The LoveCrave – The Angel And The Rain

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The Angel And The Rain

2006, Repo Records/Sound Pollution

Rating: 2.0/5



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The LoveCrave comes from < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Italy and is now releasing their debut album. The band plays commercial goth/dark rock with the focus put on lead vocals, sharp guitars, and keyboards. They have taken away all guitar solos and you can draw certain musical parallels between later Paradise Lost albums and they ought to appeal to fans of Paradise Lost and bands in the same genre.


The album contains 10 songs, one of which is a cover of the Duran Duran song “The Chauffeur”. The material is solid and there’s nothing major to complain about there. The thing that doesn’t work at all is lead singer Francesca Chiara’s voice; she mostly screams and has nothing of a vocal range at all. Her main purpose must be to give people a headache, because she really can’t sing. What can be said about the music then? Well, it feels a little too commercial and easy-going for my taste. It’s got potential, though, and I think that many of the younger goth fans are going to buy this.


Highlights on THE ANGEL AND THE RAIN are “Vampires (The Light That We Are)”, “Little Suicide”, “Can You Hear Me?”, “My Soul”, and “The Chauffeur”. All songs have catchy choruses and stick to your brain. The most annoying thing is Chiara’s dreadful vocals. This is not an album for those who are into proper goth music; this is too commercial to appeal to real fans of goth. Unfortunately, I don’t think that The LoveCrave is going to make it with this album. Maybe with their next…


Tank Palamara – guitar

Francesca Chiara – lead vocals

Simon Dredo – bass

Iakk – drums


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Vampires (The Light That We Are)


Little Suicide

Can You Hear Me?

Fading Roses

My Soul


The Angel And The Rain

The Chauffeur

Dark City