Maryslim – A Perfect Mess

Reviewed: May 2007
Released: 2007, Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Maryslim is a Swedish act formed in 1999 by Kent and Urrke T. Maryslim is a hard-touring band that has played all over the world. In 2005 they were offered to open for Hanoi Rocks on their Scandinavian tour. A PERFECT MESS is the band’s third album, and just as before this album is jam-packed with energetic, high-voltage garage rock ’n’ roll with a hint of 80’s glam/punk.
When the band ended their show in Stockholm in late 2005, Jyrki69 from the band 69 Eyes came up to them and said that the show was the best fucking show he’d ever seen. That ended up in several collaborations between the bands. One collaboration ended up on this album as the cover of “This Corrosion”, where Jyrki69 sings lead vocals. He also guests on back-up vocals on “Alive”.
Through the years, the band has created their own sound, which is really obvious once you play this album. You can instantly hear that it’s Maryslim, but compared to their previous albums they’ve really refined their sound. A few of the highlights, though the entire album is really one single highlight, are “A Perfect Mess”, “Final Warning”, “All About the Money”, “In Too Deep”, and “Something New”. The version of “This Corrosion” is simply brilliant – Jyrki69 and lead singer Mats’ voices fit perfectly together.
A PERFECT MESS was recorded in the Abyss Studio and is produced by none other than the famous Peter Tägtgren. The only thing I have against the production is that it’s maybe a little over-produced and polished. I had wished for a little sweatier, rawer, and dirtier production. But besides that, this is a grand show-off in how great Swedish rock ’n’ roll should sound. If you’re a fan of Backyard Babies or The Hellacopters, this is definitely your kind of band and album. Maryslim and 69 Eyes are headed out on the road later this year, which is something to look forward to.


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Track Listing:
1. A Perfect Mess
2. Final Warning
3. All about the Money
4. Alive
5. In Too Deep
6. Part of Me
7. High Wings
8. Something New
9. It All Comes Down
10. Demons of the Past
11. Me vs. Myself
12. This Corrosion

Kent Axén – guitar
Mats MF Olsson – lead vocals, guitar
Urrke T – bass
Patrik Jansson – drums