December 2006

Soul ‘Godfather’ James Brown dies

James Brown, the dynamic, pompadoured “Godfather of Soul,” whose rasping vocals and revolutionary rhythms made him a founder of rap, funk and disco as well, died early Monday, his agent said. He was 73.

Brown was hospitalized with pneumonia at Emory Crawford Long Hospital on Sunday and died around 1:45 a.m. Monday, said his agent, Frank Copsidas of Intrigue Music. Longtime friend Charles Bobbit was by his side, he said.

Copsidas said Brown’s family was being notified of his death and that the cause was still uncertain. “We really don’t know at this point what he died of,” he said.

Along with Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and a handful of others, Brown was one of the major musical influences of the past 50 years. At least one generation idolized him, and sometimes openly copied him. His rapid-footed dancing inspired Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson among others. Songs such as David Bowie’s “Fame,” Prince’s “Kiss,” George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” and Sly and the Family Stone’s “Sing a Simple Song” were clearly based on Brown’s rhythms and vocal style.

If Brown’s claim to the invention of soul can be challenged by fans of Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, then his rights to the genres of rap, disco and funk are beyond question. He was to rhythm and dance music what Dylan was to lyrics: the unchallenged popular innovator. (Watch the “hardest working man in showbusiness.”)

“James presented obviously the best grooves,” rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy once told The Associated Press. “To this day, there has been no one near as funky. No one’s coming even close.”

His hit singles include such classics as “Out of Sight,” “(Get Up I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine,” “I Got You (I Feel Good)” and “Say It Out Loud — I’m Black and I’m Proud,” a landmark 1968 statement of racial pride.

“I clearly remember we were calling ourselves colored, and after the song, we were calling ourselves black,” Brown said in a 2003 Associated Press interview. “The song showed even people to that day that lyrics and music and a song can change society.”

He won a Grammy award for lifetime achievement in 1992, as well as Grammys in 1965 for “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” (best R&B recording) and for “Living In America” in 1987 (best R&B vocal performance, male.) He was one of the initial artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, along with Presley, Chuck Berry and other founding fathers.

He triumphed despite an often unhappy personal life. Brown, who lived in Beech Island near the Georgia line, spent more than two years in a South Carolina prison for aggravated assault and failing to stop for a police officer. After his release on in 1991, Brown said he wanted to “try to straighten out” rock music.

From the 1950s, when Brown had his first R&B hit, “Please, Please, Please” in 1956, through the mid-1970s, Brown went on a frenzy of cross-country tours, concerts and new songs. He earned the nickname “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business.”

With his tight pants, shimmering feet, eye makeup and outrageous hair, Brown set the stage for younger stars such as Michael Jackson and Prince.

In 1986, he was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And rap stars of recent years overwhelmingly have borrowed his lyrics with a digital technique called sampling.

Brown’s work has been replayed by the Fat Boys, Ice-T, Public Enemy and a host of other rappers. “The music out there is only as good as my last record,” Brown joked in a 1989 interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

“Disco is James Brown, hip-hop is James Brown, rap is James Brown; you know what I’m saying? You hear all the rappers, 90 percent of their music is me,” he told the AP in 2003.

Born in poverty in Barnwell, South Carolina, in 1933, he was abandoned as a 4-year-old to the care of relatives and friends and grew up on the streets of Augusta, Georgia, in an “ill-repute area,” as he once called it. There he learned to wheel and deal.

“I wanted to be somebody,” Brown said.

By the eighth grade in 1949, Brown had served 31/2 years in Alto Reform School near Toccoa, Ga., for breaking into cars.

While there, he met Bobby Byrd, whose family took Brown into their home. Byrd also took Brown into his group, the Gospel Starlighters. Soon they changed their name to the Famous Flames and their style to hard R&B.

In January 1956, King Records of Cincinnati signed the group, and four months later “Please, Please, Please” was in the R&B Top Ten.

While most of Brown’s life was glitz and glitter, he was plagued with charges of abusing drugs and alcohol and of hitting his third wife, Adrienne.

In September 1988, Brown, high on PCP and carrying a shotgun, entered an insurance seminar next to his Augusta office. Police said he asked seminar participants if they were using his private restroom.

Police chased Brown for a half-hour from Augusta into South Carolina and back to Georgia. The chase ended when police shot out the tires of his truck.

Brown received a six-year prison sentence. He spent 15 months in a South Carolina prison and 10 months in a work release program before being paroled in February 1991. In 2003, the South Carolina parole board granted him a pardon for his crimes in that state.

Soon after his release, Brown was on stage again with an audience that included millions of cable television viewers nationwide who watched the three-hour, pay-per-view concert at Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles.

Adrienne Brown died in 1996 in Los Angeles at age 47. She took PCP and several prescription drugs while she had a bad heart and was weak from cosmetic surgery two days earlier, the coroner said.

More recently, he married his fourth wife, Tomi Raye Hynie, one of his backup singers. The couple had a son, James Jr.

Two years later, Brown spent a week in a private Columbia hospital, recovering from what his agent said was dependency on painkillers. Brown’s attorney, Albert “Buddy” Dallas, said singer was exhausted from six years of road shows.

BUCKCHERRY Wants ‘Everything’ For Christmas
BUCKHERRY frontman Josh Todd, whose band has been nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Hard Rock Performance” category for the hit single “Crazy Bitch”, isn’t afraid to admit his band wants to win.

“We were nominated in this same category for our first record, and we lost to METALLICA,” he told AOL Music of the Grammy nod. “We can go there and it’s going to be really good press and all that, but now I really want to win.” And that’s not all Todd wants. “I want a Grammy, gold records, I want a platinum record,” he said. “These are all the milestones in this business and I want all that.”

Todd and his bandmates are more than willing to put in the work to get it all. After touring for 13 months and playing, by his count, 155 shows thus far, the band will release a third single, “Everything”, after the new year, and launch another round of dates with THREE DAYS GRACE stateside before heading to Europe with PAPA ROACH.

Because of all that hard work, BUCKCHERRY have accomplished several goals they set out to achieve. So what’s next? Said Todd, “We want to be enormous, we want to be an arena rock band and have a huge catalogue of music and be a force to be reckoned with.” 

John Lennon FBI Documents Released

After more than thirty years, the FBI has released documents on John Lennon, having previously refused to release them because of the supposed danger they posed to the United States.

The documents were originally requested by Californian historian John Wiener in 1981. Whilst some minor new details have emerged about Lennon’s anti-war movements during the 1970s, most have already become public knowledge since Wiener’s original request.

New details include Lennon’s interview with the left-wing publication ‘Red Mole’, as well as suspicion over his support for Cambodia after US military attacks during the Vietnam war. Lennon and Yoko Ono had signed a petition in support of the Cambodian monarchy.

Reinforcing their status as one of the most paranoid institutions in the western world, the FBI had previously refused to publish these trivial details because they could “reasonably be expected to … lead to foreign diplomatic, economic and military retaliation against the United States.”

Journey names Jeff Scott Soto official new lead singer!

Jeff Scott Soto has been officially named the new lead singer of Journey. He had been filling in for Steve Augeri, who had to leave the U.S. tour with Def Leppard shortly after it began on June 23 due to illness.

“We are so grateful to Steve for all the years he dedicated to Journey,” says Journey in a joint statement. “We thank Steve for all his hard work and we wish him only the best in his future endeavors. Over the past few months, we’ve come to realize that Jeff has proven himself above and beyond that he can sing the hell out of our songs and we’re happy to officially welcome him as part of the family. We’re excited to start a new chapter with Jeff and we’re excited about what the future may bring.”

Steve Augeri states: “Singing for Journey these last eight years have been the most challenging and the most rewarding of my career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the band, and especially the fans, for the privilege of being part of a musical legacy that has touched so many hearts and souls. I wish my fellow bandmates success and happiness as they continue to make great music in the future, as I will strive to do the same myself.”

Jeff Soto also adds, “With delight & pleasure, I am accepting the offer to continue my tenure with Journey now as their permanent vocalist after the amazing past months we have spent together on tour. I also pay high respect to Steve Augeri for coming in and helping Journey continue their legacy for nearly the last decade and to Steve Perry for co-creating this legacy. I hope to now add and help drive Journey into the next stage of this bands future.”

Since Soto’s first appearance with Journey on July 7 in Bristow, VA, his performances have been garnering rave reviews. To wit:

“Right off the bat, Journey’s new lead singer is fantastic. Jeff Scott Soto is a supremely talented vocalist who handled with ease the many sky-high notes and the mile-long range in Journey s repertoire. Steve Perry fans have never gotten over the original lead singer s departure from the band, but I am here to tell you this guy rocks the role. And yes, if you close your eyes he sounds just like Perry, but — dare I say it? — maybe even more passionate and full of verve. Hits such as ‘I will Be Alright Without You’ and ‘Wheel in the Sky’ showcased his mighty voice.” –Lorilee Craker, Grand Rapids Press

“The one-time Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist channeled (Steve) Perry flawlessly, nailing all the high notes and then some.Soto’s got it going on.” –Christopher John Treacy, Boston Herald

“Could Soto cut it? Yes. And then some. His vocals and stage presence were impressive.” –Dave Ferman, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

“Soto is a really strong vocalist, so instead of struggling to emulate (Steve) Perry’s laser-beam vibrato, he can get away with a style that mixes grainy power with effortless key changes.” –Johnny Loftus, Metro Times Detroit

Steve Augeri is currently recording his debut solo album, In the Moment, due out the summer of 2007. He’s also putting the finishing touches on the much-anticipated follow-up to the AOR classic Tall Stories album, launching early next year. For more info, visit Steve Augeri Website.

Journey–Neal Schon (guitar), Ross Valory (bass), Jonathan Cain (keyboards), Deen Castronovo (drums) and Jeff Scott Soto (vocals)-are currently mapping out plans for 2007

Journey Line Up:
Jeff Scott Soto -Vox
Ross Valory – Bass
Neal Schon – Guitars
Jonathan Cain – Keyboards
Deen Castronovo – Drums


Modern rock fans are sure to embrace Peeler’s debut album Evils Of The Modern Pleasure Dance.  With a voice that has been compared to Bono and Ian Astbury, Brantford, Ontario’s Peeler (aka Craig Peeling) has already received industry awards and critical accolades.  The Toronto CD release party will take place on January 16, 2007 as part of 102.1 The Edge Dave Bookman’s Nu Music Nite at the Horseshoe Tavern.
Since 2005, Peeler has been nominated for Best Male Artist and awarded Rock Song of the Year by the International Academy of Independent Artists.  Two of his songs – “Half Past High” and “Perfect” – shot to #1 on Kansas City’s KIAC.  In Canada, the first single “Pretty Little Things” was added to a few commercial rock radio stations the first week out and continued to impress.  The second single “High Past High” is being released to rock radio in January 2007.

Peeler cut his musical teeth as guitarist for the promising late 90’s rock group Phineas Gage.  He credits the band with giving him his first buzz and teaching him that he could express himself through rock.  Phineas Gage’s untimely demise allowed Peeler to experiment with vocals, which he calls the most important event of his life. 

Evils Of The Modern Pleasure Dance is a mixture of powerful anthem rock and soulful heartfelt songs from the deepest regions of the soul.  The live show  continues to amaze audiences; a three piece assault on the senses positions Peeler as one of the hottest live acts today.  “Music that will change your life” says Pat Alonzo, President of LA Music.

Having recently left his high paying finance career to dedicate his life to music, Peeler is ready, willing and able to take on the world.  “Life is too short to not live your dreams,” says Peeler, “too many people just talk about it; I’m taking action and living it.”

Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance will be available at Itunes, , Puretracks, Napster, Rhapsody, MusicMatch, Ecast and MSN.

Tour Dates:  more tbc 
Jan. 8, 2007 – The Underground, Hamilton, ON
Jan. 14, 2007 – Norma Jean’s  London, ON
Jan. 16, 2007 – The Horseshoe Tavern  Toronto, ON – CD Release Party
Jan. 27, 2007 – The Speak Easy  Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Frontiers Records announce new signings and more

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of DANNY VAUGHN’s new album “Traveller” on February 16th 2007

“Traveller is the best album of my career”, proudly states Danny Vaughn And that’s quite a challenge if you consider the high calibre of his musical output over the years.

Coming out of nowhere, he became the lead singer of WAYSTED in 1986 and released the band’s most highly acclaimed album, “Save Your Prayers”. He learned his trade by opening up for IRON MAIDEN in stadiums and arenas around the world. From there, Danny formed the now legendary group, TYKETTO, in 1990 and released “Don’t Come Easy”, still regarded today as a benchmark in the Melodic Rock genre. Moving from strength to “Strength In Numbers” was a powerful follow up, but even with 150,000 albums sold, 3 videos and countless tours under his belt, the disappointing changes in the music industry in the mid 90’s soon led Danny to, unhappily, leave the band.

In 1999 Danny reunited with former TYKETTO companions: Michael Clayton Arbeeny and Jaimie Scott, to release two very well received albums, “Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside” and “Fearless”, under the band name VAUGHN. These were Danny’s songs, done in his own style and he was writing better than ever.

In 2003, Danny was approached by Frontiers Records with the idea of releasing a project-record more in the classic Melodic Rock vein, using songs from other writers as well as some of his own. Produced by Fabrizio Grossi, the album FROM THE INSIDE was heralded as a major triumph and a return to the style for which Danny is best known.

So, with all of that, and more to his credit, how could he be so confident in the new album, “Traveller”?

Best to hear it from the man himself: “After several meetings with Frontiers, we all agreed that my next album had to be not only a classic melodic sound, but also a step forward, and it had to be very special. By this time, I had done a couple of years of touring with an all English band, which featured a twin guitar attack, and much heavier sound than I had been known for before. This was well received by audiences all over the UK and Europe, so I had the task of working on songs that reflected that new, live attitude. The band, Tony Marshall (CONTAGIOUS) and Pat Heath (BRAVE NEW WORLD) on guitars, Steve McKenna (TEN) on bass and Lee Morris (PARADISE LOST) on drums, took up the challenge of not only recreating our on stage fire, but recording an album with a very layered and full production. So many of these songs allowed me, as singer, writer and producer to try a lot of ideas that I always had in mind and the result is a monster! While a ll the elements of my usual song writing style are there, there is much less of a reliance on acoustic instruments than on previous albums. Yes, there are still a couple of acoustic songs (it wouldn’t be me without them) but, the number of fast paced rockers is much higher than I have done before. I can’t wait to play these songs live as they are born to be performed on stage! Clocking in at an hour long, it has a little bit of everything that has come before, and some brand new ideas all in one package. It takes you from place to place, from mood to mood, seamlessly, and we are all extremely excited to have our fans hear it.”

“Traveller” is set for release on February 16th 2007 on Frontiers Records with a Japanese release to happen on King Records.

Final tracklisting of the album will include the following songs: Miracle Days; Badlands Rain; Traveller; Restless Blood; That’s What She Says; The Touch of Your Hand; Lifted; The Warrior’s Way; The Measure of a Man; Think of Me In The Fall; Death of The Tiger; Better By Far.

Under the new name, “DANNY VAUGHN”, the new line-up recently played a storming performance at the UNITED FORCES OF ROCK Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany in October 2006 and introduced 3 of the new songs to a wildly receptive audience. Judging by the crowd’s reaction, and the reaction of the 30 or so journalists that got a 5 song sneak preview before the show, this album is going to be on a lot of people’s “Best of” list for 2007. Watch out for DANNY VAUGHN live, to come crashing into a town near you !


Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of MELODIC ROCK FANZINE. The 17th release of our successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mailorders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.

Here are the previews of the two MELODIC ROCK FANZINE covers:

This new issue includes reviews and interviews of: Pretty Maids, Thunder, Richie Kotzen, Styx, Royal Hunt, Final Frontier, Biss, Zion, Cosmo, Wetton / Downes… and more!!!

Downloadable version of the magazine can be found here MRF 17


A few recent Frontiers Releases are now available through the major on line digital shops such as I-Tunes, eMusic, Napster, MusicNet, iMusic, 24/7, Virgin France etc.

The list includes:
PRETTY MAIDS “Wake Up to the Real World”
SLAMER “Nowhere Land”

So far 94 releases of the Frontiers Records catalogue have been made available through online digital shops. and the list goes on !

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of PRIDE OF LIONS brand new studio album entitled “The Roaring of Dreams” on February 16th 2007.

“With this album”, says guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Jim Peterik “we strove to emphasize all the elements that we are best noted for: big hooks, soaring melodies, clever modulations, inspiring messages, the rock-solid Pride Of Lions band and of course Toby Hitchcock’s amazing vocal range and talent”.

And indeed Toby seems to have hit his stride this time out. With vocal tour de forces such as the classic style power ballad “Faithful Heart” and the all-stops-out rocker “Heaven On Earth”, his development can be clearly heard

“We knew this was a make or break album for Pride of Lions. We put it all out there on the Live Album/DVD: the past and the present. This album is what our future is all about “, Peterik adds: “When we sat down with Serafino (President of Frontiers Records) last year, he suggested that Pride of Lions return to the more commercial and hook-oriented music of our first album and the Vital Signs album. I must say I was ready to do just that!”

You will hear the fruits of that conversation on melodic nuggets such as the City Boy inspired “Let Me Let You Go” and the non-stop drive of “Defying Gravity”. Another standout is “Language Of The Heart: “I must admit I was thinking of the song we used as our opener in my Survivor years, “Feels Like Love” when I wrote this one. It has the same energy and drive” says Jim. In this and every other track, the power of Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Klem Hayes on bass, Mike Aquino on guitar and Christian Cullen on keyboards is stronger than ever. Also, the production team of Jim Peterik and Larry Millas is back in force and the sound is clearer than ever.

The themes that Jim’s songs are noted for are all present and accounted for. The title track, “The Roaring of Dreams” traces the lives of two frustrated people whose only escape from their humdrum lives is the dreams that they hold sacred in their hearts – the hope for a better future. “Book of Life” challenges us to be all that we can be, “Are you just a footnote, or will you rise to fill it’s pages, you were born to rock the ages, write a brand new chapter in the Book Of Life”. And to find the definitive song on a man dealing with infidelity, you need to look no farther than the album’s closing track, “Turnaround” featuring a cameo vocal by Tori Hitchcock, Toby’s gifted 21 year old sister. The song plays out like a mini operetta complete with vocal counterpoint and soaring guitar leads shared by Mike Aquino and Jim Peterik.

With “The Roaring of Dreams”, this band is finally destined to outrun their individual pasts and take their place as a force to be reckoned with on their own terms. Their terms are great Melodic Rock and their name is PRIDE OF LIONS!

Final tracklisting of “The Roaring of Dreams” includes the following songs (click on the song title to hear an mp3 sample):
Heaven of Earth; Book Of Life; Love’s Eternal Flame; Language of The Heart; Let Me You Go; Faithful Heart; Defying Gravity; Secret of The Way; Astonish You; Tall Ships; Turnaround; The Roaring of Dreams.

Release is scheduled on February 16th 2007 on Frontiers Records in Europe, with King Records handling Japan.

After two long years the wait is over. The third and final episode of the Genius Rock Opera, written and performed by the Italian multitalented musician Daniele Liverani, is now ready to be unleashed to its devoted fans on February 16th 2007!

This last chapter of the trilogy entitled “The Final Surprise” will reveal what happened to Genius and his guide Twinspirits 32 at the end of their long journey into dreams’ world.

We left the two main characters on the threshold of the Asian fantasies warehouse, in front of a dark underworld. They were aware that the little prince was there, hidden in one of those warehouses, but they soon realised they were in front of a huge maze, full of an infinite number of fantasy warehouses.

Now…which one was the toy warehouse where the prince was hidden? Running through almost 80 minutes of various music styles, the listener will be led by the storyteller (Philip Bynoe) through the final events of the saga and discover what happened to Genius once he woke up to go back to reality world.

You will finally learn if the little prince will be saved, and if the dreams world will be safe forever. Lots of titanic vocal duels are featured in this episode including the amazing duet performed by characters Twinspirits 32 (Daniel Gildenlow of PAIN OF SALVATION) and Apikor (Jorn Lande, ex MASTERPLAN) and between Twinspirits 32 (Daniel Gildenlow) and Genius (this time performed by a majestic DC Cooper of SILENT FORCE).

Other great singers give their interpretation of the characters in this final episode: Eric Martin as Mr. Niko, Toby Hitchcock (of PRIDE OF LIONS) as Senator Jeramus and Andrea Dätwyler (of LUNATICA) as Kokeshi Doll. This breathtaking episode of Genius’ is the final act and an amazing mind trip into the unknown parallel dimension where dreams are created. The dream is over but don’t miss the surprises this Opera still has in store!

Drum tracks for the album were laid as usual by Dario Ciccioni, while Oliver Hartmann took care of the monster chorus vocal work.

Tracklisting of the album includes the following songs: Toy Warehouse; No More Chances; Save Me From My Destiny; Alive and Safe; Jump Off This Train; Let Me Live; Inside These Memories; I Die; Back To Life Again; Dream In Liberty; The Final Surprise.

Release date of the album has been set on February 16th 2007 on Frontiers Records, with a release in Japan scheduled on King Records.

MTM MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of Swiss hardrock band CRYSTAL BALL!

Swiss like to rock! With acts like GOTTHARD, KROKUS and CRYSTAL BALL the Swiss scene is among the finest and healthiest around.

CRYSTAL BALL started as a cover band but soon began to create their own sound by performing more than one hundred concerts in their first two years as a unit. CRYSTAL BALL have been rising to fame amongst the fans of hard and melodic sounds with their trademark mixture of melodic Hard Rock and Power Metal.

After recording 4 studio albums and touring through Europe as support of well known bands like GOTTHARD, KROKUS, DOKKEN, DORO, U.D.O., PRETTY MAIDS, BONFIRE, PINK CREAM 69 and others with 450 shows almost in a row, they now come back with a dynamic and melodic hard rock album of finest quality.

“TimeWalker” was their latest release, the fifth full length in the band‘s still brief yet intense history. The album was a concept album with a journey through different historical events and was produced by Stefan Kaufmann (ex-Accept, U.D.O.).

Now CRYSTAL BALL is back and already entered the studio for a brand new studio album. The line-up is as strong and tight as ever with long-time singer Mark Sweeney, guitar player Scott Leach and Marcel Sardella on drums.

The album is scheduled for spring 2007 and the band have already announced some festivals, while a proper tour will follow later the year.

Mark Sweeney: “We are ready to rock and you can a expect a great piece of Swiss Hardrock!”

The release is scheduled for April / May 2007. More details coming soon!


Eclectic pop rock artist Krista D was recently voted “Local Talent Who Deserves To Make It Big” by Here Magazine readers in Moncton, NB.  Since the release of Krista’s Jane’s World CD, she has received some amazing press reviews and commercial radio play in Quebec and the eastern provinces. 

Describing her image as “a 50’s housewife with an 80’s punk twist”, Krista D turns heads and keeps audiences guessing which Krista will perform that night; blue wigged feisty Krista or pretty demure Krista.  In either look, the girl knows how to entertain a crowd.  There are a few show dates left in 2006 with a plan for an eastern Canadian tour in the works for early 2007.

Tour Dates:
December 22, 2006 @ The Empress Theatre Moncton, NB

December 28, 2006@ The Paramount Moncton, NB

Press Reviews:

“Every once in awhile an artist comes along that changes the course of music, puts their own stamp on the industry, and is a leader not a follower. Krista D is that person for this decade.” –  The Phantom Tollbooth

“Krista D is one of the most genuine and creative female artists to come out of Canada.” – Cecilia, Saint Rock n Roll

“Her lower natured vocals and acoustic guitar bring to mind artists such as Janis Joplin or Sarah Mclaughlin, while songs tampering with punk/pop-rock feel reminiscent of Avril Lavigne.”  “Jane’s World is genuine, brutally honest, and refuses to follow trends.” – Josh McConnell, Renown Magazine

“Krista D is in fact one of Canada’s most promising young singers, who has a passion writing deep, meaningful lyrics and catchy rock melodies to boot.” – Jason Gladu, Pop Journalism

“Jane’s World is packed with intelligent and thought provoking lyrics but remains upbeat and fun.” – Krista Rappel, Sugarcain Entertainment

“Her sound comes from a range of musical genres, dating from the Pixies to Nirvana, and another debonair female rocker Fiona Apple.” – TragicUnicornSiren, Taste It Tv

“the bottom line is the songs on Jane’s World are well written, interesting, catchy and they rock.” – Eric Lewis, Times and Transcript

“Showing both a maturity and passion in the lyrics and singing, there’s shades of Jewel (“Miracle”), Missing Persons (“Hi My Name Is…”) and Heart when they rock out (“Black Eyed Susan”).” – Ray Violette, Boom Magazine

“Keep your ears to the ground for this band……especially once their terrific Jane’s World album catches on.” – Jean-Marc Goguen, Boom Magazine

PERRIS RECORDS signs SEQUEL for 2007 release

PERRIS RECORDS is proud to announce that they have recently signed with Texas based SEQUEL. Their new CD, entitled “BACK”, is scheduled for release in January of 2007 and will enjoy a worldwide release and distribution.
“BACK”, the third full length album from SEQUEL, is hard rock n’& radio friendly. Packed with melody and guitars, the CD showcases the shared lead vocals of bassist TODD JENSEN (David Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Steve Perry, Paul Rodgers, Neal Schon, Hardline) and guitarist/songwriter GREG GEORGESON (Tommy TuTone). Additional original members include DAVID WALL (guitar) and GRANT ROHOLT (drums).

Perris signs Swedens own BLIND ALLEY – DESTINATION DESTINY for 2007 worldwide release!

Blind Alley had managed to gather the best pieces from the melodic field and also some of the best written songs to come out of Sweden in a long time. Some of you might be familiar with these boys from before, they have released one album in 2003 called “Infinity Ends”.  “Destination Destiny” is for fans of Giant, Journey and Survivor.

CHIMAIRA wants fans for their new music video for the self-titled track from their upcoming release, RESURRECTION

Come one, come all CHIMAIRA fans!!! The Cleveland based metallic monster, CHIMAIRA, is filming a music video for their single, RESURRECTION.   If you are in the Los Angeles area and available on Wednesday December 6th and Thursday, December 7th…THE BAND WANTS YOU!  If you are interested, please email RESURRECTIONVIDEO@HOTMAIL.COM .  Serious and interested parties only please!!

The new album, RESURRECTION, is set to release on March 6th through Ferret Music.


This double CD live recording captures Michael Landau’s critically acclaimed guitar ability, as it was showcased at an LA club during 2006. This amazing 2 disc set is a guitar masterpiece where the guitar does the talking as it runs the gamut from blues to rock to jazz/fusion and offers harmonically adventurous forays into uncharted blues and fusion terrain.

Considering Landau’s immense notoriety as a guitarist through a long professional career dating back to his teens, it has always been difficult for fans and curious guitar lovers to find his recordings as most of them have been issued privately. This double CD encapsulates the brilliance of Landau’s playing and offers guitar fans a peak listening experience.

Featuring some intense long jams with some of the most phenomenal live guitar solos ever recorded, this CD includes supporting performances by legendary musicians such as bassist Jimmy Johnson, Keyboardist Scott Kinsey, drummers Toss Panos, Gary Novak and more.

Landau is perhaps the most widely respected session guitarist of all time having played with Miles Davis, Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey, Quincy Jones, Joni Mitchell, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, James Taylor, The Jefferson Airplane, Seal, and a host of others. Landau has led a number of his own groups as well – including Burning Water and Raging Honkies. Being a fixture of the exclusive L.A. jazz/blues club scene where he has held musical court to thousands of fans through the years with a variety of stunning line-ups incorporating the “Who’s Who” of L.A.’s top musicians.

Landau has mesmerized guitar fans around the globe with his masterful phrases and unique style. There is much anticipation for this live record and Landau does not fail to impress. For more information go to and