A Heartwell Ending – Trust Us We Lie

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Trust Us We Lie

2006 Mediaskare

Rating: 2.5/5

One of the biggest bands on Myspace, make their breakout and release an interesting debut disc. There is a fair chunk of 80’s new wave influence found here, mixed with some punk attitude and some basic rock and roll. This creates a slightly unique but familiar sound.
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With songs like “Give Up To Give In” we hear the heavy new wave influence, while the title track “Trust Us We Lie” sounds like The Cure, but on crack.  Even vocally the similarities to Robert Smith are eerily close, you would almost swear it was Robert singing. The heavy 80’s sound and influence is extremely prominent throughout the entire recording.

A interesting listen with a couple of tracks that may get repeated listens, but unfortunately not enough to carry the whole album.