Wednesday 13 – Fang Bang

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Fang Bang

2006 Rykodisc

Rating: 4/5

An artist that defies discription doesn’t normally come along too often. There is usually a category that you can put them in that most will agree with; such is not the case here. There are elements of metal, rock, industrial and even a slight ting of punk.

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This collection of extremely catchy and groove oriented songs will catch you totally by surprise. Amazing tracks like “My Home Sweet Homicide” and “Faith In The Devil” are balls out rockers with some cool distorted guitar playing. There is a lot of fast guitars and drums throughout the entire disc that will get your foot tapping and your head banging. This is especially true in “Til Death Do Us Party”. This upbeat heavy rocker features a decent guitar solo and an overall good time rock vibe. This carries on right into the next track “Buried With Children”. Wednesday’s vocals are slightly raspy but suits this perfectly.

One of the best albums of the year.