Marion Raven – Heads Will Roll

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Heads Will Roll

2006 Eleven Seven Music

Rating: 3.5/5

A newcomer to the rock world with a familiar voice, soothing yet aggresive. Marion Raven has a bit of an edge to her without crossing to heavy into the rock vein, but just enough to keep her away from the pop charts. A new Joan Jett or Deborah Harry for this generation.

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With songs like “Spit It Out”, “All I Wanna Do Is You” and “Good 4 Sex” are great upbeat rock songs that are sure to become fan favourites. A jetlago musicianship throw the recordings with nothing over the top or out there in left field. Just solid catchy rock songs. A song like “13 Days” shows a more emotional side of Raven. This track features some heartfelt emotional singing backed with piano and some orchestration. A real surprise and slightly different than the rest of the record.

A good disc overall from a fine singer. Worth a listen and something to look forward to in the future as she will get stronger and gain more fans and recognition as years go by.