F L E S H – Pete “Flesh” Karlsson

Flesh guitarist Peter “Flesh” Karlsson

Interview by Luxi Lahtinen


The Swedish Death Metal patrol Flesh continues the tradition of twisted, nasty, brutal and old school Death Metal. With the band´s 2nd album, titled TEMPLE OF WHORES, Pete “Flesh (aka Peter Karlsson)” leaves no compromises for what his solo project Flesh has been made of. That would be: Intrigueing rhytmns, hypnotic riffs, a blessing of an unholy ghost, evil and darkness. This is all that a devoted Death Metal fan is supposed to respect in old school Death Metal in general.  

Pete talked to Metal-Rules.com in order to reveal more about this project band of his (not to forget his other both previous – and current bands from Maze of Torment to Thrown!), and made himself quite clear in the interview, that Flesh is here to stay with us at least ´til the end of humanity.

Now let´s unleash the great beast Pete himself and allow him to separate the flesh from the bones by telling us more accurately what this embodiment of morbidity called Flesh is all about…

Hey Pete… what´s going on in your mind of morbidity right at the very moment?

Not much to be honest. Trying to sort things out with the label change from Iron Fist Productions to Pulverised Records (Satariel, Dissection, In Aeternum, Watain, etc.) from Singapore. When everything will be like all should be, I will try to find some time to go back to the dungeon and start working on Flesh´s third album.

Up next, would you mind introducing yourself to the curious readers of Metal-Rules.com? Somethinig  about who you actually are, and what kind of musical background do you have in general (in bands, and vice versa)? Oh, and no need to talk about any of your lovely pets, or childhood´s X-masses spent with your whole family, etc. … ;o)

I started my first band Leprosy in 1989, never recorded anything really. Then later I moved on to bands like Decrocide and Embryo (that released one demo that I play bass on). After that I started to play in Disturbed that later become Harmony – and that became Torment and which eventually became Maze of Torment. Sounds complicated, don´t you think, ha! I recorded five albums with Maze of Torment and quit the band in 2004. Before I ended that period with them, I did a demo with The Mortician Dead featuring me, Crille and Flingan that later started up under a different moniker, as Deceiver, and Pehr Larsson from Vinterland on vocals. Deceiver started up just a few months before I left Maze of Torment, released two full-lenghts albums and one M-CD. We put Deceiver to rest in summer 2006 due to a lack of inspiration, and after that I formed the project band called Thrown together with Crille Lundin who also was in Deceiver. Between all those early years doing different stuff I had this idea to do something on my own some day – and which I did and named it as Flesh. But back then I never really knew what it would be, it was a bunch of small ideas that I had in my mind back then. After the year 2000 it started to grow more and more into some riffs here and there, and finally it developed into what it is today. Other than that, I was doing three different underground publications between the period of ´91 and ´94. The first one called Conspiracy and the two last ones were called Sadistic Bitch. I started my metal period like everyone else at my age (now when I´m 100 years old, ha!), with bands from Black Sabbath to Mothörhead to Venom to Sodom to Possessed to Mayhem and so on.

Oh, and by the way, I also have had four cats and two birds, ho-ho!!





Pete´s demo/discography:

EMBRYO – “Damnatory Cacophony” – Demo 1991
HARMONY – “Blood Angels” – Demo 1992
HARMONY – “Until I Dream” – Demo 1992
HARMONY – “The Radiance from a Star” – Cassette 1994
HARMONY / SERENADE split CD – “The Radiance from a Star” – 1997 (if I don´t remember wrong)
HARMONY – “Summoning the Past” – CD 2004. Collection of unreleased tracks from 3 different promos we recorded in ´94.
THE MORTICIAN DEAD – “Necrophalia Retribution” – Demo 2002
MAZE OF TORMENT – ” The Force” – CD 1996
MAZE OF TORMENT – “Faster Disaster” – CD 1998
MAZE OF TORMENT – “Death Strikes” – CD/Pic LP 2000
MAZE OF TORMENT – “The Unmarked Graves” – CD 2002
MAZE OF TORMENT – “Hammers of Mayhem” – CD 2005
MAZE OF TORMENT – “Brave the Blizzard” – 7″ vinyl 2003. The first recording we did with Maze of Torment back in 1995.
MAZE OF TORMENT – “Maze Bloody Maze” – 7″ vinyl 2002
DECEIVER – “Deceiver” – M-CD 2004
DECEIVER – “Riding with the Reaper” – CD 2005
DECEIVER – “Holov Posen Tro May Trot” – CD 2006
FLESH – “Dodsangest” – CD 2005
FLESH – “Temple of Whores” CD 2006
THROWN – “The Suicidal Kings Occult” – CD 2007


What were the primary reasons for you to put this band together with Flingan? It goes without even saying it that both of you must be big fans of old school Death Metal as far as the music on both Flesh albums are concerned. It´s pretty obvious you guys want your Death Metal served, heavy as hell, brutal, evil – and most of all, old school sounding, right?

Many different aspects led me to form Flesh, but of course mainly my lust and desire for this kind of metal. A place where I can put all my atmosphere and energy into; my own thoughts of morbidity, insanity and other subjects that interest me. Even if I had this idea some time ago already, I usually say that a real push to start Flesh that really got me going and working with this band, was when Chuck Schuldiner (Death) died. I can´t even put into words how much that person meant to me – like he did to many others as well. Not just when it comes to the music itself, he was also a living proof of that if you have a vision, even if no one else believe in it – and on the way you may get some enemies, you should still follow your own thing 100% percent. This is something I have always tried to do, but when you play in a band, you for example must compromise on many different things, like how you want a song to be like. In Flesh I can do whatever I want. I don´t just see Flesh like a project where I can put ideas from the old school sounding Death Metal, it´s much more for me. If I want to put in ideas from Thrash Metal, Black Metal, or just anything else, I can do it without compromising a bit with anyone. This way it also gets more personal. In the end it´s all about the atmosphere you create and about delivering your visions in an honest way. Of course, the ground in this music will always have its Death Metal roots, that´s why I formed Flesh in the first place, and that´s also why I always will say that Flesh is a Death Metal band. But I will always have space for other stuff as well. Flingan is not a part of the creative process in Flesh, but yes, we both like our Death Metal dirty and old… and a bit ´stinky´ as well, ha-ha!

What do you think some of these so-called ´retro-Death Metal´ mongers (i.e. Bloodbath, Death Breath, ChaosBreed, Necrovation, etc.) that have tried to captivate a slice of that old school Death Metal sound for their own sounds – and actually done pretty good job with it?

I like most of them, specially Necrovation. For me, all those bands (not specifically the ones you mentioned) are ´to-the-core´ when it comes to sounds, riffs, vocals, etc. to find exactly the same sound like it was presented in the old days. Absolute nothing wrong with that as I enjoy it most of the time. But I know that some have complained that I call Flesh “old school Death Metal” when it also features some other elements that are not so ´die-hard´, so I guess I´d better warn people… muah-ha-ha!! ´Old school´ to me also is that you can create something of your own. Back in the day we had bands like Grotesque and Nihilist that most people today refer to ´old school Death Metal´, but did they sound the same?? No, I don´t think so.

You have recorded 2 albums with Flesh so far (DÖDSÅNGEST (“Deathangst” in English) in 2005 and TEMPLE OF WHORES in 2006). Both were released on the small Swedish label Iron Fist Productions. Obviously it was very easy for you to get Flesh signed to the label since you have the owner of the label Thomas Nyqvist for quite some already, and have also got some other stuff released on his label before, just like all those Deceiver releases. I bet he must be sort of an easy-going guy to work with after all, isn´t he?

I told Thomas about my idea to do Flesh, he got interested and we agreed on that I would pay half of the studio and help out with the promotion. It was ok for me as I just wanted to record the album and see if I could pull it off. No high expetations from my side at all and he was really easy going with this idea. As things have moved on, we have had our arguments and different situations that maybe have destroyed some of our friendship. I have not the energy or lust trying backstabbing him now, he did some great things and some more idiotic things, and of course I´m greatful for the fact that he was interested in releasing Flesh from the first place. But that doesn´t mean that my anus is open 24 hours a day. I have moved on to Pulverised Records now and am only trying to see ahead. Thomas will still release the Thrown album on Iron Fist Productions and I hope we will be able to put some things behind us. It´s a good album that deserves the attention and should not be sacrificed because of Flesh´s situation. 


In my honest opinion, TEMPLE OF WHORES is a clear step from Flesh forward toward catchier, more evil and aggressive – and first and foremost, more structured direction compared to DÖDSÅNGEST, clearly proving that a lot of more efforts have been put into the song structures, and it has truly paid off for you on TEMPLE OF WHORES. The album sounds damn good; really crushing and punishing – and just awesome! … And your sincere thoughts about all the previously said lines, sir?

Yes, TEMPLE OF WHORES has alot more structure and thoughts into the songs. Not that DÖDSÅNGEST was a total spontanous and thoughtless album, but it was my first try and some things were really new for me. Like with the vocals, it was my first time ever singing, I reall had no technicality or skills for singing or anything. Actually the idea was that I would only do some “ruff vocals” and then would bring in someone else to sing on the album. But when I had done all the “ruff vocals”, I thought that this is 110% me, I was proud of it and could not care less if everyone would hate it… and to be honest, I really thought my vocal parts would be hated by most of the people. When I started to work on TEMPLE OF WHORES, I knew more how I wanted things to be done, and already had the experiance how to get there, too. During this period I also got my first kid, I worked on the album for more than 6 months every single day – and at the same time I was changing dipers, slept 2-3 hours a night… and finally I ended up in the hospital. I kept on working on the same hectic level when I got home… and then I ended up in the hospital once again. I kept this somewhat ´hectic´ level ´til the album was recorded, and ended up at the hospital for the third time. I always give it all when I work on a album, but I guess this time my body and brain did a revolt. Since some months back I have totally stopped drinking, just to be able to put the same kind of energy into new Flesh material when I start working on the third album. My son and the music are all to me, so I will try to keep away from the hospital in the future. It´s really enough with a cold dungeon.

Were there actually any other labels out there at that time when you were having a label hunt going on that also would have liked to ink a deal with Flesh?

No, and I never tried with any other labels.

How many albums does your deal cover with Iron Fist Productions anyway? Could you say that you have been pretty pleased with how they have promoted Flesh so far, or is there something you still would like to develop with the label as far as all these promotional matters are concerned?

The deal with Iron Fist Productions just covered one album at a time, just like with Pulverised Records. The promotion part regarding Iron Fist was not much talking about; some flyers and some small adds and that´s basically it. But this is nothing I´m annoyed with. I knew that Iron Fist was a small label and didn´t have the money, so I simply put a lot of time on my own, just spreading the name. With Pulverised Records I hope some things will be better, so I can concentrate more on the music only.

What about playing gigs with Flesh? Obviously with only you and Flingan (on drums) in the line-up, it´s just impossible to play gigs, so I gotta assume you also have some sort of a live line-up, don´t you?

Flesh will start doing shows. I have gone back and forth on that subject some time now and have had a hard time deciding if I want to do it. Well, I think I have always wanted to do it, but first I had to sort some disturbing things out. We have done some rehearsals with Flesh now and it feels really good. Besides me and Flingan, we have also got Crille Lundin for bass. Actually this live line-up is the same as the last Deceiver line-up. It feels great being back and rehearse with those guys again. But it will take some time before we will do our first show, I think. I want to record a third album and have it released first. If everything goes as planned, a new album will be out sometime early next year. So, not any shows will be done until 2008. Well, maybe just a small local one to try the songs out… or, ha-ha!! It depends on the offer, but most likely it will be around in 2008 before Flesh will hit the stages.


You come from Strängnäs, which is located near by Eskilstuna. All those three bands where you are a member of, come of course from there, but how´s overall the metal music scene in your town? Also, are there some cool places in Strängnäs to play gigs for a metal band?

To be honest, I don´t have to much knowledge about the scene in Strängnäs these days. I only know of Merciless, Maze of Torment and the stuff I do that are still active. We are starting to get old and blind, maybe we just don´t see all those younger people in the mall with their Sadus or Sarcofago T-shirts on. I don´t really think there is any bigger scene in Strängnäs nowadays. As far as I know, there is no special club for metal bands to play either. If you are lucky enough, maybe you can get a gig from a local MC-club, but that´s all, I´m afraid.

So, do you have any plans to keep Flesh going on and record at least 3rd album under this Flesh -moniker? Have you been able to pen down any new songs for Flesh since ´the Temple -sessions´?

Flesh´s third album will be released – that´s for sure. However, it all depends on the inspiration and whether I think I have something to give out from myself. Right now I have a really high inspiration starting to work on the third album. I have some ideas, riffs, etc. that I will start to work with soon. Before I´m able to start working with new stuff, I must always have some extra weeks (or months) to try to build up a certain mood, inspiration and some kind of expectation for myself before I can actually sit down with my guitar and start writing and arranging songs. The ideas must come to me, not vice versa. So, I´m really eager to start working with the new songs soon again. I have not done a song for Flesh in 10 months. The new stuff will of course still sound a lot like Flesh, but it will not be any TEMPLE OF WHORES – PART II, I can assure you that. 

You are also a member in Deceiver in which you play all guitars and do the vocals for the band. Deceiver plays some sort of an old school thrashing Heavy Metal that is said to be a mixture from such classic bands as Motörhead, Priest, Venom, Mercyful Fate and at least old Metallica. Now I need to ask from you is Deceiver closer to you musically, or is it Flesh that gets most of your sympathies due to being more of your own band than any other band that has got your involvement in them?

Flesh is and always will be – as long as I have it, my priority number one. Now when Deceiver is dead, Thrown gets all my attention when we are working on it, and sometimes whenever a riff pops up from somewhere that fits for Thrown, I just save it for later. Thrown doesn´t sound anything like Deceiver; it´s heavier musically, but both bands do share some of those same influences, no doubts. Also Crille is a part of the creative progress in Thrown, so I don´t write all the stuff. When it comes to what I like the most musically… well, I like all the old stuff from Mercyful Fate to Judas Priest as much as from Death to Possessed. The point is that I can also find inspirations from those more Heavy Metal bands into Flesh as well, but it´s wholly done in a different way.

How would you say the song writing process for Deceiver differs from the song writing for Flesh? Or is there actually that big difference after all if we just leave all this labeling of both of the bands´ music outside of the question?

When I write stuff for other things, but Flesh, it doesn´t differ from dedication or honesty towards the material I write. But with Flesh I write for myself, and it´s only me that have to like it. When you are in a band, you must always have in mind that other band members must agree with and like the material. Also, when I write for Flesh, I get into a more paralyzed state of mind and don´t have too much connection with the outside world. I never do any rehearsals with Flesh before a studio visit. I meet Flingan some days before and go through the stuff how I want the drums to sound like – and then we also try out some stuff in the studio: The guitars, bass and vocals that I have rehearsed on my own for several months while trying out the songs and different arrangements for 100 times.

Do you have to be in a certain mood, or state of mind when writing stuff for your bands you are a part of? Have you ever faced any kinds of dilemmas when being in the middle of your song writing activities like you have thought at first that you have meant some pf the riffs that you have come up with, belonging to f.ex. Deceiver, but eventually you have still ended up using them for either Flesh or Thrown?

Being in a certain mood part I can´t describe any better, it´s just something that has to be there. Writing riffs that end up somewhere else, has not happened too often. It´s more a state of mind of knowing where to put a certain energy into; into a vision or idea. If I work with a Flesh song, and somewhere in the middle of my song writing comes up with, let´s say, a Mercyful Fate sounding riff, I simply use it in the Flesh song. If it was there for a purpose for a song, it would be stupid to take it away just because it should not be there referring to different, certain genres.

Tell me about this Thrown in which you play guitars, drums and do the vocals. What inspirited you to put this band together in the first place?

The main reason was that I had some riffs laying around for several years and I also wanted to try out playing drums, something I never had done before. I asked Crille if he wanted to join me and also contribute on some material. We got really satisfied with the result, this was a really cool spontaneous thing with a lot of work behind it, in a short period of time. All the songs, vocals and drums were only rehearsed within one and a half month before we entered the studio. I´m sure there will be another album some day. If it takes five years it doesn´t matter. This is something we can be doing when our brains and muscles are too old for Death Metal… This is our pension, ha-ha!!

What kind of expectations do you have about Thrown´s debut album THE SUICIDAL KINGS OF OCCULT how people will take it?

To be honest we would not care too much if everyone hated the album. We had a goal; we achieved it and are bloody satisfied with it now. But I´m sure that some people with an open mind will enjoy this record. If I look at the response we have got from our myspace site thus far, many people with all kinds of musical backgrounds have given us a really good feedback about it. Maybe it also is an album that must have its time to grow on you, it´s kinda hard to say. Also, I guess it must be said that none of us have done an album like this before.

You recorded the album at the Abyss Studio last year with Peter Tägtgren. How it was working with him in the first place? Did he give you any useful tips during the recording process that helped you to achieve a whole new atmosphere for the album, or even gave it more depth to your album than you originally expect to achieve when you entered in to record the album?

I didn´t record the album with Peter; it was with his brother Tommy who has his studio besides Peter´s. I have worked with Tommy many times before and we really start to understand each other. He listens to my ideas, disagrees sometimes, but nevertheless do what I say to him, and in the end we are both very satisfied with the result anyway. Sometimes it´s vice versa like it should be in a creative process. I always try to be as well-prepared as I can before a studio visit in order to avoid a stupid fucking slacker time. I´m there to put months of hard work into it. It´s a final trip, and I bloody am working nights and days to give it a worthy ending before I go home. Nobody helps me to find a special atmosphere; it´s no one other´s work than my own. Flingan is there to play drums like I want them to sound like on the record, and Tommy is there helping me to find a good sound that I look for, it´s just as simple as that. And both of them do a great job, otherwise I would change my working partners.

How do you divine time between Flesh Deceiver and Thrown? Is it hard to keep all of them above the surface, organizing reasonable time and devotion for each band so that they all get an equal treatment from you?

Now when Deceiver is dead I only concentrate on Flesh, and of course find some time for Thrown when it demands it. Thrown will be something that is there and floating around ´til it´s time for another recording. I work with Flesh every day in one way or the other; for interviews, fan mails, orders, labels, etc. Could I predict all this happening to me when I was in the studio recording DÖDÅNGEST? For sure not, but I´m fucking greatful that this is truly happening to me!

You have also played in Maze of Torment previously. Actually you hammered down guitar lines on the first 3 Maze of Torment albums (on THE FORCE; released on Corrosion Records in 1997, on FASTER DISASTER; released via Iron Fist Productions in 1998 – and on DEATH STRIKES; on Necropolis in 2000). How was it to be a part of that band back in the day, and what those days with them taught you as a musician? I guess as it was your first real band, it was also sort of learning process for you at the same time how to grow with your music step by step as well as how to develop yourself a musician. So, did I nail it down pretty well for you in these lines above, he?

As you know by now, I played on 5 Maze of Torment albums, and as far as I know Maze of Torment´s 6th album, titled HIDDEN CRUELTY, has been released now with a new line-up, I guess. Anyway, Maze of Torment was my prior 1 for 12 years, it was my flesh… funny said. As a musician, I don´t know if I learnt much being a part of the band, it was not so much cooperation between the other members in that way. I have developed more as a musician doing the stuff I have done since I left. Now I don´t mean any type of  Yngwie Malmsteen guitar wankering or anything like that though. Hell, I don´t even see myself as a guitarist in that way, I have just become a better song writer, I guess. Anyhow, I don´t regret anything we did together in the past, and I think that some of the albums are really good, especially the three first ones.

So, can you tell what kind of things you have brought from Maze of Torment into the sound of Flesh? There must be at least a few things in common musically, especially when we come to a riff department…

I must have brought something into Flesh as I did most of the riffs in Maze of Torment, but it´s hard to point out exactly what. Strange enough no one has ever mentioned that Flesh and Maze of Torment sound alike when it comes to the riffs, but on the other hand I have not done so much primitive Thrash Metal riffing in Flesh, yet anyway. Maybe with Flesh I do all that how I wanted Maze of Torment to sound like sometimes. Maze of Torment was about a lot of compromising that I don´t have to deal with Flesh at all now. Nothing meant in a negative way as we all have different tastes and it´s hard to get everyone pleased with one song. I even had problems with myself sometimes, not knowing what I wanted to do. With Maze of Torment, it was a long period… five albums altogether. Someone wants an album to be more like thrashy, some other more Death Metal –orientated… and then someone wants to tune down the guitars – and some others don´t. As long as both parties are pleased with what they are doing nowadays, then all´s well.

As far as I know, you are a big fan of both late ´80s and ´90s Death Metal, adoring the works of such bands as Exmortis, Atheist, Possessed, Autopsy, Grotesque and of course Death – just naming only these few bands as good examples. So, I believe you, as a kid back in the day, was hunting down lots of killer underground Death Metal stuff for yourself via tape trading scene the same way just like I did – trying to make all new and interesting discoveries out from the underground Death Metal scene at that time, does this correct?

Yes, you are more than correct Luxi… All of those 6 bands you mentioned there, are still big faves of mine – and just like everyone else at that time, I did a lot of tape trading, too. I remember when I got the Tormentor´s ANNO DOMINI and Rotting Christ´s ADES WINDS demos tape traded to me, they totally changed my life. Not that it was my first experience with the underground stuff, it´s even more when it came to the music itself. Tormentor was my first step into a real obscure stuff and I got bonded by it directly. Nothing can ever top that when I heard them for the first time. Besides the ones I just mentioned, the closest to my heart musically were Bathory´s IN THE SIGN OF THE BLACK MARK, Mayhem´s DE MYSTERIIS DOM SATHANAS and Nifelheim´s SERVANTS OF DARKNESS as far as more obscure stuff was concerned. Other stuff that had a big impact on me at that time, was when I heard bands like Death, Sadus, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Massacra, Sepultura, Sarcofago, Agressor, Exmortis, Nuclear Assault, Desultory, Dismember and Carnage (both of them were my top faves in the Swedish Death Metal). I could surely go on for a while – listing all these bands, but you get the picture anyway. But one other demo I must mention, was the Katatonia demo, also one of my top faves of all times.

What Death Metal bands from ´back from those days, would have deserved to have albums out before splitting up for good, in your opinion? I assume Exmortis would be one of them on your list, but what else? Dr. Shrinker? Fatal? Infernal Heirarchy (ex-False Prophet)? Timeghoul? Some other band(-s)?

Woah, I must go back really far in time to remember. Tormentor released one album a long time later… hmmm. Exmortis. I guess I even don´t have to mention them; they were fuckin´ superb! Dr. Shrinker was of course worth a recording deal. As for the rest you mentioned there, I honestly don´t really remember any other bands that I really think were worth a recording deal, but I guess there were just tons of them more. Ah, almost forgot. Two bands from Eskilstuna that I thought were really good, were Macrodex and Cronic Decay. Then also another Swedish band called Absurd. Uh, this was a hard one Luxi. Maybe I have just been in my creative bubble for way too many years now…

What are, in your opinion, some of the best new Death Metal bands that have managed to capture that ´90s -vibe the best possible way into their own sounds, basically staying exceptionally loyal to their true ´masters´ if I could use this description?

I have not heard them all, but Kaamos, Necrovation and Tribulation are all good to me. Actually I also like the Finnish ChaosBreed. I think they do it in a cool way (or did. ChaosBreed = R.I.P. ~ Luxi corrects). Two bands from Germany that I like, are Purgatory and Necrotic Flesh. Different styles and maybe not so new bands, but they are all good.

Is there anything wrong in today´s Death Metal scene from your point of view? Do you think most of the bands are pretty faceless and boring these days without an ability to stand up from the masses by something that give them their own, sort of a trademark´ish sound?

I do think that a lot of bands follow too much what others say, what is wrong or what is right, and that is what actually makes them faceless. But to be honest, I don´t really care, people can do whatever they want to. A few may say a band like Flesh is pointless thing to do because it has no soul and it just copycats everything that has been done several times already. I guess it´s simply up to an observer / listener to find stuff that they feel connected with.


How do you see yourself Flesh holding the torch of ´the ancient ones´ in today´s underground Death Metal scene, by the way? Do you believe there´s enough space for Flesh in today´s Death Metal world so that even a handful old school Death Metal could find you and buy your albums?

My personal strong feel is that there is still room for Flesh, and for its music it creates. The response I have received so far, hasn´t only come from these so-called die-hard old school fanatics. Both Black – and Thrash Metal people also seem to be keen on the Flesh stuff. Also, there are always coming new generations that discover this kind of music. I didn´t start Flesh because I saw the old school Death Metal wave coming. To be honest, I didn´t even see it coming, and if I had really wanted to be on that wave, I would have done different stuff from the very beginning.

If Flesh was some particular organ in a human body, what organ would it be?

A pussy that looks like a Gorby pirog when you squeeze it.

Ok, I guess I´m done and would like to thnk you Pete for your time and devotion you sacrificed for this interview. If you have anything to add, feel free to throw the last comments of yours to the end of the interview – just go ahead…!!

Thanx to you Luxi and Metal-Rules.com for the support and the space, really appreciated!!!!! People be welcomed to get in touch with me.









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