Agro – Ritual 6

Reviewed: February 2007
Released: 2006, Armageddon Music/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Agro is a South African band that was formed in 1992. They have previously released 5 full-length albums and have toured their home country as well as Europe. The band plays ordinary modern metal with nothing extraordinary about it. Keyboards were added to give the music a little bit of a symphonic touch. Lead singer Cliff Crabb tries to sound mean and aggressive – something at which he utterly fails.

Agro’s music has small similarities with Soilwork, Darkane, and Dark Tranquility, but with a more primitive approach. Even though the members are highly skilled and know what they’re doing, there is a part missing somewhere: lead singer Crabb. None of the songs are the least bit impressive, nor do they leave any kind of lasting impression on me. The entire album can be summed up with one word: boring.

The only positive thing about Agro is that they come from South Africa; it’s always fun to have acts from different countries, but that’s about the only redeeming quality. Don’t feel like you might have missed out on the band’s previous albums; be glad that you bought other albums that you have probably had more fun with.


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Track Listing:
Carpe Diem
10 x Over
Time Heals Old Wounds
Tr 333
The Crimson Sea
A Place Of Healing

Shane Pennicott – guitar
Grant Merricks – drums
Cliff Crabb – lead vocals
Nick Vassilev – keyboards
Robert Riebler – bass