Newlydeads – Dreams From A Dirt Nap

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Dreams From A Dirt Nap

2006, Full Effect Records

Rating: 5/5

A mind blowing career retrospective from Taime Downes ‘other’ band. All tracks have been remastered by Taime himself and they havent sounded better. This is a fans dream.
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Included here are fan favourites like “Submission”, “Skintight Skin” and “Her Pink Hot Rod”. These industrial heavy rockers may not be for everyone, but for those that do, you are in for a treat. Taime’s distinct vocals mixed with computer sounds, machines, loops and guitar, make for an interesting collection of music to stimulate your brain. High energy, upbeat and in your face is how this collection comes across.

A must have collection for fans and for people looking for an introduction into this era of Taime’s musical career.