Richard Cheese – Silent Nightclub

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Silent Nightclub

2006, Surfdog Records

Rating: 4/5

Richard Cheese is pure cheese but in a good way. With this 6th release we find Richard doing mostly holiday related songs. There is something about his campiness that intrigues us and keeps us interested. His style and swagger comes across so well you can almost picture yourself in a lounge hearing Richard doing the songs live in his tiger striped tux and holding that over-sized mic.

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The non xmas songs include covers of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”, Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”, and that infamous John Lennon classic “Imagine”. While most cover songs are unlistenable, these keep you interested. Yes they are quite different from the originals but they have a certain quality about them that makes you forget that they are covers.

A lounge xmas done like only Richard can, holiday themed songs such as The Dead Kennedy’s “Holiday In Cambodia” mixed in with classic traditional songs, is sure to be a hit at you next xmas party. His twist on your favorites is pure ingenious, guaranteed to satisfy.