soaring and contagious lead single, ‘Straight Lines’ affirms just how far Silverchair have come over the last decade.” Associated Press
“{On Young Modern} Johns now sings higher and softer; his voice (and Bono-like penchant for short hair and vests) renders him a more delicate, mature post-rock star.” OC Weekly
“Dig in – this thing is quite a feast.” Boston Phoenix
Upcoming North American Dates:

7/28/2007 Philadelphia, PA Fillmore at the TLA
7/29/2007 Boston, MA Paradise
7/30/2007 Montreal, QC Le Spectrum
8/1/2007 Toronto, ON Phoenix
8/3/2007 Detroit, MI St. Andrews
8/4/2007 Chicago,IL Grand Park (LOLLAPALOOZA) no/WaTF
8/5/2007 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
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“The Evacuation Plan” [Black Victory Records] is the sophomore solo works of bassist Piggy D. from Rob Zombie. Taking the opportunity to write and record while the band (Zombie) takes a short hiatus from touring, Piggy D. wrote 35 hard-driving rock songs pulling all the lyrics from journals kept throughout the years.

Hailing from New Orleans Piggy D. experienced the tragedy of the hurricanes that left the state in complete devastation.  Diving headfirst into the experience he pulled all the lyrics from journals kept throughout the years. “Living through this disaster and seeing all the real drama prompted me to write this album,” explains Piggy D. The result was a collection of brutally honest rock songs and unexpected classic ballads.

Playing in several bands in his teens, Piggy D. relocated to Boston and met Wednesday 13 of the Murderdolls.  Piggy was invited to play guitar in 13’s solo band. Piggy stayed with the band until early 2006 when he left the band to join up with rock legend Rob Zombie.

‘The Evacuation Plan’ is set for release on July 31, 2007. The album features Tommy Clufetos of Rob Zombie on all drums, and Calico Cooper on guest background vocals. The album was co-produced by Dave Spreng (Valient Thor, Damone).

Pre-buy “The Evacuation Plan” on July 24th, be one of the first 200 and receive a signed copy of the CD with a signed full color poster from Piggy D. For more information go to www.piggyd.com
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Monster Energy Drink is offering up the ultimate “Win Your Own Private Warped Tour Show Sweepstakes” to kick off your summer fun. Monster will award (1) grand prize and (100) first prizes via a random selection of valid entries.

The Grand prize consists of (1) 2007 Warped Tour concert stop in your hometown for winner and 100 guests. The 100 first prize winners will receive a custom Monster ESP/LTD guitar.

Who will play at your private concert is a secret, but some of the Monster bands that are on Warped are Escape The Fate, Street Drum Corps, The Dear & Departed, The Briggs and Authority Zero. Enter today to rock your summer out with Monster Energy and the Warped Tour – be the cool kid on your block and win a private concert!

To enter, visit www.monsterenergy.com, click on the sweepstakes registration link and complete the on-line registration Remember only (1) one entry per person, per email address. This promotion begins at 12:00 AM, May 1, 2007, US Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and ends August 31, 2007at 12:00 AM, US Pacific Standard Time (PST). Remember, only one entry per person, per email address. 
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Eagle Vision Announces July 24 HD-DVD Releases

On July 24, Eagle Vision (the wholly-owned subsidiary of Eagle Rock Entertainment) will release 3 titles from its acclaimed Live At Montreux series on HD-DVD: Deep Purple – Live At Montreux 2006, Santana – Hymns For Peace and Yes – Live At Montreux 2003.

Deep Purple – Live At Montreux 2006: 
At the closing night of the 40th Montreux Festival in 2006, Deep Purple delivered one of their finest live performances, sprinkling songs from their latest album “Rapture Of The Deep” through a set chock full of their classic tracks.    
TRT: 187 min. / Audio: DTS, 5.1 & Stereo mixes / SLP: $29.98
*Also available on CD and Standard DVD
Santana – Hymns For Peace:
On July 15, 2004, Santana was accompanied by a stunning line-up of guests to perform songs about peace and understanding. Guest performers include: Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Steve Winwood and Nile Rodgers.      
TRT: 183 min. / Audio: DTS, 5.1 & Stereo mixes / SLP: $29.98 
*Also available as a 2-DVD set on Standard DVD

Yes – Live At Montreux 2003:
Likely the finest Yes gig to ever be filmed, Yes’ 2003 Montreux performance featured the classic line-up of Jon Anderson (vocals), Steve Howe (guitars), Chris Squire (bass), Rick Wakeman (keyboards) and Alan White (drums).    
TRT: 138 min. / Audio: DTS, 5.1 & Stereo mixes / SLP: $29.98
*Also available on Standard DVD / will be released on CD in Fall ‘07

Despite it’s name, the Montreux Jazz Festival runs the gamut of all styles of music. Situated on the Swiss Riviera, the festival started out as a 3-day jazz event in 1967 and has progressed to a 13-day festival in 2004, featuring acts varying in range from Herbie Hancock to Radiohead to Chic to Deep Purple.

Eagle Vision is the leading independent source for high quality music audio and audio/visual music programming. The company continues to remain at the forefront of new technology, with an expansive catalogue of DVD releases now available in all 3 formats (Standard DVD, HD & Blu-Ray).

For more information, please visit: www.eaglerockent.com.
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In less than a month since its release, prolific singer/songwriter Peter Katz has sold out of the first run of 1,000 copies of his latest independent album More Nights while also making a big impact with one song in particular called “Forgiveness.”  Katz’s previous two releases sold over 3500 copies in less than 2 years and with rave reviews, high radio chartings (#2 Folk/Roots & #5 Pop/Rock on Lethbridge’s CKXU) and an extensive fall tour planned, More Nights looks like it will quickly sell even more.

Performing regularly to sold-out crowds across the country, the winner of the CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award and the Grand Prize Winner of Toronto’s IndieWeek, Katz has been winning over fans through great music and an intensely powerful live-show.

“Forgiveness”, a stand out track on More Nights has an inspiring story behind it that Katz hopes to pay tribute to while spreading the word.  While listening to CBC radio’s As It Happens, Katz heard an interview that affected him deeply and compelled him to write about remarkable courage, humanity and the power of forgiveness.

The interview that inspired the song was with Michael Berg, father of Nicholas Berg who was kidnapped and brutally murdered by Al-Zarcawi in Iraq. When being interviewed about the recent death of Zarcawi at the hands of the US Army, Berg refused to condone the US Army’s actions and thus continue the cycle of hatred. He has been called a traitor and even shot at by some of his countrymen for refusing to support the war and the killing of Zarcawi but stands resolute in his determination to find forgiveness in his heart and start a new cycle: one of humanity and forgiveness.

Katz could not get this story out of his mind as weeks later he sat down, wrote the song, immediately recorded it and sent the story and link to the CBC interview out to his fans.  www.peterkatz.org/forgiveness.html   Hundreds of e-mails poured in, including a fan that performed the song at a festival and sent in a video of it.  This has inspired Katz again and he will be launching a new website on August 15th that will include video tutorials for all his songs, including “Forgiveness.”

“Seeing as the song was written to spread Michael Berg’s message,” explains Katz, “I will be encouraging fans to learn the song and play it whenever/wherever they can and hopefully send in a video that I will post on the site and on youtube. Ideally, the ripple effect will occur and the message will get out to more and more people.”

Filmmaker Andrew Moniz and producer Daniel Mazzucco donated their time and resources for the new video of “Forgiveness” to help spread the message.  The song has also been released as a single to CBC radio and will be released to campus in the fall to coincide with his tour across Canada.


“More Nights is truly worth the expense it took to make… The stark arrangements serve perfectly the singer’s penchant for finely crafted lyrics” – Bill Adam, Echo Weekly

“[Katz] breathes life into Buckley’s unique stream of folk music and for a moment garners smiles from those who worshiped the genre. But Katz by no means lives in Buckley’s shadow. He carves his own niche in the industry and delivers a unique blend of folk with a vintage sound… Peter Katz embodies Canadian folk”. -Andrew Seale, Spill Magazine

Tour Dates:
Fri Aug 10th – Beating Heart Festival, Mississauga w/ The Junction, The Reason, The Diableros, The Next Best Thing & others
Sat Aug 18th – Mississauga Street Festival
Sat Aug 25th – CAMfest, Bowmanville (Clarington Visual Arts Center) w/ Murray McLauchlan & Liam Titcomb

Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca

Jen Militia are staying in Western Canada this summer!
New Tour Dates Added:
July 28 – The Red Room Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 2 – Big Star Cabaret Burnaby, British Columbia
Aug 11 – The Zone Red Deer, Alberta
Aug 17 & 18- Better Than Freds Grande Prairie, Alberta
Aug 23 – New City Compound Edmonton, Alberta
Aug 24 – The Underground Calgary, Alberta
Aug 25 – Stettler Hotel Stettler, Alberta
Aug 27 – Wild Bills Banff, Alberta
Aug 28 – The Doghouse Medicine Hat, Alberta
Aug 30 – The Drink Regina, Saskatchewan
Aug 31 & Sept 1 – The Zoo Winnipeg, Manitoba
Oct 6 – The Gig Ktichener, Ontario

Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca


Once again Jen Militia, the band of illegal rock combatants is embarking on a mission to spread their word by trudging westward to create awareness of who they are and what they represent: Love, Rock, and Revolution. The band will be heading out of Ontario, and playing their way across Canada to British Columbia, then doing the same until they return home. The 8-week mission, deemed The Berlin Airlift Tour, is in support of the release of their second single “5GF”.

2007 has been a successful year for Jen Militia so far with the release of their third album Berlin Boot Camp. The album has received rave reviews from the media with the band landing on the cover of several popular weekly magazines. The first single, “This Is Not a Test,” has climbed the charts and reached #48 on commercial rock radio. The band has been playing constantly, notably showcasing at both Canadian Music Week, and North By North East.

Their explosive sound has been described as having the throw down factor of The Clash, the soul of Mary J. Blige, the raps of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the straight funk of Rage Against the Machine.

With The Berlin Airlift tour, Jen Militia are armed and ready to promote “5GF”, making ears open to listen for classic lines like “Got 5 girlfriends and no control, but the 2 I love best are rock and roll.”

“It’s inspiring not only because of the music and their roof–raising live show, but because it makes you feel a part of something bigger.” – Patrick Finch (View Magazine)

“It takes balls to have one of the best guitarists in the country (J. Double) and not make a guitar album. But Jen Militia have nothing if not balls. No, this album is as much about beats, bass and lyrical bravado as six-string acrobatics. A ferocious live band, Jen Militia bring all their cocksure charisma to Berlin Boot Camp. Join the army now.” – Exclaim Magazine


Tour Dates: (more tbc)

July 11th- Edmonton- The One On Whyte
July 14th- Vancouver- The Buffalo Club
August 17th/18th- Grande Prairie Alberta- Better Than Fred’s (Two Nights)
August 24th- Calgary- The Underground
August 27th- Banff- Wild Bills
August 28th- Medicine Hat- The Doghouse
August 31st & Sept 1st- Winnipeg- The Zoo
Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca

Uriah Heep Legend Ken Hensley Unleashes New Rock Opus

Rock music legend Ken Hensley, who is best known for his work with classic rock groups Uriah Heep and Blackfoot, has just unveiled possibly his most important work to date – the rock opus Blood On The Highway. Germany’s Politur Rock Records has just released the critically acclaimed masterpiece in which Hensley, who has recorded 13 studio albums and one highly acclaimed live 2-LP set with one of Britain’s hardest rocking ensembles Uriah Heep, could not be more excited!
“So give me five guys who can rock, who don’t know how to stop, send them ten times round the block to add a little mystery, give me radio with balls, they gotta help us fill the halls and we can grab ourselves a piece of Rock and Roll history.”
‘(This Is) Just The Beginning’

Rock´n`Roll in the Seventies – a particularly colourful chapter in music history. There’s been hardly another era in the annals of popular music that has had an equally significant influence on the developments to come, proved to be a lasting inspiration for many artists and changed so much in political and social terms. Ken Hensley experienced the golden Seventies in his position as a true rock star. As Uriah Heep ‘s main songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist until 1980, but also as a successful solo artist with numerous impressive releases in his own right, he went through countless ups and downs, enjoyed successful concerts, suffered difficult phases, yet only ever wanted one thing: to continue his life as a musician. From the stuff that well over thirty years of a wistful musician’s dreams are made of, Ken Hensley has now written and composed an album that is exciting and sounds authentic to the last note. Blood On The Highway is much more than a pure concept album. It’s a memoir of a golden decade, Hensley ‘s tribute to perhaps the most important era of the genre and a haunting rock album full of emotions, vitality and dynamism. Or, as Hensley puts it: “Blood On The Highway tells a very special story that is autobiographic to a large extent, but also reflects the experiences of many of my friends and colleagues. It’s the story of the Seventies from a rock musician’s perspective.”

Hensley was supported by a number of renowned singers whose voices suit the individual songs. “I wanted to reflect the different characters of those days, the many facets that Rock´n`Roll consisted of back then,” he explains, substantiating his selection: “Jørn Lande has so many voices within his voice and, as a self-confessed student of ’70s rock, captures perfectly the energy and passion of the great singers of that time. The charismatic Norwegian singer recorded five tracks (‘This Is Just The Beginning’, ‘Blood On The Highway’, ‘You’ve Got It’, ‘Okay (This House Is Down)’ and ‘We’re On Our Way’); Glenn Hughes (ex-Trapeze, Deep Purple) lent his voice to two. “Glenn sings on ‘The Last Dance’, and I absolutely wanted him on ‘What You Gonna Do ‘, a number that raises the all-decisive question after years of excess and, later, rejection: Where do you want to go with your life?”

Hensley enlisted the expressive Eve Gallagher for his compositions about love, lust and passion. “I wanted a female voice for the ‘relationship’ song, but I wanted a very specific voice,” comments Hensley. “Eve really was the perfect choice for ‘Think Twice’, a number full of feeling and depth.” ‘It Won’t Last’ saw Hensley reunite with his former Uriah Heep colleague, John Lawton , who proclaims his categorical belief in the futility of running away: “No need to take the blame, no need to change your name, it wasn’t your mistake, you were trapped and you had to escape, go on and ride the crest, thinking it’s you that’s blessed.” It would be difficult to imagine a more stirring appeal for facing reality!!

Naturally, Ken Hensley also sang three songs himself (‘There Comes A Time’, ‘Postscript’, and ‘I Did It All ‘). Having penned all the songs and lyrics, he left his own musical mark, always taking care that as much as possible from the era that Blood On The Highway deals with is transported to the present without ignoring the possibilities of modern studio technology. Hensley : “This is a traditional rock album with a modern flair because it was produced on contemporary equipment. The recordings sound as authentic and honest as possible, which means few synthesizers, real strings and a real piano.”

To Hensley, Blood On The Highway is a reminiscence of his own life, a kind of retrospective of an era when music was still pressed on black vinyl records, when the only guys who wore long hair were musicians, who also wore weird clothes and played extremely loud. It’s no look back in anger, no summary of time lost, but an ode to probably the most exciting period of his life. Is there a message on Blood On The Highway, a moral to the story? “No,” says Hensley emphatically. “In those days, every musician followed his dream. If anyone had given them advice or warning, the reaction would have been: thanks for the advice, but I’ll do it my way anyway!”
“And so the wise old gipsy drifted slowly away,
beaten by the game he’d taught so many to play,
he said “I’d do it all again if I had the chance”,
but I’m ready now for one more bow, I’ll take the last dance.”
´The Last Dance`
Ken Hensley still has his dreams: for example to perform Blood On The Highway on stage. “One of my dreams is to perform the album with my band, the guest vocalists and a 25-piece string section in as many big cities as possible, not only in England and America, but also all over Europe, Australia and Japan.” The idea doesn’t seem far-fetched as Ken Hensley performed his fascinating rock opera, Blood On The Highway, in Hamburg, Germany on May 22, 2007. Likewise, his autobiography (under the same title) is to be released on July 20th and a live DVD is scheduled for release later this year.

Blood On The Highway is now available on Amazon.com and www.cd-lp-dvd.net

For more information on Ken Hensley: www.ken-hensley.com
Source: Glass Onyon PR


Multi-platinum rockers Silverchair–singer/guitarist/songwriter Daniel Johns, drummer Ben Gillies and bassist Chris Joannou-is back and stronger than ever, as evidenced on their fifth album, YOUNG MODERN, due out July 24 on Eleven: a music company, in association with Warner Music Group.

The trio will celebrate the release with performances of the album’s
explosive first single, “Straight Lines,” on “The Tonight Show With Jay
Leno” on Tuesday, July 10 and “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” on Thursday, July 12. 

The next day, Silverchair’s U.S. headlining tour will launch in San Diego,
CA at the House of Blues.  Many stops along the tour route are already sold out, including San Francisco (July 17), Vancouver (July 21), Atlanta (July 23), Boston (July 29) and Toronto (August 1).  WMG labelmates We Are The Fury have been tapped to open all except two of the tour dates (Seattle on July 20 and Vancouver).

“Straight Lines” is making its presence known on U.S. radio across the
country.  It’s racked up a slew of important radio stations in its first two weeks including KROQ/Los Angeles, K-ROCK/NYC, Q101/Chicago (Top 5 phones), Indie 103/LA, 91X/San Diego, KBZT/San Diego, WFNX/Boston, KNRK/Portland (#1 phones), KRBZ/Kansas City, Sirius, XM and Music Choice.  More stations are being added everyday.

The song spent four weeks at #1 in Australia when it was released in March, making it Silverchair’s biggest hit since their breakthrough single
“Tomorrow” back in 1995.  The trio also made chart history down under thanks to the success of “Straight Lines”:  they’re the third Australian act
(following The Easybeats and the Seekers) to score three #1 singles on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) “Top 100” chart.

On YOUNG MODERN, Daniel Johns shared the producer role with Nick Launay (Midnight Oil, Arcade Fire, Talking Heads) who had helmed earlier Silverchair albums FREAK SHOW and NEON BALLROOM.  DIORAMA producer, David Bottrill, was brought in as mixer.  Paul Mac was again on hand for keyboard duties as he was with the group’s two previous albums and legendary Beach Boys collaborator Van Dyke Parks reprised his DIORAMA role penning
orchestrations for three songs which were recorded in Prague with an 80 piece orchestra.  

YOUNG MODERN is Silverchair’s fifth consecutive #1 Album in
their native homeland. They’ve had more #1 albums there than any other Aussie band in history (Midnight Oil had four, INXS and AC/DC had three).
Rolling Stone magazine in Australia has called the new album a “towering triumph.” 

“Silverchair have burrowed into a ‘career band’ niche that supposedly no
longer exists. They’re thriving on quality songwriting, authentic delivery
and stylistic single mindedness which appears to be here to stay.” LA Weekly

Upcoming North American Tour Dates w/WE ARE THE FURY:
7/13/2007 San Diego, CA House Of Blues
7/14/2007 Los Angeles, Ca The Wiltern
7/15/2007 Anaheim, CA House Of Blues
7/17/2007 San Francisco, CA The Independent
7/19/2007 Portland, OR Aladdin Theatre
7/20/2007 Seattle, WA Showbox (no WaTF)
7/21/2007 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom (no WaTF)
7/23/2007 Atlanta, GA Roxy Theatre
7/24/2007 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
7/26/2007 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom
7/27/2007 New York, NY Roseland Ballroom
7/28/2007 Philadelphia, PA Fillmore at the TLA
7/29/2007 Boston, MA Paradise
7/30/2007 Montreal, QC Le Spectrum
8/1/2007 Toronto, ON Phoenix
8/3/2007 Detroit, MI St. Andrews
8/4/2007 Chicago,IL Grand Park (LOLLAPALOOZA) no/WaTF
8/5/2007 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue

Silverchair links:
Source: www.WMG.com

RAMONES featured in new book

The legend is still alive: RAMONES

“Gabba Gabba Hey” – the RAMONES are still legendary and one of the most influential Punk-Rock bands in the whole world . and even today kids are wearing their T-Shirts.

The photographer George DuBose from New York accompanied the band for a
long, long time and was responsible for the front covers of even 6 albums
and he did the back cover and artwork for further 2 records. 

If you’re a part of the Ramones-family there are lots of stories to tell .
and of course lots of pictures – never seen before! 

Right now George DuBose presents about 60 photos of the RAMONES on more than
100 pages incl. previously unreleased material … a special not just for
gourmets of Rock-History.
Source: www. autona.com

Joe Shithead Keithley Band of Rebels Release new disc

Joe Shithead Keithley, Canada’s punk godfather and leader of the legendary D.O.A. has gathered together some of Vancouver’s best musicians for his latest project Band of Rebels.
Coming from a punk background that has influenced fans, musicians and activists for the last 30 years, Band of Rebels covers his punk roots, but it flows wildly out from there. Keithley manages to combine punk-a-billy, ska, roots punk and even a little hard funk into a gripping, confrontational, but blatantly funny look at life on our evolving ball of confusion known as earth.
When asked why he has recorded a solo album when D.O.A is still going strong, he had this to say. “I have to stretch out and try new things; this is a different way to fight the system. Band of Rebels is like an extension of D.O.A., musically it’s little different, but it’s still nuts and it’s still meant to cause trouble and stir shit up!”

Joe knew that this had to be a group effort, not another pretentious solo CD from yet another fucking band dude who uttered the hackneyed phrase “I’m going solo, you see I’m a sensitive artist.” No, Shithead knew he needed a band that could really pull off stirring versions of his songs.

The Rebels started out with a trio that maybe was just as suited to causing trouble as making an album. The Great Baldini on drums (D.O.A.) Joe on guitar and vocals and Black Jacques Chirac on bass (rumored to have been mixed up in French politics).

To expand the sound (and to maybe aid in the potential takeover of western governments and banks, same thing really…) Joe lured producer and mixer CHON (D.O.A., Be Good Tanyas) into the Rebel’s clandestine fold.

Joe and CHON then scanned through the most wanted list and came up with these co-conspirators. Randy Rampage-vocals and bass (D.O.A., Annhilator, SF9), Chris Gestrin-keyboards (Jim Byrnes Band), Kuba Ohms-vocals (Velvet), Sho Murray-vocals (Shocore), Kevin Kane-vocals (Grapes of Wrath), John Korsrud-trumpet (Hard Rubber Orchestra), Liam MacDonald-percussion (Bocephus King), Jesse Zubot-violin (Zubot and Dawson), Coco Love Alcorn-vocals, Adam Bartlett-vocals (Adamnation), Bill Runge-saxaphone (Hard Rubber Orchestra) and Jeremy Holmes-standup bass (Bughouse Five).

The Rebels lay the music out in a wild and compelling manner. Shithead lyrically covers a wide gamut of topics. They range from rebellion to marijuana to Armageddon to Star Trek to rip off record companies. They even belt out a late nite bar room tribute to one of the original rebels, Leadbelly (“Goodnight Irene”). Yeah, Joe and his Band of Rebels take on the system and they do it well.
Band of Rebels is out June 19th, so come and join the revolution.
For an advance listen:   suddendeath.com/bandofrebels/
D.O.A. Tour Dates:

July 3 Hamilton, ON-The Underground
July 4 London, ON-tbc
July 5 Windsor, ON-The Roxy
July 6 Oshawa. ON- The Dungeon
July 7 Toronto, ON-The Kathedral
July 8 St. Catherines, ON-L3
Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca

Fair to Midland Supports Smashing Pumpkins

Fair to Midland’s dynamic and riveting live performances are being talked about all across the US and overseas. 
And on July 15 and 16 at the Fillmore Theater in San Francisco, Fair to Midland will open for The Smashing Pumpkins at the first two shows of the Pumpkins’ West Coast residency.

In addition to just releasing their first major label debut, Fables From a Mayfly: What I Say Three Times is True (Serjical Strike/Universal Republic), which debuted at #2 last week on Billboard’s New Artist chart, Fair to Midland has also performed at this year’s Coachella, Bamboozle, Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park and Download festivals.  

After they wrap up their current tour with Finnish band The 69 Eyes and some dates with Evans Blue, Fair to Midland–Darroh Sudderth (vocals), Cliff Campbell (guitar), Jon Dicken (bass), Brett Stowers (drums) and Matt Langley (keys/electronics)–will head to Europe for shows with Japan’s Dir En Gray and gigs at Germany’s Wacken and M’era Luna Festivals, and the Metal Hammer Festival in Poland.  Upon their return, Fair to Midland will be kicking off over two months of touring as main support for Chevelle (from late August through October).

Check out this live clip of “Dance of the Manatee” from FTM’s CD release show in Dallas at the Curtain Club:

FAIR TO MIDLAND’s current tour schedule is as follows:

July 2 – House of Blues-Cambridge Room – Dallas, TX  (w/ The 69 Eyes)
July 3 – Meridian – Houston, TX (w/ The 69 Eyes)
July 5 – Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL (w/ The 69 Eyes)
July 6 – House of Blues – Lake Buena Vista, FL (w/ The 69 Eyes)
July 7 – Roxy Theatre – Atlanta, GA (w/ The 69 Eyes)
July 9 – Recher Theatre – Towson, MD  (w/ The 69 Eyes)
July 10 -Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA (w/ The 69 Eyes)
July 12 – The Machine Shop – Flint, MI (w/ Evans Blue)
July 13 – The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI (w/ Evans Blue)
July 14 – Bogart’s- Cincinnati, OH (w/ Evans Blue)
July 15 – Fillmore – San Francisco, CA (w/ Smashing Pumpkins)
July 16 – Fillmore – San Francisco, CA (w/ Smashing Pumpkins)
July 18 – The Rave – Milwaukee, WI (w/ Evans Blue)
August 1 – Carling Academy – London, UK (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 2 – Carling Academy – London, UK (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 3 – Helling Club – Utrecht, Holland (w/ Bury Your Dead)
August 4 – Wacken Festival – Wacken, Germany
August 5 – Magnet Club – Berlin, Germany (w/ Bury Your Dead)
August 7 – Arenan – Stockholm, Sweden (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 8 – Vega – Copenhagen, Denmark (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 10 – Alter Schlachthof – Dresden, Germany (w/ Dir En Grey)
August 11 – M’Era Luna Festival – Hildesheim, Germany
August 12 – Metal Hammer Festival – Katowice, Poland
August 13 – Chelsea Club – Vienna, Austria (w/ Bury Your Dead)
Source: www. sneakattackmedia.com


New Capitol/EMI CD, Deluxe Edition CD/DVD and Digital Album Pairs Martin with Other Top Entertainment Luminaries, Including Joss Stone, Kevin Spacey, Robbie Williams, Charles Aznavour, Martina McBride, Dave Koz, Chris Botti and More!

Also Features Previously Unreleased Dean Martin Vocal Track and Witty Studio Banter

Around the world, entertainment superstar Dean Martin has the market cornered on charisma, easygoing charm, playful wit, and gracious humility, all of which combine to make him infinitely cool.  To honor Martin’s broad appeal and countless contributions to modern entertainment via his legendary music, stage, film and television career, many of the world’s top artists have recorded new collaborative tracks with him for a new album titled Dean Martin: Forever Cool.  To be released worldwide in CD and deluxe CD/DVD packages and digitally on August 14 by Capitol/EMI, Forever Cool’s 14 tracks pair Martin’s original vocals with new arrangements and an all-star group of collaborators in a salute to the unparalleled talent and charisma of the man known around the world as Dino.

Forever Cool’s inspired new recordings, woven together with several rare and previously unreleased clips of Martin’s witty studio banter, feature Grammy winner Joss Stone, two-time Oscar® winner Kevin Spacey, saxophonist Dave Koz, Grammy winner Shelby Lynne, trumpeter Chris Botti, international superstar Robbie Williams, “American Idol” finalist Paris Bennett, country music star Martina McBride, French entertainment icon Charles Aznavour, Italian chart-topper Tiziano Ferro and other music greats.  The new album swings, swaggers, rocks, rolls and whispers, gently closing with a previously unreleased a cappella version of “Lullaby” sung by Martin.

More than anyone else ever has, Dean Martin personifies masculine cool. Never was an icon so relatable, never such a velvet-voiced, affable guy so Olympian.  With Forever Cool, Martin’s brilliant knack for collaboration is renewed, fresh and fun all over again, bringing him together with many of the world’s top performers in an exuberant celebration.  “It’s like a cocktail party on a record,” says Forever Cool executive producer Jane Ventom, “where all sorts of wonderful, unique guests get up and make music with the host.” 

That the Forever Cool recording party roared in Capitol’s legendary Studio A in Hollywood, where almost every classic Dean Martin recording was put to tape, lent the proceedings a thrilling and electric ambiance.  Song by song, spiritual and musical harmony ensued and fully enveloped each recording session. During a break in his vocal sessions, Kevin Spacey was heard to giddily mutter, “Holy ba-joley!  He’s in the room… He’s definitely in the room…”  Sax virtuoso Dave Koz politely asked the engineers to temporarily hold off the recording: “Could you just let Dean and I jam for awhile? By ourselves?”

“There was nobody cooler,” said Spacey. “The thing about Dean that’s always been astounding is that it just seems like it’s effortless. I think some people are just born entertainers.  They recognize how to relate to an audience, how to engage an audience. I also think that one of the great things Dean had was that he could relate and engage with other performers. It’s a thrill to feel a link to someone like Dean Martin.”

“There is that undeniable force that you can’t put a name on,” said Robbie Williams. “I just want to be like him in real life. Offstage, I want to be like Dean Martin – funny, handsome, charming… I’ve got it nailed (laughs).” 

“Dean had a swagger about him we all wish we had as entertainers,” said Shelby Lynne. “He’s got one of the greatest, most recognizable and smooth voices of all time. I’m not gonna lie. I’d love to be Dean Martin.”  Added Scotty Morris of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, “When you hear Dean Martin, he gives you a feeling. It’s a special gift. I love him and I want to do him justice, and I’d like to think that he’d be proud of me.”

Forever Cool’s production team includes EMI Music Marketing vice president of A&R Jane Ventom and Dean Martin’s business manager Laura Lizer as executive producers and Rob Christie as producer, with recording and mixing by co-producer and 15-time Grammy winner Al Schmitt (Norah Jones, Ray Charles, Diana Krall, Quincy Jones, etc.). Select tracks were produced by 12-time Grammy winning producer Phil Ramone (Tony Bennett, Paul Simon, Ray Charles, etc.), Grammy-winning producer, arranger and conductor Patrick Williams (Frank Sinatra, B.B. King, Barbra Streisand), and Bobby Colomby (Chris Botti). The album’s tracks were recorded and mixed at Capitol Studios in Hollywood.

“It’s a thrill to hear such a talented and diverse array of artists collaborate with Dean and celebrate his music,” said Dean Martin’s business manager Laura Lizer. “All of the artists have brought unique talents, inspiration and vibrant energy to the songs, complementing Dean with their own great styles and with a lot of love and respect for him. Forever Cool is a high-spirited, brilliant new entry in Dean’s recorded canon, and we’re proud to share it with his fans around the world. He would get a real kick out of this.”

Said Martin’s daughter, Gail Martin, “It gives me a warm glow to know that everybody – all ages, all generations – just seem to adore him and want more of him. That’s exciting, and it doesn’t surprise me.”

Of his first encounter with Martin, Jerry Lewis recalled, “That’s what I want to be like, you think.  Maybe if I hang around with him, some of that’ll rub off on me.”  In recent years Martin’s star has shone ever more brightly. In a 2004 Playboy magazine feature, writer Bill Zehme crowned Martin “the coolest man who ever lived.”  More than 40 years after knocking the Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” out of the #1 chart position with “Everybody Loves Somebody” in 1964, he continues to enthrall music fans around the world.  Said Phil Ramone, “I think Dean’s whole re-birth, so to speak, is that young people have realized how cool he is and how funny he is… and he could sing.”

“He made music that’s going to stand the test of time and be around forever,” said Spacey. “People will always be listening to Dean Martin.”

“When he sings, you believe it,” said Martina McBride. “He had a great personality that just came across and made you feel like you knew him. I feel humbled and honored and proud to be a part of this project.”  Echoed Lynne, “Some people are just naturally cool, and he was definitely naturally cool. It’s quite an honor to be a part of this.”

Martin’s effortless vocalizing has become a modern shorthand for cool, as evidenced by the use of his songs in films like Goodfellas, Casino, Swingers, Out of Sight, L.A. Confidential, A Bronx Tale and Payback, as well as top-rated television programs, including “The Sopranos,” “Ugly Betty” and ”Dancing With The Stars.” Martin’s music has also been featured in major brand TV advertising for Nissan, Microsoft, Marriott Hotels, Carl’s Jr., Heineken, this year’s Superbowl-premiered Budweiser commercial with “Ain’t That a Kick In the Head,” and many others. 

The phenomenal sales of Capitol/EMI’s 2004 collection Dino: The Essential Dean Martin, which collects 30 of Martin’s key recordings for both Capitol and Reprise on one CD, has provided the strongest signal yet of Dino’s continued prominence in the pop-music firmament.  As the week’s highest-charting new entry, it was Billboard’s “Hotshot Debut”, and it has sold more briskly than any previous Martin recording, going gold within months and platinum within a year.  Dino also hit the Top 5 on Apple’s iTunes Music Store album chart.  As Zehme observed in Playboy, “Dean provides smooth, winking succor to generations anew.” 

“No matter what age you’re at, you kind of want to be cool,” said Spacey.  “And there was nobody cooler at what he did.”  Dean Martin’s approach to life with an easy smile, a graceful melody and an aura of unflappable cool is a style that was made to last forever.

For more information, please visit Dean Martin’s official Website: www.deanmartin.com.

1.  Who’s Got The Action – Featuring Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (3:02)
     (Brooks – Duning)
     Original Arrangement By: Don Costa
     Adapted by: Joshua Levy
     Co-Produced by: Scotty Morris
     Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is: Scotty Morris, Kurt Sodergren, Dirk Shumaker, Andy Rowley,
     Glen Marhevka, Karl Hunter & Josh Levy
2.  Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Featuring Kevin Spacey (2:38)
     (Cahn – Van Heusen)
     Arranged by: Nelson Riddle
     Conducted by Patrick Williams
     Co-Produced by: Phil Ramone
3. I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face – Featuring Chris Botti (3:15)
    (Lerner – Loewe)
    Arranged and Conducted by: Gil Goldstein
    Produced by: Bobby Colomby
    Chris Botti appears courtesy of Sony BMG Music Entertainment
4. Baby-O – Featuring Paris Bennett (3:09)
   (Mercer – Rotella)
   Arranged by: Neal Hefti and Patrick Williams
   Conducted by: Patrick Williams
   Paris Bennett appears courtesy of 306 Music and Entertainment
5.  Who Was That Lady? – Featuring The Capitol Studios Orchestra (2:27)
     (Cahn – Van Heusen)
     Arranged by: Nelson Riddle
     Adapted and Conducted by: Patrick Williams
6.  Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone – Featuring Robbie Williams (2:27)
     (Clare – Stept)
     Arranged by Nelson Riddle
     Conducted by: Patrick Williams
     Robbie Williams courtesy of The In Good Company Co Limited and Chrysalis Records
 7. I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me – Featuring Joss Stone (2:29)
     (Gaskill – McHugh)
     Arranged by: Nelson Riddle
     Conducted by: Patrick Williams
     Additional Engineer: Chuck Brungardt     
8. Just In Time – Featuring Dave Koz (2:36)
    (Comden – Green – Styne)
    Arranged and Conducted by: Patrick Williams
    Co-Produced by: Patrick Williams
9. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Featuring Martina McBride (3:01)
    Arranged and Conducted by: Patrick Williams
    Co-Produced by: Patrick Williams
10. King Of The Road – Featuring Kevin Spacey (2:28)
     Original Arrangement by: Ernie Freeman
     Adapted and Conducted by: Patrick Williams
     Co-Produced by: Phil Ramone
11. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You – Featuring Big Bad Voodoo Daddy & Shelby
       Lynne (3:09)
      (Cavanaugh – Morgan – Stock)
      Arranged by: Joshua Levy (inspired by Nelson Riddle)
      Co-Produced by: Phil Ramone, with Scotty Morris
12. Arrivederci Roma – Featuring Tiziano Ferro (2:45)
      (Garinei – Giovanni – Ranucci – Sigman )
      Original Arrangement by: Gus Levine
      Additional Arrangement Adapted & Conducted by: Patrick Williams
      Co-Produced by: Patrick Williams
      Additional Engineer: Michele Canova Iorfida
13. Everybody Loves Somebody – Featuring Charles Aznavour (3:16)
      (Coslow – Lane – Taylor)
      Original Arrangement by: Ken Lane & Jimmy Bowen
      Adapted by: Tom Ranier
      Additional Engineer: Roland Guillotel
      Artistic Adviser: Lévon Sayan
14. Brahm’s Lullaby A Capella – Dean Martin (2:05)
      (Brahms – Traditional)
      Orchestral Intro Arrangement by: Pete King
      (p) 2007 Capitol Records, Inc.
(DVD contents)
Making Of Forever Cool
Classic Dean Martin film clips (details to be announced)
Source: www.emicap.com


Commemorative Release From Capitol/EMI Adds Newly Recorded Versions of Album Tracks and a Rare B-side To Original Album

George Thorogood and The Destroyers On Tour This Summer and Fall

In 1982, George Thorogood and The Destroyers first hit the rock charts with their major label debut, Bad To The Bone.  On August 14, 2007, Capitol/EMI will release Bad To The Bone: 25th Anniversary Edition, an expanded single-disc collection featuring the original gold-certified album, digitally remastered from the original master tapes for the first time, as well as six newly-recorded versions of album tracks and a rare B-side. 

By the time Bad To The Bone became Thorogood’s EMI debut, he and the Destroyers had already toured with the Rolling Stones and demonstrated their mettle by playing a tour in which they performed 50 shows in all 50 states in 50 days.  Bad To The Bone helped to catapult George Thorogood and the Destroyers (featuring drummer Jeff Simon and bassist Billy Blough) to a new level of popularity, achieving Gold sales status and spending nearly a year on the charts.  The title track became Thorogood’s first major crossover hit, fueled by heavy music video rotation on MTV.  It has maintained a remarkably durable shelf life in the years since, remaining a staple of classic-rock radio, while continuing to be a popular choice for film soundtracks and TV commercials.

Of Bad To The Bone’s iconic title track, Thorogood says, “Billy, Jeff and I had been playing that ‘Bad to the Bone’ riff for a long time, waiting for me to write some words, so that song plays fast and that’s why everybody likes it. That song carries the album.”

Beyond the title anthem, the songs span the range of Thorogood’s influences, from the Berryesque workout “Back to Wentzville” to the playful rocker “Miss Luann” to the soulful road ode “Blue Highway” to the uncharacteristically introspective blues ballad “It’s A Sin.”  He also delivers high-energy readings of the Chuck Berry classic “No Particular Place to Go” and the Isley Brothers/Human Beinz chestnut “Nobody But Me.”

Bad To The Bone: 25h Anniversary Edition augments the original album with the non-LP instrumental “That Philly Thing,” originally released as the B-side to the “Nobody But Me” single, plus six newly-recorded tracks on which Thorogood and The Destroyers offer updated versions of songs from the original album.

Bad To The Bone remains a treasured cornerstone of the Thorogood catalog.  In the years since the album’s release, Thorogood has continued to rock on his own terms, while maintaining a large and devoted fanbase. His body of recorded work encompasses a dozen studio albums and several concert recordings, and he and The Destroyers continue to actively tour to major music venues around the world. 

For more information, visit George Thorogood and The Destroyers’ official Website: www.georgethorogood.com

Bad To The Bone: 25th Anniversary Edition
1. Back To Wentzville
2. Blue Highway
3. Nobody But Me
4. It’s a Sin
5. New Boogie Chillun
6. Bad To The Bone
7. Miss Luann
8. As The Years Go Passing By
9. No Particular Place To Go
10. Wanted Man
11. That Philly Thing (BONUS TRACK – instrumental B-side)
12. Blue Highway  (NEW RECORDING)
13. New Boogie Chillun (NEW RECORDING)
14. No Particular Place To Go (NEW RECORDING)
15. As The Years Go Passing By (NEW RECORDING)
16. Bad To The Bone (NEW RECORDING)
17. Wanted Man (NEW RECORDING)

George Thorogood and The Destroyers – Confirmed Tour Dates
08/01/07 Alexandria, VA – Birchmere
08/02/07 Philadelphia, PA – Mann Music Center
08/03/07 Boston, MA – Bank one Pavilion
08/04/07 Homdel, NJ – PNC Bank Art Center
08/05/07 Pittsburgh, PA – Sand Castle Ampitheater
08/07/07 Toledo, OH – Zoo Ampitheater
08/08/07 Detroit, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre Pine Knob
08/09/07 Indianapolis, IN – White River Park
08/10/07 Cleveland, OH – Tower City Ampitheatre
08/11/07 Buffalo, NY – Darien Lakes
08/14/07 Johnson City, NY – Magic City Music Hall
08/15/07 Hyannis, MA – Cape Cod Melody Tent
08/16/07 Mashantucket, CT – Foxwoods Casino
08/17/07 Hampton Beach, NH – Hampton Beach Casino
08/18/07 Hampton Beach, NH – Hampton Beach Casino
08/19/07 Block Island, RI – Spring House Hotel
08/22/07 Westbury, NY – Music Fair
08/23/07 Atlantic City, NJ – House of Blues
08/24/07 Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
08/25/07 DuBois, PA – Treasure Lake Resort
08/26/07 Richmond, VA – Toads Place
09/21/07 Reno, NV – Silver Legacy Casino
09/22/07 Reno, NV – Silver Legacy Casino
10/05/07 Murphys, CA – Ironstone Vineyards
Source: www.emicap.com