Bug: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Bug: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2007, Lionsgate
Rating: 3/5

An eclectic and diverse collection of songs culled from the new Lionsgate film BUG. The disc features a Beatle-esque mellow track from Scott Weiland titled “Beautiful Day”. While Scott is the most easily recognized name on the disc it is clearly the song “Cowboy Boots” that stands out. It is a country song with a real southern drawl but it’s extremely catchy and has the ability to stick in your head. The Chainsaw Kittens song is the heaviest track on the disc and has some great guitar and interesting vocals. It makes you want to check them out and see what their other stuff is about. A great new discovery. The disc is rounded out by a couple of classic tracks such as “Searchin” and “Shake em Up”. Finishing off  the release is “Bug Theme” by Serj Tankian (SOAD).