Sharlee D’Angelo of Arch Enemy

Sharlee D’Angelo of Arch Enemy

Interviewed and pics by Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Jenny Walroth at Century Media Sweden for the help with this interview

I met up with bass player Sharlee D’Angelo of Arch Enemy as he, and the band, were about to kick off the Scandinavian part of the “Close Up Made Us Do It” tour in Malmö Sweden. Unfortunately, the interview was brief, but here is what Sharlee and I talked about.  


Hi Sharlee, we do not have too much time on our hands so lets kick off the interview right away, how long have you been out on tour for your new album DOOMSDAY MACHINE?

Hi, well we’ve been out on the road for about 1,5 years I think.

Where in the world do you think Arch Enemy is the biggest at the moment?

I’d guess that we’re biggest in Japan and the States.

Do you think that all the touring in the States has helped the selling points of DOOMSDAY MACHINE?

Yes, it ought to have made some difference, you really have to be in the face of the American crowd and make sure that they doesn’t forget you. And much because of all the touring over there have the new album sold much better than the previous one.


You’re still touring for your last album which came out in 2005. How long are you going to stay on tour and are you writing any new material?

Yes we are writing material because we have Pro-Tools avaliable in our tourbus and drummer Daniel have become an expert on that. We have written a lot of riffs that we’re working on but it’s too soon to say in which direction we’re going to go this time. We have embryon to lets say about 13 song at the moment.

Do you think you will work with producer Richard Bengtsson again?

As it is now I’m not sure, but I do loved to work with him and I now that everyone in the band enjoys working with Richard. Especially Angela because he coached her and learnt her a lot about singing because he’s an old singer. What I do know is that Andy Sneap is going to be involved in our new album.

You are launching your Scandinavian tour tonight here in Malmö Sweden, why are you so cheap with touring here compared to America and Japan?

That’s much because of the fact that it’s really hard for a band of our caliber and musicstyle to tour in Scandinavia. Bands like Hammerfall have it much easier to land gigs in Scandinavia for some reasons.

It was a while ago since you met your Swedish fans, is it gonna be fun to be on stage tonight?

Yes, it was a while ago and of course it’s going to be a blast to meet our Scandinavian fans once again.

How come you’re headlining this tour package?

We did it because we were asked to and also because the organizer, Close-Up (Swedish metal paper magazine), that’s a rock to lean on.


The bands you’re touring with, Coldworker and Path Of No Return, are you familiar with them?

No, unfortunatley I don’t know hardly anything about them but it’s going to be interesting to see and listen to them tonight.

The tour ends the 10th of December, what are you gonna do after that?

After that it’s time for a Christmas break and we’re heading to South America in January, after that I’m not really sure what’s happening but lets say if Slayer calls and wants us then of course we’ll be there.

Why did Chris Amott leave Arch Enemy?

He was kind of tired of playing with the band which showed at the end. Chris joined us straight after finishing school and had never lived any other kind of life, like the rest of us have done, which at the end he longed to do, that’s why.

When you played at Ozzfest you took in Gus G on guitar, how was it to play with Gus and did he have a hard time to learn Chris guitarparts?

It was fun to have Gus in the band if only for a short while, he and Chris shares pretty much the same background when it comes to playing the guitar so he didn’t have any problems with playing Chris parts. It worked really well on the personal level with Gus as well. 

I know that Gus was offered the position as a steady member in Arch Enemy but turned it down, what was your thoughts about that?

No that’s wrong, he was never offered a steady membership in the band. He made it pretty clear at the beginning that he wanted to focus on his own band Firewind as much as possible so there were never any thougths of him replacing Chris for the long term. But we’re really greatful that he could join us on Ozzfest so that we could go there and perform.

Instead Fredrik Åkesson replaced Chris. Why did you chose him as a new guitarist and how has it worked with a new member in the band?

Michael got the number of Fredrik from Leif Edling (Candlemass) and simply called him up and asked him if he was interested of joining us, which he was. We rehearsed and went out on 2 US tours and 1 European tour as well as 2 tours in Japan. All that touring was to make sure he really fit the band, both musicwise and on a personal level. He sure stood the test and now we’re really happy with having him with us.

Did you knew Fredrik from before or is he a brand new acquaintance?

No, I didn’t knew him from before but Michael was familiar with him therfor he called him up.

Do you have any idea on how many copies you have sold of your albums until today?

No, I don’t have a clue to be honest, that you have to ask out label about. What I can say is that we’re selling more and more copies of every album we releases.

Are you happy with the work with Century Media have put into the promotion etc of the band?

Before we had a somewhat chilly relationship with CM which got warmer when we sat down to negotiate a new deal. We decided to forget about the past and instead focus on the future so today everything is fine and we’re really happy with everything the label has put into Arch Enemy.

You released a double DVD in early 2006, what can you tell us about it?

Well, what can I say. It’s a double DVD shot in London at the end of 2004. The DVD enhances a lot of bonus stuff and everything you possibly want to know about us you can find the answer to on the DVD. People maybe think that we should have released it during 2005 but we simply haven’t had the time to watch all of the material to be honest, we had to hire in people to watch the material so that it was going to be relased at all, that’s how busy we are ha,ha. And I can promise you that our next DVD is gonna be even better and bigger with more gear talk.


Are there any plans on releasing any live album with Arch Enemy?

No there aren’t any plans on doing it today eventhough I personally love live albums. It seems like the fans prefer live DVD’s instead.

When can we expect to find the next Arch Enemy album out in the stores?

Sometime during 2007-08 maybe, I’m not sure at the moment.

How many bands are you currently involved in?

3, obviously Arch Enemy as well as Spiritual Beggars and Witchery.

You are/were bass player in the legendary Danish act Mercyful Fate, have you talked anything with King Diamond lately? Is there any plans on working with King in the future?

I talked to him this summer actually and he was open for reuniting Mercyful Fate which I stand positive too. The only thing that gets in the way is time…when King has time I don’t and vice versa. Besides that I think he’s pretty satisified with having his own band where he decides everything.

Are there anyting you’d like to say to the readers and fans out there?

A big thanks to all the fans who bought our albums and have come to our shows through the years, thanks to you Anders for taking the time to interview me.

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