Brian Setzer – 13

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2006, Surfdog Records

Rating: 5/5

Another fine release from the former Stray Cat. A true genius in the music world that releases album after album of purely great songs. While some artists release albums that are not up to par based on their previous releases, Setzer just gets better. Brian cranks out album after album of extrodinary music, and 13 is no exception.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Whether he uses the Brian Setzer Orchestra, 68 Comback Special, or just Brain Setzer, he releases amazing music. Songs that deal with cars like “Broken Down Piece Of Junk” or women “Bad Bad Girl”, it’s something we all can sort of relate to. His updated style of rock and roll is somewhat unique and very enjoyable to listen to. It’ll get you up off your seat and up on the floor. Upbeat, lively and energetic with a whole lot of emotion. His clean guitar sound emits that warm tone that is lost in a lot of todays records due to digital studio trickery. His style of playing and using real instruments really shines on the albums.


This disc is choc full of great rock such as “Drugs & Alcohol (Bullet Holes)”, “Broken Down Piece of Junk ” and “Everybody’s Up To Something”. It is a must own purchase if you like this style of music. A great release from an artist that is doing it for the love of music.