Machine Men – Circus Of Fools

Reviewed: April 2007
Released: 2007, n/a
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

The new Machine Men album has been anticpiated for a while and finally the third opus has seen the light of day. Machine Men has succeeded in releasing nothing but the highest quality metal outputs. CIRCUS OF FOOLS isn\’t any exception when it comes to high quality metal. The five piece definitely knows how to deliver catchy traditional metal battle tunes. The album is an ultimate dream come true for any die hard metal fan wanting to raise their fist into air and bang the head. The tight and skilled playing with the crushing sounds proves the band’s professional grip on the album.

As for the Anthony\’s voice and style, he is like a new diamond to the whole genre in an awesome way. His voice has been openly compared to the golden throat of Iron Maiden\’s Bruce Dickinson and a little bit to Ozzy Osbourne. Of course it is without any doubts quite understandable a young singer is compared to such legends even though the vocalist definitely has own voice able to reach the upper register.

Despite the band’s magficent skills to compose melodic and catchy tunes and Anthony’s personal voice, several guests have been asked to take a part into the album. For example Marco Hietala(Tarot, Nightwish). Frankly when listening to the album several times in a row I was either quite hooked by the sound of Machine Men and then totally spell bound by the hooks and catchy melodic riffs. Well the running time is about 35 minutes which is definitely unexpectedly short for an album today. As stated above Machine Men appeal to all metal fanatics worshipping the traditional metal from the bottom of their heart.


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Track Listing:
Anthony – vocals
J-V – Guitar
Jani – Guitar
Eero – Bass
Jarno – Drums

1. Circus Of Fools
2. No Talk Without The Giant
3. Ghost Of The Seasons
4. Tyrannize
5. The Shadow Gallery
6. Where I Stand
7. Border Of The Real World
8. Dying Without A Name
9. The Cardinal Point