Crystal Tears – Choirs of Immortal

Reviewed: January 2007
Released: 2006, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Now do we have a female version from Lemmy here as this Crystal Tears´s (from Thessaloniki, Greece) info kit bravely states? Do raspy vocals make you to sound like Lemmy if you happen to be a female? I mean, seriously? Natasa Pandreia, the lead singer of this Greek Speed/Heavy Metal band Crystal Tears, has a nicely raspy voice, which I happen to like quite much actually. But stating something as absurd as ´the female voice of Lemmy from Motörhead is HERE…”, is nearly as absurd and ridiculous as stating Glen Benton is the new vocalist of Nightwish, replacing Tarja just perfectly by his ´operatic´ vocal style.

Ok, get a bit more serious again Luxi. Anyway, listening to CHOIRS OF IMMORTAL, it´s pretty fair to say this Greek foursome knows their metal. There´s an appealing old school Heavy Metal -vibe dominating the songs on CHOIRS OF IMMORTAL. As for comparisons, think something along the lines of early Warlock-meets-Iron Maiden-meets The Plasmatics, added with some tiny hints both from Speed – and Power Metal here and there. Couldn´t put it any better than this. What is certain though Crystal Tears don´t re-invent the steel on this record, but rather count firmly on all those already existing elements that tend to make Heavy Metal music such an entertaining form of music – sort of answering to all of those questions why Heavy Metal, as a matter of speaking, appeals so many people these days. Crystal Tears sound pure and honest, marching through their own wonderland of myths and legends with war flags flying high, serving their fans well by 10 songs of Heavy Metal´s finesses – and simply doing it right and convincing enough way. “Rock Survivors” is kind of a symbiosis of Sentencedesque, intriguing guitar melodies with sort of Dickinson type of vocal approach whereas “Megas Alexandros” is a heavy, mid-tempo song that is simply pure Heavy Metal as it gets with Natasa´s strong, kinda masculine vocalism playing the main role in the song (damn, she´s a female version from Bruce Dickinson! Now I think I got it finally right…!). All in all, here´s another band from Greece that has enough firepower to cause pleasingly twisted convulsions amongst Heavy Metal loving people like you and me.

The less is said about them, the better. The music can do the rest of the talking for them. Fair enough?


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Track Listing:
01. Alpha and Omega
02. Sworn to Avenge
03. Nightmare Terror
04. Rock Survivors
05. Master of Deception
06. Megas Alexandros
07. Stealer of Minds
08. When the Night Is Cold
09. And the Arrows Fall
10. Legends Never Die

Chrisafis – Drums
Dimitris – Guitars
Stratos – Bass
Natasa – Vocals