January 2007

The Mudmen announce new Canadian dates

The Mudmen just announced some new shows for Canada. Dates below. Check them out if they are in your neck of the woods.



Source: www.mudmen.ca

Society 1 Enter The Studio

2006 proved to be a very interesting year for Society 1. With television appearances on FX, Inside Edition, Dr. 90210, The Daily 10 and The Omen DVD, they barely had time to record new material or play live. Matt “The Lord” Zane had this to say: “The band was very active this past year…a little too active. With the television appearances, the release of ‘The Years Of Spiritual Dissent,’ my radio show ‘Why Do We Live?’ and the reality show I was putting together, we barely had time to really concentrate on new material. We only did two live performances and three acoustic sets at NAMM. Before we knew it, it had been a year since we have been on the road.” Realizing the need for new material Society 1 are back in the studio recording. Although at this time, it is unclear what the new tracks are for. Zane had this to say “We are going to shop these tracks and see what comes about but we are only signing a deal if it makes sense. If nothing does we will record some more and release the record ourselves.” Here are some pictures showing Society 1 hard at work interestingly enough at Platnium Sound with Paul Hilton. This was the studio that ‘Slacker Jesus’ and ‘Words As Carriers’ were recorded, which Paul Hilton was the engineer on both. Iblis and Berzerk were present but refused to be photographed.
Source: www.roguepr.com

VICE likes Soundtracks

Imagine The Graduate without “Mrs. Robinson.” Rocky III without “Eye of the Tiger.” Apocalypse Now without “The End.” The key to a good soundtrack is in its subtlety, it’s ability to match up and further the images of the film. And in its ability to kick ass and get tunes stuck in your head for days.
Over here, we’re pretty pleased with ourselves with the soundtrack we’ve put together for the VICE Guide to Travel. When I day dream of Gavin McInnes and David Cross bumbling through China, Japanther’s staccato “The Gravy” runs right along with it. When I think of Shane Smith going on the quest for the Bulgarian Dirty Bomb, 5ive’s “Soma” plays in my mind as I picture the countryside rolling by. Check out that chilling clip here: vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1401670273
If you’ve ever picked up a copy of VICE magazine, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time looking at the back cover. American Apparel and VICE fit so nice together that we’ve joined forces to bring you the VICE Guide to Travel Soundtrack. If you haven’t picked up the DVD yet, haul ass to the American Apparel nearest you. Not only can you pick up a hoodie and ogle the ass of their notoriously fiiiine employees, when you buy the DVD those nice people will give you a CD soundtrack. For free.
One thing to note about the soundtrack though – we were probably real hung over when we made this boo boo, but we screwed up the info about the Japanther song on the soundtrack. We were still chugging water and popping advil when Japanther was kind enough to tell us how to spell “Gravy” and to enlighten us that it’s from their album Yer Living Grave on Tapes Records. Check out Japanther and the other amazing art coming from Tapes Records at www.japanther.com and www.tapesrecords.com.
You can’t buy the soundtrack in any other store, but you can preview it over at the Guide To Travel music player: www.viceland.com/guidetotravel/music.php
Fashion, music, dirty bombs, guns and short shorts. Who could ask for anything more.
Source: www.vice-recordings.com

Call it Commando Pop.  Call it Mad Pimp.   Call it whatever you want, but pay attention because Jen Militia is back!  Berlin Boot Camp, the band’s third album, will hit the streets early 2007 supported by a tour that takes the band from Toronto to Charlottetown.
Jen Militia is a group of illegal rock combatants.  Their explosive sound has been described as having the throw down factor of The Clash, the soul of Mary J. Blige, the raps of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the straight funk of Rage Against the Machine.
“If you take the sexiness of hip hop and the swagger of punk rock then you pretty much know what we’re about,” says Trinidad-born frontman Mike Dainjah. 
Dainjah returned to his MC roots in 2004 after a stint with blues rock band Stone Prophets.   He is backed by virtuoso guitarist Jay Double, the powerhouse rhythms of Christion and Kyle Nova, Holla the entertainer and notorious beat-jacker Gord Pesst.  Their mission: to reclaim the airwaves from the Sucka MCees.
Girls, gin and revolution are Jen Militia’s forte but introspection is never far behind.  Jen Militia’s songs cover everything from love to loss to the pursuit of freedom. “Citizen” reminisces about being in love with a ‘broken girl’, on the driving lead single “Not A Test” Dainjah growls at the Sucka Mcs “come on out your graves for the mind!” and with “5GF” there is no mistake: “Got 5 girlfriends and no control but the 2 I love best are rock and roll.”

Tour Dates:
Jan. 25 – 9 pm – Coach & Horses, Windsor ON Jan. 26 – 8 pm – EP Taylor’s Durham College – Oshawa ON Jan. 27 – 9 pm – The Lazy Duck, Sarnia ON Jan. 28 – 9 pm – Norma Jeans, London ON  – London CD Release Party Feb. 1 – 9 pm – Clark Hall Pub, Kingston ON Feb. 5 – 9 pm – Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa ON  – Ottawa CD Release Party Feb. 7 – 9 pm – The Paramount Lounge, Moncton NB Feb. 8 – 9 pm – The Cellar, Fredericton NB Feb. 9 – 10 pm – Nep-Tunes Bar, St. John NB Feb. 11 – 9 pm – Brennan’s, Charlottetown PEI Feb. 17 – 8 pm – The Red Rooster, Burlington ON Feb. 20 – 9 pm – The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON  – Toronto CD Release Party Feb. 22 – 10 pm – Fiddler’s Green, Cambridge ON
Feb. 24 – 9 pm – Red Square, St. Catharine’s ON 
Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca

Frontiers Records


Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of DANTE FOX new studio album entitled “Under The Seven Skies” on March 23rd 2007.
Recorded at MadHat Studios in Wolverhampton, UK, DANTE FOX’s long awaited third album has all the classic signature hooks running through their veins with tracks like “Hold Out Your Hands” and “Goodbye To Yesterday” being typical examples. The new material has a strong classic hard rock flavour making this album something special when compared to the band’s previous releases – more energy, more power and extreme excitement.

Guitarist Tim Manford presents the new effort saying that: “It is evident that individual performances are very impressive and the end results have produced a much more mature and confident sounding album”. “We hope the fans will warm to the new music as much as we do”, concludes Manford which points at the title track as the most relevant example of the new songwriting abilities “It was the first song written as a team by all the lineup members This happens to be an nine minute epic, with string arrangements, classic Brian May-esque harmony guitars and as usual Sue’s passionate vocal”.

The new band’s line-up includes now Mick Hales on drums (a veteran of the midlands rock scene), bass player Mike Dagnall and keyboard player / guitarist Roman Wieckowski.

The first track recorded “Breakin’ Me Down” has had heavy rotation on Steve Price’s Show on ARFM with great reaction and support. Same happened to the song “The Last Goodbye” which was exclusively aired during the Christmas holidays on the Frontiers Records myspace site.

“Under The Seven Skies” will include the following tracks:

The Last Goodbye; Firing Guns; Hold Out Your Hand; Breakin’ Me Down; Goodbye To Yesterday; Walkin’ The Line; Love Tried To Find You; Save Me; Lucky Ones; Under The Seven Skies.

DANTE FOX are looking forward to the release of the album and taking the new songs on the road. Frontiers Records will release the new album worldwide on March 23rd 2007.


JADED HEART signed recently a new agreement with Frontiers Records for the production of their forthcoming studio album.

The group has been busy writing new tracks recently and among the new titles there are “See The Light”, “Crazy”, “Crush That Fear” and “You Can’t Deny”. The new album will be recorded during the spring 2007 for a release pencilled in the fall. You can expect another solid and riveting melodic Hard Rock album from Germany’s finest !


The German Melodic Hard Rock masters FAIR WARNING have launched their new official website www.fair-warning.de Check it out !


Danny Vaughn has announced an release party for the release of the new album “Traveller” out on Frontiers Records on February the 16th 2007.

The party will take place on Saturday, February 10 at THE RIG: ROCK CITY in NOTTINGHAM, UK

Straight from Danny: “This will be a very special party that we are having for ourselves and our fans. Where a lot of bands would put on the cd, sit back and get drunk, we’re gonna play the album live!  Oh yeah, we’ll get drunk too, but that’s later. Doors will open at 7:30 and we suggest you get there early. We will start promptly at 8pm. We’re going to be playing a short, 45 minute set of about 8 songs from the new cd with a couple of your old faves thrown in for good measure”.

The door charge for the event is 6 pounds in advance. Tickets can be purchased at these on line outlets:
see tickets / way ahead
let legged pineapple


HOUSE OF LORDS + Special Guest (TBA)
Friday 12th January 2007             USA, New Port Richey FL – Bourbon Street
Saturday 13th January 2007         USA, Jonesboro GA – Breakers Music Hall
Sunday 14th January 2007            USA, Murfreesboro NC – Zakk’s
Tuesday 16th January 2007          USA, Hartford CT – Webster Theater/Underground
Wednesday 17th January 2007      USA, Worcester MA – Lucky Dog Music Hall
Friday 19th January 2007             USA, Newport RI – Newport Blues Café
Saturday 20th January 2007         USA, Springfield VA – Jaxx
Sunday 21st January 2007  &n bsp;         USA, Farmingdale NY – Crazy Donkey
Wednesday 24th January 2007      USA, Caledonia OH – The Wet Spot
Thursday 25th January 2007         USA, Cincinnati OH – Rhino’s (Bar & Grill)
Friday 26th January 2007             USA, Bridgeville PA – RPM’s Rock Club
Saturday 27th January 2007         USA, Cincinnati OH – Rhino’s
Wednesday 14th February 2007     Germany, Hannover – Musikzentrum
Thursday 15th February 2007        Belgium, Verviers – Spirit of 66
Friday 16th February 2007            Germany, Hamburg – Headbanger’s Ballroom
Saturday 17th February 2007        Germany, Bochum – Matrix
Sunday 18th Fe bruary 2007 TBA   
Monday 19th February 2007 Germany, Scheinfeld – Pottrock Live Music Hall
Tuesday 20th February 2007         Germany, München – Backstage
Wednesday 21st February 2007     Switzerland, Pratteln (Basel) – Konzertfabrik Z7
Thursday 22nd February 2007       Italy, Seregno (Milan) – Seven 70
Friday 23rd February 2007            Italy, Trofarello (Turin) – Il Peocio
Saturday 24th February 2007        Italy, Cascina (Pisa) – Metarock
Sunday 25th February 2007 TBA   
Monday 26th February 2007 Germany, Frankfurt – Sinkkasten
Tuesday 27th February 2007         Spain, Barcelona – Mephisto
Wednesday 28th February 2007     Spain, Madrid – Ritmo y Compas
Thursday 1st March 2007& nbsp;            Germany, Obermarchtal – Kreuz
Friday 2nd March 2007                 Czech Republic, Prague – Retro Music Hall

Jan. 20 2007 NCO-Club, Schwaebisch Hall, Germany
Feb. 1 2007 Colossaal, Aschaffenburg, Germany

February 22 – Copenhagen, DK – The Rock
February 24 – St. Petersburg, RU – Ice Palace (rock festival)
February 25 – Moscow, RU – Apelsin Club
Source: www.frontiers.it

NEVERLAND sign deal

Escape Music are pleased to announce the signing of Neverland, a progressive power metal band from Switzerland. These dedicated guys have found a perfect mix      of classical riffs and melodies and fused them with progressive elements. The result is a very classy album that traces elements of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Kamelot and Royal Hunt, but they have a distinct originality all of their own. The album is produced by Tommy Vertelli, known for his excellent work with Kreator and Coroner.
Neverland was formed in 1999 by Daniel Huber and Boris Stoll who first met while studying music in Zurich. From the very beginning they were trying to find the perfect mix of classical riffs and melodies as well as progressive elements. With Andreas Mislin, Roland Jost and keyboard player Manuel Wagner they soon had a team of musicians together that were sharing the same vision and were ready to push and establish the group.
The search for an equal singer for the band turned out to be very difficult, but when Mike Zotter joined the band in 2003 the group was finally ready for a first strong statement. Preparing themselves for the recording sessions of their first album, Neverland had to deal with some musical and personnel problems within the band. Mike Zotter, Manuel Wagner and the rest of the group had to part ways. What seemed to be a hard set back for the band turned out to be a blessing in many ways. Jean Marc Viller, the powervoice from Bern, joined the band just in time to record all the tracks prepared. He turned out to be the singer Neverland was always looking for. Finally keyboardist Oliver Benz, first hired as a helping hand, joined the group during the recording sessions to become the bands new keyboard player.
Everyone who’s willing to put Neverland’s music in a box can easily drop the names of groups like Symphony X, Royal Hunt, Kamelot or Dream Theater. But
those who are listening with open ears will acknowledge the potential of this group and line-up. This band wants to get its own place in their genre and their journey has only just begun….
The track-list of the album entitled “Schizophrenia” will be as follows: Schizophrenia, When Darkness Falls, Mysteria, Anger, Anguish, Take My Advice, Buy Your Dream, Neverland and Brave   Warrior
The release date is set for March 21…
Source: www.zinkmusic.com


With overwhelming Canadian fan support, UK pop punkers Buck Brothers are making their 3rd trip to Toronto in 18 months.  This time for Canadian Music Week and a mini tour around Ontario and Quebec.
This power pop trio from across the pond brings with them the raucous attitude and excitement we all hope for when we go out to see a great live show.  Raised on the finest pop Britain has to offer, these three lads have joined forces to create something very special – pop music as it should be, incredibly catchy and at times addictively hummable.  One listen to the single “Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes” and you won’t get it out of your head. 
Packed with 12 songs and clocking in at just less than 35 minutes, the bands debut Me is rife with 3-minute pop gems.  Every song on Me is equally catchy, so much so that MTV’s wildly popular realities show My Super Sweet 16 series has licensed the entire debut for the soundtrack.  The show’s music supervisor at MTV USA feels that the group’s sound will compliment this infamous coming of age show in a sweet and super manner.
The Buck Brothers are not brothers, but friends’ bassist/lead singer Andy Duke, guitarist Pete Sellers and new drummer Horatio Agar, whose music is making a major contribution to the exploding British post-punk scene.  The Bucks also boast an impressive list of fans, including none other than Daniel ‘Harry Potter’ Radcliffe, who was quoted on his official website as saying: “Buck Brothers are my new favourite.”
With national Canadian distribution for their debut album Me on Fading Ways Music Artist Collective set for February 27th and a national publicity and campus radio campaign, the Buck Brothers are ready to make their mark on Canada.

“We’re extremely appreciative of our Canadian fans and, thanks to them ‘getting us’ first – they make-up some of our band’s longest standing followers too,” says Duke. “Rather than feeling like three fish out of water when we cross the pond, our Canadian fans feel like a ‘home crowd’ when we play there. When in Canada – Buck Brothers become a Canadian band, albeit one with silly accents.”



Tour Dates: (more tbc)

March 10 – 9:15pm Kathedral, Toronto, ON – Canadian Music Week Showcase

March 13 – The Underground, Hamilton, ON

March 19 – Crescent Street Pub, Montreal, QC

March 21 – Mile End Cultural Centre, Montreal, QC

“Singer Andy Duke has the sort of cocky baritone voice that makes you think of that guy who slept with your girlfriend while you were away for the weekend.  An undeniable cool appeal.” – NME, UK

Other Interesting Buck Brothers Facts:

*First EP The World According To Buck was play listed on more than 450 college and indie radio stations in the US.

*Nylon Magazine (nylonmag.com) included a Buck Brothers feature layout in July’s issue. Nylon is a glossy monthly that covers the best in edgy culture and music.

*The Buck Brothers were twice nominated at Toronto Independent Music Awards for “Best International Artist” and also earned the same nominations at the 2006 Orange County and Southern California Music Awards.

*In 2006, all three Bucks were deported from the USA at Detroit International Airport on the eve of their first 6 week tour of the states. The mug shots nearly made it onto the cover of the band’s debut album. Efforts are currently under way to enable the band to return the states and tour there in summer ’07.

*The band’s full length album, Me, will released 26 February 2007 in the USA (Coach House Records), UK (Cargo Records/Fading Ways) and Canada (Scratch Records/Fading Ways) with other territories to follow.
Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca

Erik Norlander, Lana Lane Channel Now on YouTube.com

Videos Featuring Symphonic Rock’s First Couple Now Available on the Popular Site

Videos featuring Think Tank Media symphonic/prog rock couple Erik Norlander and Lana Lane are now featured on the infamous video site YouTube.com at www.youtube.com/user/ThinkTankMediaMusic. The popular musicians have compiled full-length videos from the many projects they created over almost 15 years and have posted 13 videos at the Think Tank Music YouTube channel for their fans’ viewing pleasure. Norlander also plans to post videos on a channel for his highly successful project Rocket Scientists in the near future.

“YouTube is an undeniable phenomenon that is changing the way information is transmitted around the world,” Norlander affirms. “Through our MySpace pages, we have met a lot of new friends and reconnected with many older ones. We hope that by sharing some videos of Lana Lane, Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists from the vaults of the Think Tank Media archives that we will introduce our music to some new fans and also provide some great online content for the old ones. Music is about communication, and I really believe YouTube will be a great channel for the Think Tank Media music … pardon the pun!”

Recent releases by Lane and Norlander “Gemini” and “Hommage Symphonique” are receiving very favorable reviews at a variety of web sites including Progressive World, YtseJam, and Sea of Tranquility; radio airplay around the world; and top charting positions on the New Music Weekly College Radio chart.

Lana Lane’s “Gemini” is an album of classic rock covers from the 60s and 70s featuring the backing musicians Vinny Appice (d), Tony Franklin (b), George Lynch (g), Mark McCrite (g, v) and Erik Norlander (k) along with Kelly Keeling providing additional duet and harmony vocals. Gemini is the astrological symbol for twins, and since this is Lana’s second album of all covers, the album carries the theme of “two” throughout. Lana recorded two songs by each classic rock artist for this release: a pair of songs each originally recorded by Cream, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Heart, Jefferson Airplane and Foreigner. Of particular note is Lana’s “Pink Moon Suite” that combines the song “Johnny Moon” — originally recorded by Heart — with songs from most of “Side One” of Pink Floyd’s landmark “Dark Side of the Moon” album.
Erik Norlander’s “Hommage Symphonique” is an album of progressive rock covers recorded by Erik along with Gregg Bissonette (d), Don Schiff (b), Mark McCrite (g) with Kelly Keeling handling all of the vocal duties. Erik employed a small ensemble of acoustic instruments featuring Jon Pappenbrook (trumpets, flugelhorn), Eric Jorgensen (trombones), Mike Alvarez (cello) and David Schiff (woodwinds). David is the brother of Don Schiff, and in addition to Don’s NS/Stick work on the album, he also fills out the acoustic string ensemble with the new Bowed Guitar instrument. Erik’s choice of covers reflects his own broad musical taste, performing songs originally recorded by ELP, ELO, Yes, Rick Wakeman, King Crimson, Procol Harum and Jethro Tull and Chuck Mangione. The last artist may sound the most surprising, but Erik’s stirring rendition of Mangione’s “Children of Sanchez” brings this jazz – fusion classic more into Erik’s world of symphonic progressive rock supported by his seasoned and highly versatile band.

Lana Lane – Gemini and Erik Norlander – Hommage Symphonique albums follow the already acclaimed 2CD release, Revolution Road, from Erik’s band Rocket Scientists. The Rocket Scientists musicians appear throughout these two new titles continuing the collaboration and bringing it to new heights. Like Rocket Scientists – Revolution Road, these two new CDs are distributed in North America and Europe by ProgRock Records which continues another successful collaboration with Erik and Lana’s Think Tank Media label.

For more information about Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists, please visit www.thetank.com and www.myspace.com/eriknorlanderandlanalane.
Source: www.thetank.com



Stellar A-list of Mulleteers past & present:

Ted Nugent, Ace Frehley, Boston, Foghat, Eddie Money, Jefferson Starship, Aldo Nova, Blue Öyster Cult, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, J. Geils Band, Nazareth, Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, Night Ranger, Bonnie Tyler, Cinderella, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Kansas

Follow-up to 2003’s best-selling double-CD MULLETS ROCK! – inspired by 2001’s Mullet-centric movie soundtrack album to Joe Dirt (Columbia/Legacy)

Nothing fishy about this new collection, arriving in stores March 6th on Legacy Recordings.

Rising majestically, like a great feathery blow-dried phoenix from the ashes of double-wides and El Caminos coast-to-coast, is the most important rock movement of the 21st century. So cast off your seat belts, grab a 40 and some beef jerky from the WaWa store, dust off those Blue Öyster Cult and Ted Nugent 8-track cartridges, and let the cruisin’ begin. The love song of the Mullet is in the air, with the Ides Of March and the first blush of springtime right around the corner.

The lesson of MULLETS ROCK! TOO!: MULLETS IN LOVE reads loud and clear: Mullets are human, too.

If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you plays us Boston and Cheap Trick, do we not rock? This specially assembled 18-song bouquet – the closest that any raving mullethead will come to true romance this year – will arrive in record stores, convenience marts, participating car washes and lube centers March 6th on Legacy Recordings, a division of SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

MULLETS ROCK! TOO!, of course, is the long-awaited follow-up to 2003’s 35-song, two-CD set Mullets Rock – a monster of a collection – if the inclusion of Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein” and Blue Öyster Cult’s “Godzilla” were any indication. Mullets Rock took its cue from the enormous popularity of the Joe Dirt motion picture soundtrack album on Columbia/Legacy, a CD of ape drape faves that had the distinction of selling more copies than the number of those who attended the movie! The new album takes careful aim with cupid’s dipstick, with a soul-satisfying sure-fire program of steamy pleasures, from Ace Frehley’s 1989 remake of the Move’s “Do Ya” to Nazareth’s 1975 homage to the Everly Brothers’ “Love Hurts.”.

MULLETS ROCK! TOO! also proves that Mullet Nation is more than just a haircut behind a steering wheel, more than just the business in the front-party in the back epithet that it suffers in stony silence. Call us achy-breaky, beaver paddle, or Kentucky waterfall – when it comes to matters of the heart, every Mullet knows that the Nuge’s “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” is just another way to say I-love-you.

Like its predecessor, the new album gives max overhead-room to the cream cheese of American rockers, with Top 10 classics by Kansas (“Dust In The Wind”), REO Speedwagon (“Take It On The Run”), the J. Geils Band (“Love Stinks”), Night Ranger (“Sister Christian”), and many others. At the same time, MULLETS ROCK! TOO! tips its Tennessee tophat to the UK’s Top of the Pops – Bonnie Tyler’s #1 hit “Total Eclipse Of The Heart,” and Foghat’s sensitive reading of Chicago bluesman Willie Dixon’s “I Just Want To Make Love To You” (produced by Dave Edmunds).

MULLETS! ROCK TOO! once again proudly hails every metropolis on the great North American rock tour – from San Francisco’s Jefferson Starship (“Jane”) to Staten Island’s Eddie Money (“Baby Hold On”), from Montreal’s Aldo Nova (“Fantasy”) to Philadelphia coif-kings Cinderella (“Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”), from Florida’s own Lynyrd Skynyrd (“Tuesday’s Gone”) to Long Island, New York’s beloved Blue Öyster Cult (“Burnin’ For You” – the only track on the new album that was also featured on the Joe Dirt CD).

“Love, love, love” sang those primitive mop-tops from Liverpool – long before soccer rockers on both sides of the pond would put Mulletude centerstage, and Joat Jett & The Blackhearts would sing “I Hate Myself For Loving You.”

Let your freak flag fly, wear it loud and proud, Mullets of the world unite!


(Legacy 88697 05785 2)

Side Pysched

1. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang Ted Nugent 1977

2. Do Ya Ace Frehley 1989

3. More Than A Feeling Boston 1976

4. I Just Want To Make Love To You Foghat 1972

5. Baby Hold On Eddie Money 1977

6. Jane Jefferson Starship 1979

7. Fantasy Aldo Nova 1981

8. Burnin’ For You Blue Öyster Cult 1981

9. I Hate Myself For Loving You Joan Jett & The Blackhearts 1988

10. Love Stinks J. Geils Band 1980

Side Bummed

11. Love Hurts Nazareth 1975

12. The Flame Cheap Trick 1988

13. Take It On The Run REO Speedwagon 1980

14. Sister Christian Night Ranger 1983

15. Total Eclipse Of The Heart Bonnie Tyler 1983

16. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) Cinderella 1988

17. Tuesday’s Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd 1983

18. Dust In The Wind Kansas 1977
Source: www.chipsterpr.com


The Creepshow’s Hellcat & The Matadors’ Hooch Announce…A Baby!

Hellcat Asks Band To Continue Touring With Sister ‘Sarah Sin’

Toronto, ON – Creepshow frontwoman and rising psychobilly icon Jen “Hellcat” Blackwood announced today that she is expecting a baby in Spring ’07 with Matadors vocalist/guitarist Hooch (Joel Parkins), and will be on temporary leave from The Creepshow until the Fall.

In a posting on The Creepshow’s Myspace page (myspace.com/thecreepshow), Blackwood — who was recently nominated for Chart Magazine’s

Sexiest Woman of 2006 award — stated that while she couldn’t be happier at the moment, she wants The Creepshow to continue touring in her absence:

“…I am happy to announce that Hooch and I are expecting a baby!!!  I won’t be playing live shows for the time being…however, I will continue to be involved in everything Creepshow-related…and I am DEFINITELY not leaving the band!” commented Blackwood.

Blackwood also revealed her decision to ask real life sibling ‘Sarah Sin’ to fill in during her absence:

“Will you be able to see The Creepshow during my brief time off? HELL YES YOU WILL!!!…My sister Sarah Blackwood (pictured below with the knife to my throat) will be FILLING IN in my absence…so, you’ll still get your dose of Creepshow while I’m away… not to worry!!”

“My sister is such a great little rocker and she will keep the creep in my stead until I return (as soon as I can!!).  Thanks Creeps…you’re gonna love her!!” finished Blackwood.

Together for only a year and a half, The Creepshow have become an international  phenomenon.  Their highly acclaimed debut album “Sell Your Soul”

(Stereo Dynamite Recordings / released in April 2006) has become one of the hottest debut punk albums of 2006, garnering worldwide acclaim. And, as of January 8th 2007, “Sell Your Soul” became the #1 selling album at the highly influential punk / tastemaker web store Interpunk.com!   The band has toured Canada (twice, becoming a major headlining act in the process), the Western U.S. and Europe (setting the stage for an international release of their debut effort), graced the covers of magazines, and continue to top the request charts at Punkradiocast.com (the world’s largest online punk radio network).

The Creepshow are currently in the writing stages of their sophomore release and several videos to promote “Sell Your Soul” are also in the works.  While on leave from The Creepshow, Hellcat will continue designing for her clothing company Honeyshop13. 

For more Creepshow coverage, check out upcoming issues of VARLA and AMP Magazine!
Source: www.stereodynamite.com


Eagle Rock Announces  HD-DVD Releases For January 30

On January 30, Eagle Rock Entertainmen–via Eagle Vision–will release 2 titles on HD-DVD: Alice Cooper – Live At Montreux 2005 and Toto – 25th Anniversary Live In Amsterdam.

Eagle Vision is the leading independent source for high quality music audio and audio/visual music programming. They continue to remain at the forefront of new technology, with an expansive catalogue of DVD releases now available in all 3 formats (Standard DVD, HD & Blu-Ray).

Alice Cooper – Live At Montreux 2005:  This show includes all the hit tracks spanning Alice Cooper’s career, right up to his most recent album Dirty Diamonds. 

Tech Info: 5.1, PCM Stereo / TRT: 93 minutes

*Also available in Blu-Ray DVD and Standard DVD

Toto – 25th Anniversary Live In Amsterdam: Filmed in High Definition in Amsterdam on Toto’s 25th Anniversary Tour (2003), this stunning concert captures the band at their very best, reunited with original vocalist Bobby Kimball. The set includes all the bands hits and live favorites performed in front of a wildly enthusiastic sold-out crowd.

Tech Info: 5.1, PCM Stereo / TRT: 133 minutes
*Also available in Blu-Ray DVD and Standard DVD

HD and Blu-Ray technology is relatively new to North American consumers; however, champions of these technologies note advantages like better visuals, deeper textures, brighter colors and depth of detail that provide an entirely new viewing experience.  The HD-DVD format is also compatible with XBOX 360 players.
Source: www.stereodynamite.com

Call it Commando Pop.  Call it Mad Pimp.   Call it whatever you want, but pay attention because Jen Militia is back!  Berlin Boot Camp, the band’s third album, will hit the streets early 2007 supported by a tour that takes the band from Toronto to Charlottetown.

Jen Militia is a group of illegal rock combatants.  Their explosive sound has been described as having the throw down factor of The Clash, the soul of Mary J. Blige, the raps of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the straight funk of Rage Against the Machine.

“If you take the sexiness of hip hop and the swagger of punk rock then you pretty much know what we’re about,” says Trinidad-born frontman Mike Dainjah. 

Dainjah returned to his MC roots in 2004 after a stint with blues rock band Stone Prophets.   He is backed by virtuoso guitarist Jay Double, the powerhouse rhythms of Christion and Kyle Nova, Holla the entertainer and notorious beat-jacker Gord Pesst.  Their mission: to reclaim the airwaves from the Sucka MCees.

Girls, gin and revolution are Jen Militia’s forte but introspection is never far behind.  Jen Militia’s songs cover everything from love to loss to the pursuit of freedom. “Citizen” reminisces about being in love with a ‘broken girl’, on the driving lead single “Not A Test” Dainjah growls at the Sucka Mcs “come on out your graves for the mind!” and with “5GF” there is no mistake: “Got 5 girlfriends and no control but the 2 I love best are rock and roll.”

Tour Dates:

Jan. 14 – 9 pm – The Boathouse, Kitchener ON (Dainjah solo show)
Jan. 19 – 9 pm –  Mavericks , Ottawa ON
Jan. 20 – 9 pm – BERLIN BOOT CAMP CD RELEASE at The Starlight Social Club, Kitchener ON
Jan. 25 – 9 pm – Coach & Horses, Windsor ON
Jan. 26 – 8 pm – EP Taylor’s Durham College – Oshawa ON
Jan. 27 – 9 pm – The Lazy Duck, Sarnia ON
Jan. 28 – 9 pm – Norma Jeans, London ON  – London CD Release Party
Feb. 1 – 9 pm – Clark Hall Pub, Kingston ON
Feb. 5 – 9 pm – Zaphod Beeblebrox, Ottawa ON  – Ottawa CD Release Party
Feb. 7 – 9 pm – The Paramount Lounge, Moncton NB
Feb. 8 – 9 pm – The Cellar, Fredericton NB
Feb. 9 – 10 pm – Nep-Tunes Bar, St. John NB
Feb. 11 – 9 pm – Brennan’s, Charlottetown PEI
Feb. 17 – 8 pm – The Red Rooster, Burlington ON
Feb. 20 – 9 pm – The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON  – Toronto CD Release Party
Feb. 22 – 10 pm – Fiddler’s Green, Cambridge ON
Feb. 24 – 9 pm – Red Square, St. Catharine’s ON
Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca


Eric Johnson confirms tour dates for January 2007

Select appearances with Johnny Lang!

Tour to continue supporting latest studio release “Bloom” and “Live From Austin Texas” DVD and CD

Eric Johnson will kick off his performances with an appearance on January 10th in Hollywood, FL at the Seminole Hard Rock Live.
For a select number of dates only, Johnson will appear with Johnny Lang, performing songs off his recent Grammy® nominated album “Bloom” as well as such fan- favorites as the Grammy®-Award winning song “Cliffs of Dover”. 
These dates will mark a reunion of sorts for Johnson, as the rhythm section that appeared on Eric’s 1986 debut, “Tones,” is back on board –  bassist Roscoe Beck and drummer Tommy Taylor. Both players have appeared sporadically with Eric over the years, but this will mark the first time since 1986 that all three will be on stage together. Since the trio’s last tour was dubbed “Big Texans from Outer Space,” the 2006 tour has been named “Return of Big Texans from Outer Space.”

Roscoe (who has also played alongside the likes of Leonard Cohen, Robben Ford, Jennifer Warnes and  the last Dixie Chicks World Tour) was last seen on stage with Eric circa the  first-ever G3 Tour – then in support of “Venus Isle.”

Johnson, who spent the majority of last year touring behind “Bloom” which was released June 14th, 2005 through Favored Nations, is considered to be one of the most technically-proficient live performers on the scene today. In fact, Pollstar called his last routing “One of the best live shows of a rock guitarist of our time.”

An avid live performer, Johnson says that he doesn’t mind all of the touring, even after spending almost a year and half straight on the road. In fact, he is so focused on making his live performances accessible to his audience that he recently released two new DVDs—“The Art of Guitar,” an instructional video by the master himself, and “Live from Austin Texas”, a never-before-released DVD and CD (New West Records) that captures the essence of the guitarist’s legendary December 14th, 1998 performance on Austin City Limits! Live from Austin Texas includes many of Johnson’s hit recordings from his Grammy nominated “Ah Via Musicom” and the first release of two fan favorite Jimi Hendrix covers; “Love or Confusion” and “Are You Experienced”.

“I prefer playing live because I can take the music and expand it through improvisation,” he said. “It’s also great to see how the audience receives it.” If these shows are anything like his last, it’s safe to say that the fans will be eating it up, after all as Pollstar wrote, “If you love rock guitar you’ll love the energy of his show. Don’t miss him on this tour.”

Eric recently completed the highly successful G3 Latin tour with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci, that appeared in Mexico and South America to rave reviews from fans and critics.

The official dates for Johnson’s appearances include:

Wed 01/10/07   Hollywood, FL Seminole Hard Rock Live   appearing with Jonny Lang
Thu 01/11/07    Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live   
Fri 01/12/07     Saint Petersburg, FL State Theatre  
Sat 01/13/07     Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live  
Sun 01/14/07   Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse   
Tue 01/16/07   Austin, TX One World Theatre  

For information on Eric Johnson, visit www.ericjohnson.com



For more information on Roscoe Beck, visit www.roscoebeck.com

For more information on Tommy Taylor, visit www.tommytaylor.com
Source: www.chipsterpr.com


Congratulations Hooch and Hellcat!

On their forth coming spawn… That’s right folks a BABY!!! Sometime in May this little critter will be joiing us.
Though these things are never 100%… sources say that it looks as though ITS A GIRL….!!!!!!

a HUGE congrats to the both of you!!!!
Source: www.stereodynamite.com



Shock-rocker Wednesday 13 is set to perform in support of his
latest release Fang Bang.  Wednesday 13 originally emerged during the late Œ90s as the frontman for Frankenstein Drag Queens, an oft-overlooked horror-laced metal band that managed to issue five full-lengths between 1996-2001. The early 21st century saw the singer unite with Slipknot¹s Joey Jordison in the Murderdolls, a group that issued a lone release, 2002¹s Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls, before Wednesday 13 launched a solo career.

Interestingly, Fang Bang harkens back to Wednesday 13¹s earlier work.
³Compared to my last record, I think it’s totally different, but I also think this is pretty much a combination of everything I’ve ever done. It’s more of a kick back to my work with Frankenstein Drag Queens, that I did back in the day.² The singer/guitarist/songwriter also already has a several favorite tracks. ³Right off, I think ŒHappily Ever Cadaver¹ is one of my favorite songs. My other faves are ŒMy Home Sweet Homicide,¹ and ŒToo Much Blood,¹ which is a funny saying that we said on tour one day, and I thought, ŒI’ve got to write a song about that¹.²
 01/12/07 Huntington WV Monkey Bar
 01/13/07 Cincinnati OH Sudsy Malone’s
 01/14/07 Indianapolis IN Ugly Monkey
 01/15/07 Springfield MO Remmingtons
 01/16/07 Tulsa OK Pinkeye
 01/17/07 Little Rock AR Vinos
 01/18/07 Dallas TX TomCats
 01/19/07 San Antonio TX White Rabbit
 01/20/07 Houston TX Meridian
 01/22/07 Tallahassee FL Big Daddys
 01/23/07 Gainesville FL 1982 Bar
 01/25/07 Spartanburg SC Ground Zero
 01/26/07 Fayetteville NC Jesters
 01/27/07 Wilmington NC Lucky’s Pub
 02/01/07 Westchester PA Rex’s
 02/02/07 Reading PA Silo
Source: www.gigantemedia.com


iTunes Exclusive on Tuesday, January 16th


I want to tell you all about an exciting new G. Love release. In January Philadelphonic Records will be releasing my “first” record, G. Love “Oh Yeah”. This record was recorded in 1992 in a number of different studios including Skidmore College and Temple University studios. This record was the first documentation of Hip-Hop Blues and includes the original recordings of “Baby’s Got Sauce”, “Shooting Hoops” and “Rhyme for the Summertime.” I originally pressed up 250 cassette tapes of “Oh Yeah” and sold them on the streets of Boston while I was busking.
I call “Oh Yeah” my first record and 15 years later it finally hits the digital stores. Pretty cool. I still can’t figure out exactly how I played all of these songs. It’s as easy to hear the John Hammond and Lightening Hopkins influence as it is to hear the De La Soul. It’s definitely a cool record and is 100 percent acoustic solo foot-stomping-streetside-blues.


Before signing to Epic Records for his gold-selling debut G. Love & Special Sauce, G. Love [born Garrett Dutton] hustled this demo on the streets of Philadelphia & Boston. Recorded in ’92, “Oh Yeah” contains funky solo acoustic renditions of “Baby’s Got Sauce” [aka “Sauce”], “Shootin’ Hoops,” “Rhyme for the Summertime,” and others that were re-recorded for his debut. This digital-only release, not available in any CD store, follows G. Love’s star-studded studio album Lemonade [Ben Harper and Blackalicious guest], released in August 2006 on jam-band kinfolk Jack Johnson’s Brushfire / Universal label. To date, Lemonade has scanned over half a million copies, including 20K in digital sales. G. Love is touring the US in January. See all tour dates below…


1.   SAUCE – The original version of “baby’s got sauce… the version I used to play on the streets of Boston … the original hip hop blues

2.   WHAT’S GOING ON – This is a sweet romancing song written when I couldn’t get a date. Front porch style.

3.   WRITING ON THE WALLS – When blues and hip hop city streets meet. A glorification of my graffiti writing days.

4.   GIRLS AT THE LAUNDROMAT – Another day dream about meeting the perfect girl at the Laundromat.

5.   RUN FOR ME – This is a cool tune about trying to get served as a minor all about finding yourself in a strange town.

6.   MOTHER – A dope rap about saving Mother Nature. The chorus was inspired by the Robert Johnson tune “breakin’ down”

7.   RHYME FOR THE SUMMERTIME – This is the first rap I wrote. Slide guitar and chicken scratch.

8.   LEAVING THE CITY – One of my best blues. A city kid dreaming of the country.

9.   THE FAT ONE – Nothing wrong with the fat one.

10.  SHOOTIN’ HOOPS – The original version of a G. Love classic. No frills straight streetside.


Fri. 1/12 – Nashville, TN – City Hall

Sat. 1/13 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues

Sun. 1/14 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues

Wed. 1/17 – Tulsa, OK – Cain’s Ballroom

Thu. 1/18 – Kansas City, MO – Voodoo Lounge

Fri. 1/19 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium

Sat. 1/20 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium

Tue. 1/23 – Seattle, WA – The Showbox

Wed. 1/24 – Seattle, WA – The Showbox

Thu. 1/25 – Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom

Fri. 1/26 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre

Sat. 1/27 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre

Tue. 1/30 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues

Wed. 1/31 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues

Thu. 2/1 – Tempe, AZ – The Marquee Theater

Fri. 2/2 – West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues

Sat. 2/3 – West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues

Fri. 2/16 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues

Wed. 2/28 – Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live!
Source: www.theorchard.com


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