Cage – Hell Destroyer Record Release w/ Agent Steel

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Hell Destroyer Record Release
 w/ Agent Steel 


Friday May 25, 2007

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Cage and Agent Steel on the same stage; quite the bill for a small club on the outskirts of < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />San Diego. They are two bands that need little introduction to those who are fans of the old school. The occasion for this show is the return of Cage with the release of “Hell Destroyer”, the bands first album since 2003’s “Darker Than Black”, which held high critical acclaim and topped several “Best of” lists for that year (my own included)





The running order was kind of strange, with newcomers Audkik (featuring the son of Cage’s Dave Garcia on guitar) on first, Cage going second, Agent Steel third, and then Aghori closing the night out.

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I arrived at the venue with Audkik already on stage. They play a mix of nu/alt metal that incorporates some death metal as well as some hardcore influences. They really were not my cup of tea so I respectfully bowed out and spent their set getting my copy of “Hell Destroyer” and enjoying the lovely weather on the porch.







Next up was Cage, the reason that most people were there, including my group. They stormed the stage with “Final Solution”, and Sean Peck giving the crowd a taste of what was in store with a nice long scream in the opening. They utilized the stage quite well for being in such a small venue and the crowd was really into it (even a small mosh pit breaking out for a few verses) The sound was surprisingly clear as well, I have seen them before at the same club and this was a major improvement.


The set comprised of mostly material from the new album (appropriate considering the occasion) with “Final Solution” and “Kill the Devil” being the only exceptions. The band played through with a lot of enthusiasm and goofed around in between songs, you could tell they were having fun with the hometown crowd, and it was easy to see that they enjoy playing the new songs just as much as we were eating them up.


I should make special note of Sean Peck’s ability as a front man; not only was he able to hold the notes for the whole set, he moved about the stage with ease and worked the crowd like a master with sing along chants, talking about what they band has been up to for the last 4 years, and of course making some of the most metal faces/poses imaginable. It was an incredibly enjoyable set, and having it comprised mostly of new material didn’t make it any less fun.


Cage Setlist:

Final Solution

I Am The King

Kill The Devil

Christ Hammer

Born In Blood

Hell Destroyer (“Hell Destroyyyyeerrrr!!!!”)

Death To Legend

Metal Devil

Legion of Demons

King Diamond







As Sean Peck put it, Agent Steel is one of the few bands capable of following Cage (of course he put it better than that, though) I was really looking forward to this set, as much if not more than Cage’s.



I have to admit that I am not as familiar with Agent Steel’s material as I probably should be. I have Unstoppable Force and Order of the Illuminati, and while I enjoy both I really don’t listen to them as frequently anymore. However, I have always heard great things about this band live and I was not disappointed. They opened up with the intro to “Day at Guyana” and then launched full speed into “Unstoppable Force”, the painfully small crowd that was still there was going insane as the band blasted through material from the first two albums then we were treated to two new songs from the forthcoming album “Alienigma” which we were told is due to drop in September.


The new songs sounded fantastic and fit in perfectly with the old school set. Bruce Hall described the new material best when he said, “It’s all fucking fast like that…no ballads.” He also made sure to note that it was fast and heavy, but they weren’t repeating themselves…clearly indicating progression and the songs definitely proved that. After the new songs they closed out the set with “Mad Locust Rising”.


Overall the sound really wasn’t that great, but regardless they band had a ton of energy and it was a treat to see how well Bruce handled the classic material; I really never cared for his voice on the albums, but he comes off a lot better live. My only real complaint is the length of the set, and you could kind of tell that the band was bummed out that more people were on the porch than there was watching them but they still put on one hell of a show regardless.







Agent Steel Setlist:

< ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Guyana Intro

Unstoppable Force


Evil Eye/Evil Minds

Bleed For The Godz

Fashioned From Dust (New Song)

Wash The Planet (New Song)

Agents of Steel

Mad Locust Rising



Last up was Aghori, and I didn’t stick around for them; but as I was leaving it seemed that the size of the crowd doubled as the people on the porch filed in for their set. After checking out their site later, they play a style similar to Audkik but clearly have quite a local following.


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