The Poodles – Metal Will Stand Tall

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Metal Will Stand Tall

2006, Lionheart

Rating: 3.5/5



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The Poodles is a new band consisting of a bunch of familiar and experienced musicians like Jacob (Talisman, The Ring, Midnight Sun etc), Kicken (Raw, Peter and The Chiefs), Pontus (Great King Rat, Talisman, The Ring, Zan Clan etc), and Pontus (Lion’s Share, Zan Clan etc). The album was released in < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Sweden last year, but is now being released in Europe during the band’s European tour supporting Hammerfall.


Even if the album has its heavier and darker moments, I’d say that the main part of METAL WILL STAND TALL is a feast of light melodic hard rock and melodic rock with keyboards used in moderation. Therefore, no real metal is on this album so the title is somewhat misleading. The only thing I have to object against is the many musical styles the album has; it’s a very scattered album music-wise, and it’s a little hard to figure out to which area of rock/metal fan this album appeals.


The 12 tracks on the album were written by Tommy Denander, Matti Alfonzetti, Marcel Jacob, and Jonas Reingold. There are two covers included as well: the Ultravox cover “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes” and the re-arranged song “Metal Will Stand Tall” that Jacob Samuel originally sang with his former act Midnight Sun. Because of the strong songwriters, the material is extremely solid. Jacob Samuel is an excellent singer and his voice certainly fits well with this kind of music. The musicians are the cream of the Swedish music elite crop, and they sure know how to handle their instruments.


My absolute favorite tracks are “Echoes from the Past”, “Metal Will Stand Tall”, “Lie to Me”, “Don’t Give Up on Love”, “Number One”, and “Kingdom of Heaven”. It’s moments like these that make you proud to be Swedish; the band really shows us how proper light melodic hard rock ought to be played. I’m not a fan of ballads, but both “Song for You” and “Crying” kick ass. Both songs have potential to become huge hits worldwide. We then have some songs that don’t really make the cut, like “Night of Passion”, “Shadows”, “Rockstar”, and “Dancing with Tears in My Eyes”; they’re too tame, mellow, and popish as well for a band of this caliber. METAL WILL STAND TALL has sold a great number of copies in Sweden, and it keeps on selling still today. The album was produced by Johan Lyander and Matti Alfonzetti, which unfortunately leaves something to be desired. The album would benefit from edgier guitar playing and a heavier production overall.


The Poodles’ great success in Sweden may depend on the fact that their music appeals to both fans of hard rock as well as to fans of ordinary pop/rock music, but I doubt that the hard rock fans outside Sweden are going to buy this. Their success also might come from the fact that the members are well-known musicians in Sweden and that older fans are curious and buy their new stuff. 


Overall, I do like this album, but it would be nice to hear a little harder and rawer stuff from The Poodles on their next album. Next time it would be nice if the band writes their material on their own, because I know everyone in the band can write good music.


Jacob Samuel – lead vocals

Kicken – drums

Pontus Norgren – guitar, b-vox

Pontus Egberg – bass, b-vox


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Echoes from The Past

Metal Will Stand Tall

Night of Passion

Song for You


Lie To Me

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Don’t Give Up On Love

Number One

Kingdom Of Heaven