No More Kings

No More Kings

2007, Astonish Ent.

Rating: 2.5

My first exposure to No More Kings was a video for “Sweep The Leg”. The first impression was that it was a cool video and the song was OK but catchy. After a couple of times watching it the song seemed to get better. When I put the disc on I was surprised that several tracks were just as catchy as “Sweep the Leg”. The opening track “Zombie Me” is a great catchy pop rock track. The vocals are smooth and somewhat higher pitched in a somewhat of the same vein as Dave Matthews. The music however is more catchy and poppy than Dave’s.

The biggest surprise here is the piano ballad “About Schroeder”. It is just a piano and vocal. It sounds as if it was recorded in a big empty room as it has the echo sound. A short but very enjoyable track.

Overall an enjoyable listen but not one that you will probably listen to often.