Krux – II

Reviewed: February 2007
Released: 2006, GMR Music Group
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Leif Edling leads this all-star band which shares a lot of musical similarities with Edling’s main band Candlemass. This is Krux’s second album, and since winter is currently creeping into Sweden it’s nice to have such a brilliant album as comfort through the long and dark days.

I thought Krux’s debut album was a minor masterpiece despite Mats Levén’s overqualified voice, and II is an even better album. On II, Levén’s voice has grown into the music and now works brilliantly. It seems like Edling has saved his most sad and dark slow-motion riffs for this album instead of using them in Candlemass, because this album is really slow and incredibly heavy and dark. I think Edling has overdone himself this time, because the entire album is a stunning display of excellent doom metal.

Of the 8 tracks there are only 3 that aren’t as good as the rest, and it’s easier to point out the “weaker” songs than all the great ones. Those 3 are “Devil Sun”, “Pirates”, and “Big Empty”, but besides these 3 the rest of the material is absolutely outstanding. With II, Edling once again shows us that he is a doom metal genius in all ways possible. But let’s not forget the skilled armada of experienced musicians that are also featured on II. Taking a look at the lineup, it would be strange if this album wasn’t a hit. Krux is now about to go on the road in Scandinavia and Europe; something I’m really looking forward to witnessing live.


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Track Listing:
Devil Sun
Sea Of Doom
Lex Lucifero
Depressive Strokes Of Indigo
Too Close To Evil
The Big Empty

Mats Levén – lead vocals
Leif Edling – bass
Jörgen Sandström – guitar
Fredrik “…kesson – guitar
Peter Stjärnvind – drums
Carl Westholm – keyboards