The Morning Stars – You Can’t Change The World

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You Can’t Change The World

2006, Volume Records
Rating: 3.5/5


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Simple music with great melodies and harmonies. Songs that help you kick back and chill. Not overly lively or upbeat but it does keep a pretty steady pace.

In places such on the song “Don’t Waste Time”, Ivic’s voice is very reminiscent of U2’s Bono. It’s so close in fact that you’d almost swear it was Bono. His vocal’s are clear and smooth and have that familiar sound to them that you can’t quite pinpoint. The only time you can compare is in a couple instances where the Bono-esque Ivic surfaces.

Musically speaking the cd is very clean with zero distortion and all instrumentation is mixed well. Everything is heard quite clearly. The harmonies and acoustic guitars benefit majorly from this and give it a bit of a Beatles feel to it.


An relatively enjoyable disc to kick your feet up to and take it easy.


Mars Ivic – Vocals/Guitar
Michael Ivic – Vocals/Bass
Devrim Eldelekli – Guitar
Donn Dixon – Drums